More Cops To Patrol High Crime Areas, Under New Emanuel Plan

UPDATED: 5/24/2011 10:59 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s highest crime areas are about to see more cops with hundreds of police officers being redeployed to boost police presence in those districts.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has repeatedly said he wants to get 1,000 more police officers on the streets, and this morning he said 500 Chicago police officers would be transferred to patrol some of the most dangerous districts on the South and West Sides.

While members of the communities getting the police may be happy, the police union isn’t. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

“Without the security and safety of our streets we cannot have successful, thriving communities where people want to live and stay,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Successful policing begins with the beat officers who earn the trust of the communities they serve, shift by shift and patrol by patrol. This is a down payment on my promise to add 1,000 police officers to the beat. We cannot beat crime without more officers on the beat.”

Starting Thursday, the South Side districts getting the extra manpower are Grand Crossing, South Chicago, Calumet, Gresham, Englewood and Chicago Lawn. The two districts on the West Side getting more officers are the Harrison and Austin districts. The redeployment will be completed by Sunday.

“This is a tremendous deal,” said Daryl Bell when learning Englewood will be among the eight communities receiving additional police officers. Bell is an outreach coordinator for the community organization, Teamwork Englewood.

Bell said having more police on the streets of Englewood, will improve everyone’s quality of life.

“That’s going to mean a whole lot for the residents who have been here for 35 or 40 years they’re going to be able to sit on their porch again this summer, they’re going to be able to barbecue. The kids will be able to play in the front yard. It’s going to be great,” Bell said.

“Englewood is long overdue and I do believe that and it’s my prayer that it will last more than three months,” business owner Jenice Sanders.

The two units used to be put in high crime areas when problems erupted. Bell says with the 500 officers now being spread out among eight communities, the officers will have an even bigger impact.

“This time, they’re going to be able to learn and know the residents, because they’re going to be here longer. They’re not going to come here and just leave,” said Bell.

Longtime Englewood resident Cora Butler said, “We can get to know them one on one and so I guess we’ll feel more comfortable with them and we can let them know what we really feel, air out our problems, so that’s a good thing about them coming to the area.”

The officers will come from existing specialized units–or so-called targeted response teams–that had been moved around the city to high crime hotspots as needed.

Vanessa King, who has lived in Gresham for 11 years, says she’ll feel better walking or taking public transit, knowing there will be more officers on patrol.

“You feel like you’ll get robbed, people following me in cars,” said King. “I feel really unprotected.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the reassignments will last 90 days so that acting Police Supt. Garry McCarthy can evaluate and decide if the officers’ presence on patrol is effective.

A police union leader dismissed the crime-fighting plan as simply shuffling the deck.

“They’ve taken hundreds of highly skilled street officers and transformed them overnight into hundreds of highly skilled beat officers. What’s the difference? To say there’s 500 more officers on the street is not the case. We need to hire more police.”, said Fraternal Order of Police President Michael Shields in a statement.

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  • Pothead

    Just curious ………What is the race of the people in these districts ?

    • Theorg Therealorg

      DOES IT MATTER!!?!?!? HAHAHAH :)
      The federal reserve and military industrial complex are enslaving me and my family. I love taking drugs they feed me (you know the anti-depressents!!) so I’m living a blur.

      I really don’t care that I fill my body with mercury vaccines. I love frying my brain. I love being in a dream state all the time.

      What race is that again?

      • Gordon

        What the hell is wrong with you? Help is only a phone call away !!

    • Wilson

      Their race is called “lower class” -which you obviously are not. Must be nice.

      • Jermain

        @Wilson, I don’t think you should make a blanket statement about black people like the one you made here. Not all black people are lower class.

    • Tyreese

      It’s about damn time the city starts to work on the black homie problem. These black neighborhoods should have been saturated with police presence long ago !!

      • richard

        what about the white homie problem? we just tuck that under the rug until you all grow up and try to sell senate seats or scam millions like madoff or even better go broke get a bail out from a black man and mess it up all over again. no better yet sell our parking meters for a fraction and leave someone else to clean up the dept. atleast we do it to ourselves you all cry and cry then bankrupt a nation aw yea then send troops to there death for no reason just to make a penny. once again HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN MAY HE CAST THE FIRST STONE.

