Mayor Daley Takes Public Policy Post At U. Of C.

UPDATED: 5/24/2011 6:37 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — We now know how former Mayor Richard M. Daley will be spending some of his time. He’s signed on as a “Distinguished Senior Fellow” at the University of Chicago. Daley will begin coordinating a high profile series of urban policy lectures come July. As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports that only after roughly a week off the job, Daley seems anxious to get back to work.

Daley will hold his first post-mayoral news conference later this morning to discuss his new role at the University of Chicago.

Considered by many to have been the “dean” of big city mayors, Daley will join the university as a distinguished senior fellow at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies.

He’ll be involved in studies on urban policy and the future of cities.

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It’s a five year commitment, starting on July 1. He will coordinate 10 annual guest lectures, bringing in policy-makers from around the globe.

“Today is important to me because it marks yet another step in this next phase of my life, ” Daley said from the podium of The University’s Harris School of Public Policy.

“I enjoy keeping busy,” Daley said. “I am not one who wants to sit back and watch the flowers grow. To me, the most exciting part of my life always has been universities and students, affecting public policy.”

After 22 years in office, Daley says he got a laugh from public reaction to his first stroll through the city as someone other than the mayor.

“The next day leaving office and walking down the street and people saying where’s the mayor, where’s the bodyguards?” he said chuckling again.

As Mayor Daley had a decades old reputation for strongly controlling a discussion, he was jokingly reminded things at the University might be different.

“The tradition of the university is to have vehement destructive argument about every topic, ” said Colm O’Muircheartaigh, Dean of The Harris School.

An environment where even the latest high profile lecturer expects to learn a thing or two.

“Of course anybody will miss your job but life goes on, ” Daley said.

For a school that prides itself as a center for studies addressing complex urban issues, Daley’s hire is a coup. The announcement came with a few sentimental moments as well, as Daley referred to his father, the late mayor, time and again. He said he learned from his dad that universities are what help put a city on the global map.

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  • john

    After all, he is the master… of money down a rat hole.

  • tom Sharp

    First Lecture: “How to take care of your friends and rip off the people”

  • Bill

    I’m not a Daley supporter, but your comment is just dumb. Double-dipping is getting two public salaries or a public salary and public pension at the same time. U of C is private.

  • Patrick

    so he will have his city payed for chauf…..i mean body guard drive him to his new job in a city payed for car. This nonsense has to stop. Come on people….

  • HeorShe

    I’m a teacher who pays about 10% of every paycheck into my retirement plan. Of course we all know how tenuous the retirement system is in our state due to politicians’ actions, not the actions of the teachers. I don’t pay into, nor will I receive, social security

    When I leave teaching I will hopefully receive the pension that I paid into and that was promised to me when I chose this profession. And if I’m willing and able I will definitely double dip or work in some way to generate more income for myself while also receiving a pension. That’s my right, and it’s because of the choices I made as a young adult that this option is available to me.

    We all make our choices–let’s stop bashing what the others guys get while we complain about our own unemployment and/or limited opportunities in our field, or because of our age, or because of our gender, or because of what state we live in. Maybe people should simply start complaining about their own choices that have caused their lives to turn out as they have.

    Daley chose to be Mayor . . . a job I wouldn’t want in a million years. But he chose it, he had a long run, and he retired from it–so now he gets what naturally comes next. Good for him, I say. Smart guy. He’s laughing all the way to the bank . . . all because of his own choices.

    • Edwin

      Good point Heorshe. We are defined in life by the choices we make. I’m not a big fan of the Daley machine, but I agree with you. He was Mayor making tough decisions and of course he could NEVER make everyone happy, just goes with the territory.

  • Jim

    The Ringling Brothers turned him down I guess. U of C is a decent 2nd choice for Daley.

  • Beck

    Well the mayor is in for a good time. Of course teachers have retirement options of which to choose But the mayor has two. Ths is gona be a good time for the mayor to explain his expertise on the job. Dean of all mayors? That is a compliment.

  • Theorg Therealorg

    Attention :: Attention :: Attention
    Rogue Government taking over America. Rahm, Chicago PD are planning for next false flag terror attack? Chicagoans have been complaining!
    Freemason/illuminati luciferan doctrines are taking place through out America. Do not let them pervert your logic or your being. They want to enslave you.

  • Theorg Therealorg

    Rep + Dem = False Left Right Paradigm = Organized Crime
    Fortune 100, 1000 = Federal Reserve = Organized Money
    Organized Money = Organized Crime
    Bush x 10 = Obama + Republican = Herman Cain
    Ron Paul. Rand Paul. 2 Parties. 1 Enemy. The Federal Reserve (The culprit to all problems. Stop the Military Industrial Complex)

  • Theorg Therealorg

    Government is terrified of it
    Hollywood will not show it
    What happens on 2012?!

    GOOGLE: 2012 America’s Spiritual Revolution

  • tom Sharp

    Hey HeroShe and other Daley fans: Here’s a news flash–Daley inherited the Office of Mayor, he was neither smart enough nor honest enough to get it on his own.He also couldn’t get admitted to the U. of C. except at gun point. He is stupid and, except for a few affirmative action morons, will have the lowest IQ of any prof at U. of C. He can’t articulate a deep, meaningful thought to save his life. Anyone taking the course should ask for a refund. It’s just a shameful publicity stunt to grab more money by the U of C. Meanwhile some intelligent, well-educated Public Policy Prof. is out of a job.

  • Becky

    How much is he gona make now? Does anyone know? Public policy professors make tons of money but they will now disclose anything. It is not public … it is private. Twenty twelve is a lie. The end of the world will never happen. this wonderful earth we live in is for a millon and trillion years from now. It has been and it always will be. Only those who trust God will see the end of times as we know it. Our lives are so short that we can not even land in Mars with our lives intact. We will so old when we get there and there are no nursing homes in sight.

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