Group Promises To Fight ComEd Rate Increase

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Citizens Utility Board plans to appeal an Illinois Commerce Commission vote Tuesday granting Commonwealth Edison a $155.7 million rate hike.

“This is the worst possible time for a rate increase. Com Ed customers are struggling with the economy, they’re getting gouged at the gas pump and now they are going to get a Com Ed rate hike. Meantime, Com Ed’s parent company made about $2.7 billion last year. You have to ask yourself what’s wrong with this picture?” CUB spokesman Jim Chilsen told Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding.

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Chilsen says although ComEd’s requested rate hike was cut in half, the company actually owed its customers a $40 million rate cut.

The rate hike will go into effect as of June 1and will cost customers about $3.15 more a month.

ComEd initially asked for a $396-million rate hike when it filed its proposal with the ICC last June. That would have increased the average household electric bill 7 percent, the utility said then.

Meanwhile, ComEd is working to secure passage of state legislation that would allow for its annual rates to rise automatically, in part to recover the $1.5 billion it will cost to install so-called smart meters in Chicago-area homes and businesses.

ComEd’s parent, Chicago-based Exelon Corp., already faces revenue and earnings declines in 2012 and 2013 due to low wholesale power prices.

  • lisa dissmeyer

    Getting so difficult. As a senior citizen, haven’t had an increase in the income in a couple of years, some parts of the income have decreased, prices on everything have increased. Health care passed so all of the insurance companies, including Medicare, raised rates but not pensions or social security. Savings has decreased thanks to politicians and bankers. ComEd is already too expensive and now they want more. It is so past time for politicians and their “friends” to put a freeze on their wages so some of the pain gets spread to people who are in a position to “fix” things.

  • Davidd

    Smart meter my butt! They installed a “new” meter on my haouse 3 years ago and eveer since my electric bill hasn’t been under $125.00 in the fall to spring months since. Summertime is even worse, well over $200.00 a month. On a fixed income this is really hard on me.

  • steve

    this is not the time to increase. the people of il. are tapped out. we cant afford comed now and they want to raise the bills even more. we need a cap on everything from gas to utilities for several yrs if we want to turn this nation around. Obama everyone thinks you are a hero well prove it stop all this in its tracks help us instead of all others.


    we need to stop the insanity , everything goes up and all the people in charge want raises , purhaps if they take pay cuts to pay for these things they want , the country would understand more , WHY IS IT WHEN THE COUNTRY OR STATE WANTS SOMETHING ITS THE MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR WHO PAY. YOU NEVER SEE A RICH CEO ON A ROOF WHEN A HURRICANE HITS OR LOSE THEIR JOBS. JUST ONCE I’D LIKE TO SEE A CEO OR BANKER TAKE A PAY CUT . SACRIFICE BULL THEY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING UNLESS IT YOU THAT SACRIFICES. .

  • Right

    Thank goodness we have CUB fighting for us. Support them anyway you can.

  • Michael

    Instead of raising our electricity bills, why doesn’t ComEd save money by not including all of those annoying ads enclosed with our monthly bills? If I want to purchase a home alarm system or address labels, I will do so without ComEd’s help, thank you. I can’t believe there is a chance that ComEd can get rate hikes again. Didn’t ComEd raise the rates not too long ago? Sounds like the company may need to be reorganized. Something smells fishy in Denmark!

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