      • LaKeisha

        @richard, There is no white homie problem, when do you hear of whites shooting people at random on a daily basis. It doesn’t happen. All races commit crimes, but only one kills for pleasure, day after day after day after day after day. You are obviously in denial about this reality. That is what makes you part of the black homie problem.

  • NWA

    You are a racist aren’t you? I mean you’re a racist right? Or, should I be asking, are you a racist?


    • Pothead

      Why in the world would you assume that ?!?!?!? I said I’m just curious.

    • Tyrone

      @NWA, Please put away your racist card, we have all seen it before.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    You don’t have to be a racist to know that the South and West Sides are Black. But you have to be Black to call someone who is aware of this a racist.

    • Carol

      Sorry, idiotberg, your people and every other race is in those area, you guys are in a dream world. Have you ever been to your poor neighborhood, you guys are the worse, so I laugh at you people who don;t think your people have their area, it’s call poor trash. Think about it!

      • Leroy Goldberg

        My people??? Did you even read my response you ignorant c**t??

      • NWA

        @Leroy Goldberg

        Take that back or I’ll have to tell everyone about what the four of us know! Tell Carol you’re sorry for the comment.


      • Craig

        @Leroy, That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHaHa

    • Tyreese

      @Leroy, Couldn’t have said it better myself, keep up the good work.

  • Carol

    What’s your and that is your answer, But I do not think that animals are involve

  • doorman

    I don’t think it’s racism. It’s more like realism. Brothers love to gain at the cost of others. You don’t see Chinese or European Americans causing so much trouble around the city. Watch the news or drive around the city and you’ll see who is causing most of the trouble. “Pothead” may be or may not be racist and I don’t care either way. What I do take stock in is the truth he is telling.

    • NWA

      May be or may not be? Explain to everyone, why it is that it (Pothead) only will post negative things about minorities?


      • Leroy Goldberg

        CBS 2 are the ones posting negative things about minorities…’s called news.

      • Pothead

        Not one thing I asked is negative towards minorities. What ? I can’t ask a question ? You’re the racist NWA.

      • Chris

        @Pothead, NWA is the most racist person here. The pathetic thing is, he’s black.

      • NWA


        Oh, I see what you’re trying to say, I belief that African-Americans are the primarily determinant race and, that our racial difference are inherently superior to all other races. Mmmmmm… I can live with that.


    • Gregg

      @doorman, You are right on. Why don’t black people see the obvious?

      • Truth B Told

        Because black people are busy blaming white people, society, government, you name, for their terrible choices.

      • Mark

        They are in serious denial.

  • Jim

    Taking extra police out of specialized units is fine. Please do not take the police out of lower crime districts, that is not a solution.
    The problem to come is where will the department get the extra police to work all the summer events that demand so much man power. Taste of Chicago, Lake front charity runs and walks, Air and Water Show, neighborhood parties. All the districts have to give up man power during the summer to man these events at the tax payer expense. Maybe Chicago should limit the parties, parades and make the organizations who conduct these events pay for the city man power. In the end the neighborhoods of Chicago lose police service to all the parties, parades and festivals that mostly occur along the lakefront and benefit the few insiders.

  • doorman

    “Pothead” is just calling it as he/she sees it. This is a fact. The areas being patrolled because of excessive crime are predominantly minority neighborhoods. “Pothead” didn’t post negative things about minorities. He just pointed out (in question form) the truth. “NWA” you just don’t like reality.

    • NWA

      I love reality. Live in it every day. You obviously don’t know what reality is. Reality is seeing a problem and understanding what a solution to that problem could be. Not by being an agitator trying to belittle the race of the victims and perpetrators. This is what you people do.


      • Pothead

        NWA Please tell us what the solution could be ?

      • Jermain

        @NWA, The solution is simple, more police, more prisons, and longer sentences. The black homie problem can be fixed, but it will take commitment.

  • tom k

    They are all ghetto districts where nobody sees anything so the extra police won’t make any difference

    • RenassainceWoman

      It’s not that people don’t see anything. Just as much responsibility lies with the judges as well. Many times arrests are made, only to be released on “no probable cause.”

  • VIP, Cook County

    Outstanding! Greater number of cops on the street to decrease crime. There is strength in numbers. Good job Rahm!

    • richard

      Did you see the news? people were shooting while the police were around the corner. Question will a bull become calm when more people are surrounding it or more hostile? i guess it depends on the bull :)

      • VIP, CC

        The difference is that bulls may have horns, but cops have guns.

