Rapist Gets 120 Years For ‘Terrifying, Horrible Crime’

WAUKEGAN (CBS) — A Wisconsin man was sentenced to the maximum penalty possible for what a Lake County judge called “pure evil” at his sentencing hearing Thursday.

Richard Gallatin, 38, of Pleasant Prairie was sentenced to 120 years in prison for abducting, sexually assaulting and robbing a 19-year-old Grayslake woman from the parking lot of Gurnee Mills on June 5, 2010.

“There is no excuse for what this court heard. This is positively a terrifying and horrible crime,” said Associate Judge George Bridges. “Your actions are appalling.”

A jury convicted Gallatin of aggravated criminal sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated criminal sexual assault after about two hours of deliberation in April. He faced a range of 30 to 120 years in prison.

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Prosecutors Ken LaRue and Stella Veytsel asked for a 98-year sentence.

“There’s not a lot of argument here. It’s pretty straightforward,” LaRue said.

Gallatin had told the victim he knew he was going to get caught and did not have anything to lose, LaRue said. Gallatin forced the woman to drive him to an ATM to withdraw $40, then forced her to drive to a remote location where he sexually assaulted her.

As a result of the crime, the victim has struggled with her first semester in college and contracted a sexually transmitted disease, LaRue said.

Gallatin testified during his trial the sex was consensual.

“It was clear to this court that this was some fantasy you made up,” the judge said.

Bridges also pointed out that the assault occurred less than 30 days after Gallatin was released from a Wisconsin prison. Gallatin pleaded no-contest to attempted criminal sexual assault of a child in a 2003 case.

In that incident, Gallatin, while intoxicated, had two underage females remove their pajamas while he was baby-sitting at a Wisconsin home.

Gallatin was on parole and had removed an electronic home monitor that had been placed on his ankle when he abducted the Lake County woman.

“At some point, the Department of Corrections failed Mr. Gallatin,” said defense attorney Tim MacArthur.

MacArthur contended that the prison system failed to rehabilitate Gallatin during his incarceration. However, Gallatin received sex offender treatment while in custody, Bridges said.

“This court can only wonder what would have happened if you would have been in the (sex offender) program longer, so I don’t find it was the system that failed you. It was you who failed the system,” Bridges said to a stoic Gallatin.

Gallatin displayed no sign of emotion or reaction during the sentencing hearing. He declined his right to make a statement, saying only that he had “nothing to say.”

Gallatin is in custody at Lake County Jail. He is due back in court on a motion to reconsider his sentence May 25.

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  • kwhat

    Ok what he did was wrong,but I’ve seen child molestors get way less time then this and sometimes even repeat offenders and people that rape and murder their victims! All I can say is this system sucks

    • lalchi

      I think the correct argument then, is that those other criminals deserve longer sentences and this guy got what he deserved.
      Also, you have to compare this case to other Wisconsin cases – it’s not fair to compare it to cases in other states. Every state has different sentecing guidelines.

  • Don't Drop the Soap

    The thugs and homies are going to have a field day when this a$$-clown shows up for his first day of prison.
    The public can rest assured that he will spend the next few decades holding his hands on his ankles while big, black men probe his anal region over and over and over and over and over again.

    • NWA

      Dude, you need counseling because that portrayal of prison life was too descriptive. Next, he looks like a skinhead. Their group gets off on hurting anyone, especially African-Americans. Plus, the inmates who run the prisons are the Aryan Nation. So, I don’t think much will happen to him in prison. At least not for what he did on the outside.


  • dan

    Hope the girl got a treatable STD and not something like HIV that will hang over her for as long as she lives.

    Regarding crimes like this perpetrated on kids and young adults, if found guilty the sentance whether it be torture, death, or life in prison should be determined by the victims parents. Then true justice will be served.

    My choice if someone did something like this to one of my daughters, s-l-o-w torture followed by s-l-o-w agonizing death.

  • marsares

    the dept. of corrections didn’t let gallaten down they let the public they serve down. It’s said that creatures like the perp probably were abused as children it’s sadder that we have psychologists that feel they can all be cured of their own pain. Every youth should get norplant until they prove able to have children responsibily, hell you have to have a license to drive a car!

  • Sara Ruell

    So in 2003, he committed a sexual assault and was already out in 2010 to re-offend?

    • roald

      We need the room in our prisons for those who smoke weed.

  • roald

    I was with you at the beginning. At the end you became no better than the people about whom you complain.

    • roald

      Looks like I responded to a posting that was removed. I’ll report this comment and see if both can be removed as they are meaningless..

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