Autopsy: Girl Hung Herself In Southwest Side Alley

CHICAGO (CBS) — An autopsy has determined a 15-year-old girl found hanging from a telephone pole in a Southwest Side alley Wednesday night committed suicide.

Stephanie Delgado, 15, of the 5100 block of North Mildred Avenue., was found hanging from a telephone phone in an alley in the 5000 block of South Hamlin Avenue, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

An autopsy on Thursday confirmed that Delgado died by hanging, and her death was ruled a suicide.

There is no reason to suspect foul play, and police are not investigating, police News Affairs Officer Ron Gaines said.

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  • iris

    How awful. What could be so terrible in this young girl’s life that would make her commit suicide. Tragic, makes no snse. RIP.

  • mikey


  • m c

    Why dont you go to the police instead of posting hete!

  • ChicagoCitizen

    To the police, everyone is important, what the hell is the matter with you?

    • kandrews

      ya no there not your lost under all their lies. there corrupt this girl was my sisters friend and knew her well…

    • Jackie

      Keep dreaming

  • DjHeat ThugLife III

    i personally knew steph<3
    and by reading this article
    is the reason why people
    have no respect for the
    media & the cpd !
    r.i.p steph<3

    • Araceli

      qopgirl21 if you know something please let our family know!!

    • qopgirl21

      You people saying stuff about her killing herself when I know that she didnt. She wouldnt do something like that . I knew her . I went to school with her for 8 years. I think I would know if she was that upset. She never had a frown on her face. Dont anyone dare say that she killed herself because I know the WHOLE story.. I know EVERYTHING that happen. The police just dont see her as important when In reality , she was VERY important. She DIDNT kill herself .
      Steph, you will forever be in my heart . <3 R.I.P.

      • andres

        speak up qopgirl if you know the whole story!

    • Bro Man


    • Karen O.

      meidia has to do A LOT. I actually took a class about this. Our whole colture is based on media. but anywho, your little “autopry fact” is not much of a fact rather an opinion. All depends on the person who did it. Of coarse she was hung thats pretty clear. But my question is what makes everyone so sure it wasnt someone who hung her or maybe someone played a joke? my point is i think the chicago police department is doing a lousy job not investigating. what is it that our tax $ are paing for? and i highly doubt there are no witnesses. its all complete bs.

    • Miguel Umana

      I would like know why police do not wanted to investigate this wear case

    • sara gayles

      thats not ture u san smell bs when u see it and thats wat dis story is

  • sub

    she attended the high school close by the scene of non-investigation on the 5000 south block, 2 blocks east of hamlin.

  • sara gayles

    steph is not that type of girl she was a very happy person so i dont think one day she just hopped out of bed and made the choice to kill herself tje police just dont care cause she not imporant to them but she was imporant to us

    • mis condolencias

      Im sorry to hear about what happened. I live where it happened and I was really shaken up. If u know her parents please tell them Im so sorry and my thoughts and prayer go out to them.

    • ChicagoCitizen

      That’s absolutely ridiculous, the police don’t play favorites. They aren’t going to launch an investigation when the coroner concludes that it was suicide.

      • Concerned

        Totally agree with “Reality Check” as a perfect example………..
        The model that was found in the river in her car that the medical examiner confirmed that she died by drowning, did the police automatically rule it a suicide and close the investigation less than a day after it happened? Nope, as a matter of fact they are still investigating but why? Might it be because she’s not hispanic??

      • Reality Check

        Hey chicago citizen,
        1. We have a medical examiner in Cook County, not an elected offical known as a coroner.
        2. I bet everything the medical examiner says, you believe… Just like our murder rate dropping… (because the examiner does not have a cause of death and says its undetermined…)
        3. And you must be sarcastic with the police not playing favorites… WOW….

      • Concerned

        The autopsy confirmed that she died by hanging, but it’s the police that are ruling it a suicide!
        All the addresses are messed up, i guess the media doesn’t investigate either.

  • CurieStudent

    Why can’t I find any pictues of her.

    • Pam

      She probably didn’t have any record and the family has not submitted any picture.

      • Jesus Reyes

        The family probably didn’t wanna even see the pictures so what makes you think they want you to see them :P

    • andres

      look her up on facebook as her name

  • Janet

    The family should pay the coroner that did the second autopsy on Kathleen Savio, he will conclude whatever he is paid to, even when another coroner has already come to a conclusion. I don’t know how that is legal, but it worked against Drew Peterson.