  • RICH


    • RenassainceWoman

      @Rich, while some of your observations may be true, for you to say conduct yourselves as “normal” hard working considerate human beings doesn’t speak well of you. Once again, it’s a blanket raciist statement.

      What is normal? IWith an unemployment rate of over 20%, I ‘m sure many would love to have a decent paying job.

      I’m educated, no one in my family sells or smokes crack, our street is clean, nor does anyone in our house walk around with his pants hanging down.

      Yes, there are challenges in the community, but attitudes like you and a few others gives rise as to why Chicago is still one of the most segragated cities in country.

      P.S. I still love Chicago despite, the ignorance of a few.

    • richard

      First you need tools to clean up something dirty. Maybe you have had oppurtunities to gain these tools. Good for you. Oh i forgot that your daughter sneeks her boyfriend into the house while your at work and your son secretly smokes pot and your wife (if there is one) is bored to death with you. HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. We all have work to do. First try telling a teen what to do. If it works tell the rest of us. As you can see were just DYING to know.

    • Jerome

      @RICH, Excellent points, even the most stupid of them should be able to comprehend that.

  • yeaok

    You know n.w.a ive read so many of your comments and i just dont get it. What do you want people to do? If just once the poor community as you call it would ask for help instead of blaming all of its problems on everyone else then maybe the good folks in those areas could live in peace. There is only so much society can do. There has been poor nneighborhoods since the beginning of time but never the shootings and total lack of respect for life as there is today in some areas.Come on wise up. Were all tired of seeing and hearing about kids dying for no reason.Blame the right people.

    • NWA

      Ok, let’s start with the N.R.A.


      • NIZZER

        YOU CAN”T BE SERIOUS!!!!!

      • Mr. Justice

        @ NWA, Are you really that stupid???? Now you are blaming the NRA. Amazing, simply amazing. Well, we did cause your problems or the problems in the black community. People need to stop blaming others for their problems. Real Men and Real Woman overcome, they adapt, they improvise. That’s what real men and women do you racist pig NWA !

      • Kenny

        @Mr. Justice, It’s about time someone put NWA in his place. He is far more hateful than most of the people commenting here.

    • richard

      O.K. HELP US PLEASE PLEASE HELP US. O.K Now what? im waiting, humm, no help, no responce, tipical. I guess its NOT THAT EASY. Maybe you should tell me who to blame, myself. To late did that. Maybe the schools. To late did that. NO i got it! The government. To late did that. Now what. I guess use more guns oops i meant police to stop the killing problem. Remember an eye for an eye. I guess we’ll all be blind

  • RICH


  • Pothead

    PANTS ON DA GROUND !!!!!!!

  • Kathleen

    We are so glad that more cops will come to our neighborhood. There are so many hoodlums around and those who scare people with their guns. Can anyone take away their guns please? We do not know where they get these guns but they are using like any toys around. Does snyone knows who is selling them and for how much? We need all our neighborhoods to be safe and secure for children to play in the playgrounds and people wal their pets. My pit bull is in need of a lot of exercise. It is getting too fat. He needs to go to the park.

    • NWA

      The guns make their way into every major cities minority communities through the straw purchase or, the fathom theft. Some of these weapons can be tracked by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, more commonly known as the ATF. They are the law enforcement group who are responsible for tracking weapons across state lines. If more gun dealers would communicate to the ATF that someone brought or is trying to buy twelve AR-15 or AK-47 type rifles or, maybe 20 .380 handguns they could stop some of the flow. Or, if the government would harshly punish some of these dealers the flow could be stemmed also.


      • Pothead

        NWA is correct on this.

  • Fanciie1

    Greater police presence is a great idea. I read the earlier comments and I have to laugh at just how ignorant some of them were. The South and West sides of Chicago are not just populated with African Americans. The are melting pots of African Americans, Polish, Lithuanians, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians and many other ethnicities. I do agree that the problem lies with irresponsible residents, irresponsible parenting and irresponsible behavior. However, if and when “we” as regular citizens of any race from every neighborhood decide to hold everyone accountable by demanding that not only our neighborhoods be safe but our great city be safe then nothing will change.

    • tom k

      YEA Fancilie1 those Lithuanian gangs are really out of control on the south side your comment ihas to be the dumbest one I have ever seen

      • Mr. Justice

        I agree Tom K.

