Cardinal Restores Father Pfleger At St. Sabina

CHICAGO (CBS) — Francis Cardinal George on Friday announced that controversial priest Michael Pfleger has been “restored” as the pastor of St. Sabina.

George suspended the outspoken priest last month for threatening to leave the church if he were transferred from his longtime post at St. Sabina, a South Side parish of mostly African Americans. George and Pfleger indicated in written statements that Pfleger accepted the punishment and regretted his remarks, which he had made in a radio interview.

“I am personally pleased to restore Father Pfleger to his sacramental and pastoral ministry at St. Sabina and in the Archdiocese of Chicago,” George said in a written statement. “With him, I ask the Lord to bless him and the people he loves.”

Pfleger, who kept a low profile during his suspension, told CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman that he is glad to be back.

“I’m grateful to be the pastor of St. Sabina,” Pfleger said as he arrived for a St. Sabina scholarship fund-raiser.

Earlier Friday, the priest in his own written statement, expressed remorse for his trouble with the Chicago Archdiocese.

“If my remarks in a radio interview seemed to be a threat to leave the priesthood, I am sorry. That was not my intention. I am committed to the priesthood and the Catholic Church,” Pfleger said in the statement.

Pfleger indicated that he is working on a long-term “transition” plan for St. Sabina, which will be submitted to the Archdiocese for approval in early December. Pfleger turns 62 this weekend, a few years shy of the retirement age for priests.

“What a great birthday present – the best in the world,” Pfleger told reporters.

St. Sabina parishioners expressed relief at the news Pfleger will again lead their church.

“We’re just really overwhelmed and glad that it’s all over,” Phil Hunter told CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez.

  • Ryan Carnes

    It’s a sad day.

  • tunafish charlie

    Ryan carnes…its none of your business…you wouldn’t understand if i drew you a picture

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Tuna fish Charlie….Pfleger has you fooled….he is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…not this common man.

  • Bill Figel

    This is a fine decision for everyone and the best of all options. God bless Cardinal George and Father Pflager for doing what’s best for all involved, including Leo High School, an institution on the rise again.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      He deserves no special treatment …..he needs to be removed from the pastoral position as any priest of his tenure would. He uses St. Sabina as a platform to listen to himself. He is bad news and a deceiver and you are buying his lies. Christ is the only King of Kings. Pfleger is a common man and sinner as we all are.

  • RICH


  • tat2tony

    there is always some ass that has to make this a race issue,rich,guess what your the ass.

  • mikey

    Let me go one further on tunafish’s comment. I am a white northsider who normally should not be commenting on this topic…….but I am an educator who has been in and around St. Sabina parish multiple times. If you’ve not visited this parish, then DO NOT comment here……because you simply have no idea of the uniqueness of this parish and how it works! Stay away…..find something else to post your irrational comments on. Let’s not get stupid here people!

    • JA

      Hey Mikey, I’ve never even been in the State of Illinois, but I can tell you that I have all the information I need to comment on this parish. The guy is a self-aggrandizing ego-maniacal publicity hound who has espoused heresy (woman’s ordination), has been a trouble-making disobedient rebel for his entire career, and does not lead Catholic worship at this “parish”. It is no more Catholic than the nearest Baptist church. Pfleger has done some good things, but he should not be a priest. Cardinal George has been cowed again.
      Cardinal, if you are listening : you have deeply failed the Church. You have now become a partner in crime with Mike Pfleger. Sad. sad. sad.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      I studied the place for eighteen months. I had personal conversations with Pfleger…….I particpated in social action there …..I am white…..I can say with certainty that Pfleger the person…is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…..I don’t care how many good works he has produced…..salvation and truth is not about works per Scripture…..this guy is a self consumed manipulator at St. Sabina. He needs to go.

  • Bill

    Follow the money!!!!!

  • Da Mayo

    Evey one stop donating to the Catholic church, den dey will get da message

  • Yadhitah

    This is such a wonderful story. A great day indeed. We are all so happy to see father Pfleger restored to his post and doing Gods will. Just count how many more days you have to see God and tell Him I did this for You and that too. We surely will give an account of what we have all on earth. We all have a mission to fulfill fro eternity. This world is not our home… we are just passing through and we see the Celestial City where we all will live forever.
    Father Pfleger we all hope to see you there…
    thans again for everything God bless you all.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Pfleger has you fooled…wake up….Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…not this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing….I feel sad for you……wake up before it is too late.

  • Rich D

    Father Pfleger should not be a priest. He is a political activis using the church as his platform. Cardinal George, I am embarrased for you and I have lost all respect for you.

  • Glenda

    I feel that Father Pfleger was and is needed at St Sabina. He has the respect of the whole community, as well as he has shown the community how to fight for what is right. If Father wants to stay at St Sabina until his death day, then he should be allowed to do it, because that is the will of God, not the narrow minded will of man

    • Philip J. Wayne

      If you knew this guy as I did you would see that he is a dangerous phoney.

      • Raymond Prudente

        If you don’t belong to St. Sabina neither of you was likely to make any deeper understanding of how the people and the community love and support this man. Anyone who protects children and cares about other people must make them part of a conversation or a constructive criticism. And if you tend to be selfish, know that you’ll get more of what you want if you trade in your TALK-TALK-TALK self for someone who truly listen as much as he or she talks. Does this thing detail risk boring and risk your being thought of as the King, Pope, Judge and Prophet Philip II.

  • tunafish charlie

    Thank you MIKEY…well said…unless you live there with those people and understand the special things that the father brings and does for them just stay out of it…i doubt that half the people on this blog even go to church.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Per Scripture….By Grace are you saved through Faith…not by works, lest any man should boast. All the good works in the world don’t make Pfleger a good man.