  • mrbfd

    That word in the headline should probably be “hanged.”

  • m sullivan

    I would guess there was a suicide note…. how very tragic for the family.

  • Karen O.

    If she was your sister, daughter, niece etc. you would all want an investigation. So, stop being so closed minded about the situatuion. She was only 15. A young girl can not possibly have problems big enough to lead her to suicide. And note that this happened in an alley not around her neighborhood. the possabilities are endless. And if it does conclude to be suicide, i’m sure her family will like to know why she did it.

    • Jackie

      I agree with Karen O, at least do a full investigation. The young lady and her family and loved ones deserve it.

    • unkown

      Ur so dumb! They can’t tell why she suicide because they don’t read minds!

  • veevee

    wow i passed around where she died, because i live a block away and i saw the telephone pole there is noway she climbed that on her own..

  • veevee

    omg whats her facebook url ?

    • andres

      look her up as her name!

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    if it was someone of their own family i bet that the family would do everything to find the truth….i really think that the police r doing such a bad job by not investigating…i think that they must investigate nd find out what really happened…no way someone can climb a telephone pole..

    • qopgirl21

      Thank you<3

      • Victoria

        please qopgirl 21 please come forward and tell us what happened, we deserve to know the truth about stephanie. we want to know who did this and if you have that information we need it so we can have some type of closure with our loss. if you were such a good friend to her then come to us and tell us the truth!!!

      • Family friend

        What do you mean you know what really happened qopgirl21?

  • CurieKid..

    She was only 15 barely starting highschool, how much depression can she have gotten from her first year? i honestly didn’t know her but i went to the same school with her. maybe she did have problems maybe she didn’t. but what im saying is that we have to look at all th possibilites. maybe she was killed? because everyone says that she was a happy child then why would she kill her self? maybe someone staged it to look like a suicide. i watch alot of law and order. or maybe she did have alot of problems but she just didnt let anyone know..idk but i am sorry for the loss. </3

  • family friend

    My daughter was a friend of Stephanie they had gone to school together since kindergarten ..she was a very nice girl and cannot see her doing such a thing to herself ….my daughter has said that what is going around between mutual friends is that she had gone to a party with some boys and had been missing for a bit also that she was tied not hung from the pole….so hopefully the real truth will come out for her familys sake….my prayers go out to her Family! May she R.I.P. now…..

  • curiekid

    stephanie was an amazing girl with a shining personality.
    you will never be forgotten. <3
    the truth will come out soon. everyone in school was in tears over this loss
    her family isnt alone in this every curie kid is supporting you guys <3
    steph was loved and she will keep being loved.
    stephanie where ever you are i love you and take care. <3

  • Bryant

    This all false. I know Stephanie and her family. Please have some respect ):

    • Cookie

      I truly believe that she didn’t commit suicide. She cared about all of her friends and family very much to hurt them by doing this to herself. She was a 15 year old girl who was filled with dreams and hopes. Inspired and determined to succeed. She will be missed by everyone.
      Our new guardian angel.
      R.I.P. Our loving Stephanie Delgado

    • CurieKid..

      Mr. Bryant?

    • qopgirl21

      Have respect for the people that actually knew her & loved her . You guys have no idea how much she is missed & everyone is saying she killed herself?? No . She didnt .
      Be stronng Bryantt<3

  • Curie Student

    I dont think she killed herself she was a nice and happy girl always looking descent. I think the family should investigate more, why would she just kill herself like that doesnt make sense. everyone was crying even the teachers. R.I.P Stephanie Delgado

  • cindy

    i dnt believe this i think police should look into it she wouldnt do sumthin like she was my friend and i will MISS her so much they need to find out what really happended to her

  • veevee

    then what is the real story…. :/

  • aca

    AAs a family member I request that you all show some respect and keep your speculations to yourselves. If you have any information that you think might be useful please PLEASE do not be afraid to go to the police or the family. We do, however, appreciate your condolences.

    • Concerned

      Sorry for your loss and sorry if anything I’ ve written seem like speculations but I and all of the neighborhood believe that the police need to investigate further and find the truth!!

  • Michelle

    She didnt commit suicide!!! i KNEW her, she wasnt the type of person to do that.

  • concerned

    r.i.p. steph<3
    i hope they find out what really happened to you so people can stop making stuff up. i dont want you to be remembered as someone your not. have fun in heaven baby!

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