Residents Vow To Fight Plan To Raise City Sticker Fees

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some community activists are organizing to fight a proposal to raise the price of a city sticker in Chicago.

They’ve started a petition drive against a plan by Ald. Proco Joe Moreno to raise $21 million by raising sticker prices based on the kind of car you drive.

Raul Montes Jr., who is leading the effort, says: “It’s like everything is going up, parking meters, city stickers now. What’s next? Taxes? It’s difficult to live in the city.”

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The activists gathered on a street corner in Wicker Park, where you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wants to pay more.

“No, I don’t want to pay more for a city sticker. I am paying plenty already,” said one resident.

SUV and pick-up owners would pay $155, up $35.

The owners of smaller vehicles, now paying $75 would pay $95.

Owners of small hybrids would have to pay $25 for a sticker, rather than the current $75 for passenger vehicles, while large hybrids would pay $65.

Ald. Moreno has said longer-term, higher sticker prices would get people to buy more fuel-efficient cars.

Monetes says most people are hurting.

“Not everybody can afford it,” he said. “Maybe he can with his salary. But I can’t personally. I don’t think everybody can go out and buy a hybrid like he can.”

He suggests aldermen cut their salaries and budgets.

  • OLEN S.


  • sarah

    If they want to raise prices on everything, they should start by raising minimum wage $20 an hour, so people can pay their ridiculous city sticker and keep up with the standard of living in Chicago.

  • Shut the F up

    It’s just a few bucks! Quit crying… Is it really work taking time out and protesting?

    • jgloots

      Yes, it is.

    • dean

      you must be so rich….?? can you mail me 50$ yearly please?

  • R A

    Its a few bucks you no doubt don’t have a car

  • Laurel

    Chicago Alderman Ed Burke maintains, at taxpayers’ expense, salaried staff to ghost-write speeches, resolutions, and works of non-fiction for him, including among others Thomas J. O’Gorman, carried on Burke’s City Council staff payroll as a “legislative aide” since 1995, currently earning $7,233/month, $86,796/year.

    To clarify, Burke is using taxpayers’ funds to pay the salary of a guy who writes his books.

    So let’s start by taking Burke’s ghost writer off Alderman Burke’s payroll.

    And let’s continue by taking a closer look at how our aldermen obtain and use taxpayers’ funds.

    And really, people, do we need so many aldermen? No other city, except for L.A., has this many people on the city council.

    Wake up, Chicago taxpayers!

  • jgloots

    Better idea! Cut alderman’s salaries!
    Its not like they are hurting for money or actually working hard for it.
    Or, if they really need the absurd salaries they get for being aldermen, start a petition stating they must wear red noses and big floppy shoes to collect their checks.

  • Bill

    Where does any politician feel they have the right to tell you in effect of which vehicle you should drive!It’s like a sin tax on vehicles!I thought in this country,we have the right to spend our money any way we please without being “penalized”for making the “wrong” choice in the minds of the supreme protector and highly moral politicians.Let’s reduce the alderman by 25.The city won’t miss them!311 has replaced the need for them!Getting a garbage container is no longer a special favor!Look somewhere else,you thieves!

  • jeffrey

    Wow you are so smart! Maybe we should just vote you god of Chicago since you know what everyone else can do and should do.

  • RICH

    i am leaving this rotten city and state .on my way to lower taxes beautiful weather,and white sand beaches with many beautiful normal long gang bangers,highest gas prices in the nation rotten crooked politicians,and many more reasons….ENOUGH SAID..SOOOOO….LLOOONNNGGG CORRUPT CHICAGO….

  • dan


    Staff can be cut, overtime and extras staffing can be eliminated, revenue will be continuos if they eliminate the moronic system that has Chicago city stickers all renewiing at the same time. The lines begin to form starting June 1st through July 15th at the city clerk facilities, they have to add extra help and extend hours to meet the demand of those who do not get the stickers on line. They should stagger the expiration dates based on month purchased and have 12 different colors to define what month they expire, just like the license plates. Lines were the same at the state DMV’s when they had the same system years and years ago.

    Rahm are you listening? Are you out there Rahm?

  • Beck

    We have no job and everything is getting sky high and now this? How are we gona feed our children and how are we gona pay the morgage. Please, bring more jobs to the area and we will have enough money to pay stickers high rise in fiee too . Think about the homeless and the unemployed before you raise anything.

  • D. Ryan

    Where can we sign the petition?? Please post the petition online.. Is there a petition for reducing the amount of alderman? Let’s vote out Burke since he continues to take advantage of the taxpayers.

    • Ivory

      I sure would be there for the petition ,sign me up .

  • missy

    guys, I have hybrid Camry, but how come they still want me to pay $95 for passenger vehicle?

  • Dawn Hilmer

    We are the ones voting for these crooks so let’s teach them all a lesson and stop voting for them over and over again!!!! You vote them into office once shame on them… vote them into office twice shame on you!!!

  • tom Sharp


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