One Dead, One Wounded In Roseland Shooting

CHICAGO (STMW) – One teenager is dead and another wounded after a verbal altercation led to gunfire Friday night in the South Side Roseland neighborhood, police said.

At 10:46 p.m., two male teenagers, ages 16 and 19, were shot near the intersection of South LaSalle Street and West 117th Street, according to police News Affairs Officer Ron Gaines.

The incident began when the teens got into a verbal altercation with at least one offender, who pulled out a handgun, Gaines said.

The 16-year-old, identified as Markell Stribling, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to Roseland Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

The 19-year-old was shot in the leg and taken in “stable” condition to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Gaines said.

According to the medical examiner’s office, Stribling was in the 11700 block of S. LaSalle St. when he was shot.

No one is in custody and Wentworth Area detectives are investigating.

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  • Jamall

    Why is it, when two black homies have a minor verbal altercation, they feel the need to start shooting? It’s simply barbaric. Imagine if we all settled differences in the same way. The morgues would be overflowing. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    • Your Pal, AL

      Allow me as a black man to tell it like it is Jamall. These types of abnormal activities in SOME of our neighborhoods in this city and around this nation are a result of 5 things……lack of jobs, a lack of loving encouragment from the parents, a lack of safety, and an abundance of self-hatred. But what especially makes me mad more than anything is that in the eyes of ignorant, racist, fearful, hate-mongering white folks, these forums on this type of subject matter poisons subconsciously poisons the mindset through the use of the media propelling negative stereotype of all black people which is evil, is wrong, and so-not true!!! What will it take for stupid ignornant, hate-mongers to realize that these young punks committing these types of crimes in our neighborhoods account for an extreme-mere fraction of African-Americans who do work, who are responsible, who are mature, who have a moral compass, who are law-abiding, respectful, educated, who have served this country, who helped build this country, and above all, who are God-fearing?!!!!! Wake up white people!!!!! There are as many, if not, more poor white folks committing crimes everyday throughout this nation that either goes unreported or swept under the rug than what’s reported here in Chicago a million times over…..(that’s the truth). With the exceptions of the young white Indiana kid who was savagely abused, murdered, and incased in concrete for 2 years…….how depicable can you be?!!! But it’s the same sin……’s the same game with a different name! If you’re going to someone, do it right!!! Remember the verse in Matthew 26:52 (for all they live by the sword shall also die with the sword). Just ask the Neo-Nazi leader who’s own son shot him to death because his ideology resulted in child abuse…..what goes around comes around. Be care what you say and what you ask for!

      • g-man

        Lack of jobs OR lack of wanting to work ????????? The best saying from the black man in not wanting to take a job is “”That’s beneath me”” It’s like they want to start at C.E.O. position and not work their way up—just hand it to them because they be black

      • Leroy Goldberg

        This is why I come here…… be entertained. You really made me laugh Your Pal, AL. Thanks for making my day..HA HA HA HA HA HA

      • George

        I am tired of the Same A$$ reason every time. lack of jobs, love, blah blah….if they want to make something out of life. Their going to do everything to succeed. Killing people is not the way to do it. The Community leaders have step in.

      • Your Pal, AL

        Correction……..if you’re going to JUDGE, do it right!!!!

    • albert lopez

      it is with other races as well and I agree with the comment form ‘Your pal Al’ below. I especially put part of the blame on the parents for not speaking with their child (teen) and/or allowing the teen to be engaged in destructive activites and just sit there and watch. Then when he/she gets shot or kllled they seen to take NO blame at all, but pout, blame and cry.



  • S. Gee

    The morgues are overflow’n! Let’s go back to the late great hip-hop artist GURU rap {song}, “Just to get a rep”, these idiots are just try’n to get a rep of being tuff or for being known to be carrier’n. Tell what sense does that make. They obvious don’t know anything else. Another set of minds gone to waste. With the one listed in “stable condition” I have to ask, was it worth it and what did it prove? Because now you may be look’n at a case. Y?

  • B.J..

    To Al, right on. As a white man from DC I have seen the same behavior. It is a small amount of African Americans who commit these crimes, yet fear and hatred make it seem to white folks that it is all and always black people.
    White people who area a larger percent of the population do horrible stuff to each other and the media does not report it because blaming it on others makes for better reading and furthering to keep people of color down. And it seems to work.

    • NIZZER

      B,J. I’m a white man too, Why in the hell would the media not report white crime as opposed to Black crime. Looking at it this makes NO SENSE at all to me, and what the HELL would the media have to GAIN by not covering ALL crimes?

      • Your Pal, Al

        Because these major news media markets are after ratings……that’s how they benefit. They know that a crime is committed every 20 seconds throughout this country and covering acts of violence in Urban America is more newsworthy than in some small town in white Rural America……plain and simple! People have this thing of glorifying these violent movies that are geared toward mostly white audiences, yet covering news stories of senseless violence seems to always target other ethnic groups and people of color. Let’s face it, ignorant racist white people suck and so do self-hating wannabe-gang-banging, uncle tom thugs. All of them can jump in the d*** lake!

      • NIZZER

        AL you need some anger management dude

  • Feed-Up

    I dont understand why the Government cant rid our states, neighborhoods,and our lives fo all these people. If they can send a man too the moon and send our men to war in other countries! why cant they have all gang bangers to camps to fight over seas. Thugs seem to have a death wish so dear mr Government, make their wish come true!

  • Feed-Up

    Open up camps all over the united states too train the garbage, or jail time and throw away the keys. Fight for this country or die in prison. sick and tired of these a## h#### killing my fellow man!


    well excuse me jamall…but if your gonna put your opinion out…lets get this straight..dere was a altercation but only one idiot pulled out a gun and start shooting and that lead to the death of my why speak on a situation you know nothing about

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