  • Mr. Wizard

    Catholic Archdiocese has grown weak.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      I agree….this guy needs to follow the same set of rules as every other pastor. Cardinal George is not my favorite…..he bowed to Pfleger’s bullying tactics. Pfleger uses the press and especially his congregation to do his dirty work. They are just too stupid to even know that they are being used.

  • Anne

    God bless you and keep up the good woek.



    • Philip J. Wayne

      If you knew him personally, as I would not be saying hurray. He is a manipulator of the press and especially his Church. He is a vicious Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. To St. Sabina…start using the brains God gave you….this guy is a vicious anti Christ. He knows Scripture as does satan. Wake up. Christ is the King of Kings not Pfleger.

  • Tom

    If a priest molests a couple of Alter Boys, no problem. He’ll get transferred to another parish and the law suits will be covered via the Sunday mass collections, Make the local Cardinal mad, get a divorce or an abortion and per the Catholic Church, YOUR OUT OF HERE, Sincerely, the Catholic Church

    • JA

      Hey Tom, care to allow a few facts to interrupt your rant, or does that matter ?
      The Catholic Church has addressed its abuse problem. In 2009 there were 6 credible cases of abuse in the US–SIX. Compare that to any other organization you want, and you can start with the public schools.
      So your point is, what ? That the Catholic Church does not have the right to police its own teachings ?

  • Mike

    Another example of blacks getting special treatment. You don’t have to go to St. Sabina to comment on something going on in your Archdiocese. barry problably got involved with this one

  • Philip J. Wayne

    I attended and participated at St. Sabina’s for 18 months and had personal conversations with Pfleger…..He is a vicious….Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…he knows nothing about humility….he manipulates the press and his congregation and has them fooled into to thinking he is a super spiritual person…trust me …he isn’t . He knows scripture backwards and forwards….but, satan does as well. He should have been removed from thr priesthood and the Church. He is bad news.

  • Harriet Tolstonn

    Where is the ACLU to disfrock him and tell him no to do it. God is in control. Even wnen they say we come from onkeys and worms are our ancestors. No, we are not believing in those lies. We and father Pfleger are children of the liviing God and we should do his will and all things comes to our lives for a reason. NOw, on Dec. 11th they say he will give up St. Sabilna… does anyone know where is he gona go? and what is he gona do? No, he is not a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is a servant of the living God and we see the Pearly Gates coming.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      He has you fooled Harriet….He is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing….it is all about him not about you. or Christ the only King of Kings.

  • pditty

    Phillip J. Wayne

    Man….has life kicked your butt or what! Pfleger isnt your problem, your problem is all in your mind…Im a member…when were you there? Your might have left because devils generally dont hang around long at sabina…possibly the pastor saw right thru you? Come on back, seems like you need help that only the Lord can give.

    • Philip J. Wayne

      Again, this guy to St. Sabina, etc., is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing….he has turned himself into a cult leader…..he is the center of Parish life …not Christ. We are all sinners and as Scripture says,”All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Pfleger is included. This guy is so sefl centered and attention seeking his license plates are PFLEGER. As a follower of Christ how can Pfleger justify his support for a racist like the head of the Nation of Islam. In a conversation with him some years ago he warned me that I might hear something about sexual abuse related to him….that never materialized. Why did he mention that to me. He was a supporter of OJ Simpson and on the day when the all white Wheaton College choir was at St. Sabina’s he got up and said Niclole Simpson was white trash. These are not words of a Christ follower. I don’t think so. One of the wonderful Church mothers told me that she had to leave early from Church and that it would make Pfleger mad. If Pfleger’s looks could killl she would have been dead. One Easter the staged event didn’t go as planned Pfleger made a fool out of a couple of his parishioners. Wake up St. Sabina….this guy is not a follower of Christ. He has all of you fooled at the risk of loosing your eternal soulds..

  • Beverly Watson

    Father Pfleger is a wonderful Servant of God, whose assignment and calling is profound and broad, way beyond the scope of what our little finite minds could possibly grasp. Leave the man alone, and let him, and him alone, hear the still small voice of God within him, as did Elijah in I Kings 19: 11-13. This ministry is ultimately between a man and his God.

    • Kevin

      Michael Pfleger is a servant of Satan. We all need top ray for his conversion away from his racist doctrine.

  • Bernie

    Harold camping told us to come and pray because the end of the world is at hand. Why then are you saying he is a dangerous phoney? We al are going to heaven… be happy.. the end is coming. So let the man alone. He is preaching the word of God and what are you doing for Gods glory? If the end is really here… then why worry?

  • Winston Churchhill

    He George, didn’t your people not the Catholics but the Italians do the same thing in WW !! ? What a loser now go back to eating your canoli.

  • Carmella Ottis

    Philip you must be in love with father Pfleger. You talk so much about him and worry who he is and what his is diong. May be YOU should be his succsesor at St., Sabina because we all need people just like you who worries about the well being of this pastor. Are you praying and fasting for his preaching and are doing the will of God too? Do you think we come from gorillas and how about the Jim Jones cult. Are you ready to say a prayer for all of us?

  • Brian Keller

    Pfleger needs to tell these your black girls to STOP having babies when they are 15 years old. Use their energy to figure out who their fathers are.

    If they would stop fooling around and start studying maybe they can make something of themselves, Instead they have kids by some guy who couldn’t care less. Most of the women at St. Sabina have no idea who their real fathers are. It will be the same thing until the end of time.

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