    • tim

      That was the best reply I read in 10 years

      • Pothead

        I fear the polish gangs myself.

    • RenassainceWoman

      Well said.

  • Vinay Thatsall

    that means more dead cops

  • richard

    People use those brains of yours. Color is not the issue. I”ve seen white people with there pants below there hip. I’ve even heard of them eating other people. I’ve heard of a woman take her child and give it away to an unknown person and kill herself. Why who knows. The point is we all have problems and unfortunitly crime is what makes the news. Where do we find crime? in the poor, mal-nurist neighborhoods. black, white,hispanic,etc. It is a shame the way we are killing ourselves. i cant be mad at comments made because from the outside looking in what can you expect. just note we didnt get here alone. Most of our households and educational systems are badly damaged. instead of parks and soccer teams we have guns and drugs in our community. i mean a rose can only do so much when it growing out of concrete. So excuse us for not having strong foundations like you had. And forgive us for the things that we do. were just in the darkness trying to find a flashlight with no clue how

  • yeaok

    The N.R.A. is not or ever was the problem. “Again” quit putting the blame where it does not belong. Americans have owned firearms since this country was founded(Thats why its in the Constitution). The Nra doesn’t stand next to these thugs and yell in their ear SHOOT that guy. It’s the ones pulling the trigger that are to blame. We have all kinds of weapons available to us from knives to automobiles.A car will sit in front of your house and not kill anybody until someone gets behind the wheel. A gun will stay where it is until someone picks it up points it and pulls the trigger. It really isn’t all that hard to understand.

    • Mr. Justice

      @ yeaok….. AMEN TO THAT. Some of the people on here are just plain stupid. They want to blame others. People need to stand up and fight for their rights and don’t wait on the police for protection, protect yourself. We have such a “victim mentality” in the Chicago area or a “nanny mentality”. People need to stand up and don’t allow the inmates to run the asylum.

  • Justice...

    You need to help yourselves….You cannot try to change someone when they are in their teen years hanging on the corner…we all know it begins at home as a family. If you decide not to take the responsibility as the head of the family….then it is your fault, not society.

  • wheelockboy

    The true problem is not black or white. Unfortunately in the past 30 years, with either both parents working or the increase in single mother’s, parenting a child with moral values seems to have slipped through the cracks. Children raising themselves without supervision is why crime has gotten a true foothold on every major city within the U.S.

  • The True

    I would kick him in the head as I walked by. That’s the least I could do as my civic duty.

  • WOZ


    • richard

      you may be on to something, it is a jungle out there. just one thing people bring animals to the zoo so obviously your implying were animals but who brought us here. and just like a lion set free will create havoc. now you reap from what you sow. but then again if theres really a problem you have i have a solution. Cut the tv off and poof just like that it will all go away. just a thought

  • Leroy Goldberg

    We can all agree that the highest crime areas and most dangerous districts are the SOUTH side and the WEST side. We can also agree that the majority of the population in both the SOUTH side and WEST side is primariliy AFRICAN-AMERICAN. We can finally agree that these crimes are comitted by said AFRICAN-AMERICANS…….’nuff said!

    • richard

      have you ever seen the movie “trading places”. ’nuff said. the bad news is your correct. except for one thing. The most reported crimes.

  • richard

    have you ever seen the show snapped. its were women who killed there husbands are displayed and who can tell me what color they are or what channel these things were reported on. it appears that most comments are based on whats been seen on the television. so i say again most comments are correct we as black people started using guns and went crazier than a cow in the street but the answere is not name calling its unity or lack there of. but what do you peolple really care just turn off the tv then it will all go away like a bad dream.

  • Cody

    Hey Richard. I bet you still blame white people for slavery.

    • richard

      No, it was Africans who sold Africans i blame white people for nothing. If anything not seeing what we were on then and leaving us were we were. all they(africans) were concerned with was what they thought they were gonna get just like today. but where we the only ones with greed in our hearts. i could go to the whole we didnt have boats deal but why i mean we wrote the willie lynch letter hung ourselfs and all. i take it you feel im placing the blame else where but the truth is black people are the only people responsible for the condition were in. the sooner this is realized the sooner we can change. i do feel that people shouldnt be so judgemental when we are all flawed. with that said we all have a right to our own opinion.let GOD be the judge or you dont agree with that either, i mean what has HE done this far right

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