Cop Impersonator Arrested Again On Gun Charges

CHICAGO (STMW) — The South Side teenager who made national headlines for impersonating a Chicago Police officer and patrolling the streets as a 14 year old is in trouble with the law again, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Vincent Richardson was only a minor when he sauntered into the Grand Crossing District station in a uniform over two years ago, duping cops in an embarrassing stunt that led to disciplinary action within the department.

But the troubled teen, now 17, has been charged as an adult for his May 10 arrest for felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Richardson admitted to police that the semi automatic handgun discovered in the vicinity of the 5600 block of South Throop was his after officers performed a “protective pat down’’ and found a magazine loaded with ammunition on him, police said.

Richardson is being held in Cook County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Just months after his January 2009 cop impersonating stunt, the teen charlatan masqueraded as an businessman when he swiped a used Lexus from a South Side dealership.

Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Berman sentenced Richardson to three years’ probation in July 2009 for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He was also ordered to undergo therapy and a month of home confinement.

Richardson also had pleaded guilty to false impersonation of a police officer but did not face additional punishment for that lesser charge.

However, it was only a matter of time before Richardson was before Berman again for violating terms of his home confinement by lying to probation officers and Berman.

“I’ve given [him] chance after chance after chance,” Berman said before sentencing Richardson to nearly three months in the Illinois Department of Corrections in September 2009.

Then in March of last year, Richardson was sentenced to juvenile prison for pushing his mother and stealing his uncle’s car while the older man watched television.

At the time, officials with the State’s Attorney’s Juvenile Justice Bureau said Richardson could be held in a state facility for juveniles until he’s 21 — but also noted that he could be released earlier for good behavior.

  • fate

    this young man is on a collision course with death,his or some one else`s!!!

  • tom Sharp

    It’s good to see that the judge values this moron’s rights more than those of everyone else. Fate is right , death is on the agenda and then the judge will put the moron away, but it will be too late for the victims. Term limits of one for judges too!

  • matt b

    probably an aspy. more federal funding for genetic research to end that horrible affliction for future generations!

  • rosegarden69

    release him earlier for good behavior! do away with the juvenile justice system another slap to taxpayers.

  • VIP, Cook County

    Judge needs to give guilty verdict, sentenced him and put him in jail. Posing as a police officer is endangering his life and others. A few months in Cook County Jail will set him straight. And save his life.

  • Gregory Lewis

    RODNEY KING HIM! Give him what his parents didn’t

  • Keith

    He neds mental help. He will only get worse and someone will be killed because of him and it may be him by the police


    What is it with young black men and guns?

    • Tyrell

      They can’t help it. It’s a way of life for them. Spreading misery gives them pleasure.

  • XPEH

    This young man needs meds and years of psychiatric treatment
    followed by a labotomy

  • VIP, Cook County

    Have they determined if he belongs in a gang? If so, which one? Where? There could be more of these kids being recruited to impersonate officers. Scary thought…

  • brad

    Where are the parents??? Oh, I forgot parent (mother). Probably out having sex.

  • nikki

    would we all feel this way if he was white

  • larry

    My opinion, when he impersonated the police officer he should or the judge should have ordered him to a mental facility for psychiatric evalauation. Race does not play a role here, he could have been white. Real intensive treatmeant..he was obviously looking for attention.

  • Tyreese

    I think he looks more like one of the evil gorillas in The Planet of The Apes.

  • Kaaru Ando

    I read alot of racists, bigots, and out and out stupid comments. This is a young who has shown his desire to become one of the finest (honest, and sincere) policemen in the U.S. Granted, he probably has lacked good guidance, but, at the age of 14, if he wanted to become a police man, he should have been encouraged rather than castigated. It is no surprise that he began to head toward opposite direction. Shame on American society for failing to lead it’s young people into a magnificent contribution to America.

    • Mr. Justice

      You are an idiot! It is people like you that want to blame society when people make wrong or bad choices. No, it is not society fault, it is this individual’s fault. Please have a reality check!

  • tom Sharp

    Hey Kaaru, You’re probably right–an insane, criminal would fit right in with CPD. That’s why they didn’t recognize him at age 14 for more than a day when he went through role call, and was assigned to a beat. He fit right in!!!

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