By Adam Harris–

Fenway Park, Boston, MA – (WSCR) The Red Sox piled on 19 hits and didn’t exactly welcome the Cubs back to Fenway Park tonight from a 93 year absence with open arms as they beat the North Siders 15-5.

The Cubs made another four errors tonight bringing their season total to 33.

“You’re going to make bonehead plays because it’s a long season man,” Cubs catcher Koyie Hill said. “Some of it’s youth. Some of it’s the rhythm of the game, but for the most part we’ve been ok. We’d like to be a little bit more consistent, but it’s just a work in progress.”

It was obvious early that Cubs starter Doug Davis didn’t have it tonight. He gave up 7 of the Red Sox 15 runs, only lasting 3 2/3rds innings.

“Physically I feel fine,” Davis said. “I feel like I’m able to bounce back from my starts, and mentally I’m there. It’s just that today I don’t know what it was. It was one of those times I was trying to hard and not being able to execute.”

The Cubs were coming off back to back wins in Florida and were hoping to turn a corner here in Boston. The same old problems keep arising with this team, and Head Coach Mike Quade isn’t sure how to fix it.

“This has been a back and forth thing for us all year, and I would like it not to be,” Quade said. “Hopefully it’s another three or four weeks before Castro makes another couple of errors, but there were plenty of mistakes to go around. Glad to see the offense pick up, but we are just struggling to put the defense the offense and the pitching together all at once.”

Consistency remains a problem with this Cubs team. Cubs and Red Sox first pitch Saturday at 6:10 pm.

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