Man Douses Loose Dog With Gasoline

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A west suburban man who called police to report an unleashed dog at a park Tuesday was later arrested for allegedly pouring gasoline on the animal and threatening to set it on fire, police said.

Riverside police received a complaint about an unleashed dog at Harrington Park, according to a release from police.

But before officers arrived, the resident who made the call allegedly poured gasoline on the dog, then threatened to pour gasoline on the owner and light them on fire, the release said.

Officers arrested 53-year-old Daniel Maskill of Riverside, and charged him with animal cruelty and assault, the release said.

The dog’s owner, 56- year-old Frank Perlongo of Lyons, was cited for not having the animal on a leash.

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  • Patricia Evert

    Seems as though Daniel Maskill should have been the one on a leash.
    When our we going to start addressing these animal cruelty cases in a serious manner? These people need to be punished and sent to jail.

    • Roberta Waker

      I hope Maskill has to pay for the bath and treatment this dog will need from the toxic effects of the gasoline. If the dog was not threatening him, why did he react in this way? He might need to be tested psychologically because maybe someone’s child will be running around next time and he will pour gas on him/her. Sounds like Maskill is more of a threat than this unleashed dog.

    • Judy Judy

      The dog’s owner is just as responsible for this incident. I am sick and tired of dumb, irresponsible pet owners who refuse to protect their pets by keeping them on a leash. If you want your dog to roam freely, without a leash, buy a house with a big backyard. Otherwise, FOLLOW THE LAW.

      Personally, I have a feeling CBS omitted a few pertinent details from this story.

      • Sandy Mcmillan

        Quit being so easy on this S.O.B. He should be doused in gasoline and set on fire. If dopey people like you weren’t out coddling these morons, we wouldn’t have these vicious attacks. Too often it’s kids and they get away with nothing but a slap on the wrist. No deterrence factor at all here. They start with animals and work their way up to humans. Many cases have proven that. Don’t you know that dogs can get off a leash when they want to explore their surroundiings or are on a scent? That doesn’t mean it’s okay to attack them. Shame on you! You disgust me.

      • jlb

        You are a moron, what don’t you get? It’s a little dog playing and romping. Maybe someone needs to put a muzzle on you.

    • Todd Stover

      Because its an animal… people rarely go to jail when they injure other people…

  • Pothead

    Daniel Maskil is very lucky it wasn’t my dog because I would have kicked the shyt out of him.

    • Eddie Murphy

      And then make the guy eat it.

    • mike

      Amen brother

    • Pat

      Why in the world you pour gasoline on a dog especially if the dog wasn’t trying to harm you in any manner. Also, who walks around with gasoline? It seems to me that Daniel Maskill was waiting or the owner and his dog to come running by. He needs to receive the highest fine for such cruelty!

  • brotten2u

    who carrys gasoline at a park? sounds suspicious from the get go!

    • mindalina

      I agree!

  • wildman

    a man who pours gasoline on a dog deserves nothing less than to be burned alive on national television.

    • Judy Judy

      Wildman, you sound like a certified fool! What you just said is no different than what the offender allegedly did. And I bet you pretend to believe in god, don’t you?

      • jlb

        You still sound like a moron, preach to God. What God? God is not going to protect you or anyone else. God states it is a free world and he will not interfere. GO BACK AND STUDY. Lady its a little dog that had gasoline poured on him and your preaching about god, get a life and figure it out, as, you are certainly clueless.

    • Mindalina

      I agree! I’ll donate 5 dollars for the 1 gallon of gas!

      • E.D.E.

        me too. cook the b******
        Cruelity to animals is only the tip of the iceburg to a sociapath

  • Mindalina

    Well, you’re an idiot and your opinion does not count.

    • Cindy lou


  • John Dalessandro

    red daddie you must be a internet tough guy. some one should kick the shyt out of you

  • eddie

    all the man wanted was a hot dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Msjoy

    This is 2010. Why do everything have to turn into a race issue. This is very disturbing. Every race does stupid things. There’s people strung out, living on the street and killing their kids in every race. We need to put a stop to this.

    • what???

      2010? hmmm. I get your point, but lose the time warp.

  • msjoy

    2011 I’m sorry! Busy day.

  • matt n.

    black misbehavior – No doubt I hate the Jack Black guy he is no longer funny.

  • ryan rossey

    haha this is really funny

  • Spike

    I think he had better up his fire policy …..Like a good neighbor State Farm is there !!

  • VIVO

    At $5 a gallon, and he is just pouring out there like that, man I will bring with a pack off dogs and some buckets to catch that gasoline. Where exactly does he live?

    • ALLAN


      • ALLAN

        I correct myself, its 302 LIONEL ROAD, RIVERSIDE, as reported in the local paper “Suburban Life”

  • Carmella

    Who in their right mind do this to the animal. St. Lazarus watches over all dogs and cats and those who hurt them somethimg bad will hapen to them. Holy Mary mother of God we prar for all animals to protect tjem specially those who are in the pard, in the puppy mills and those who are in peril on the streets.
    Owners please, take a good care of your pets. Please do not throw the dog out of the car in the middle of the highway. What is he gona eat in the woods? Who is gona take care of him when he is in the middle of the road?

  • Kathleen

    SERIOUSLY? You’re really going to make this about “Race” People?
    I don’t care if the guy was polka dot…He’s still nuts for wanting to set the dog on fire! The guy who owns the dog, should have kept it on a leash too.
    We have a Wing-Nut who lives near by here, & his dog has bitten people & chased people, etc…but our town will not enforce the leash law, unless you use their ambulance service for your dog bite! It’s all about the revenue!!

  • Johnathan Phinisee

    o well, it happened. i’ve seen worse happen from ppl who had thier dogs on a leash. i dont think the guy should die for it, but definately jail time for both the idiot with gas and the idiot with his dumb dog running around. it’s a lesson learned that u just move on and get over it

  • Cindy lou

    Just so everyone knows , Riverside is a white community , and this sort of thing rarely happens here. So do not turn it into a race issue.. You idiots

  • The Truth

    The guy who poured gas on the dog shold be classified non human due to lack of emotional decision and he should then be doused in gas and set on fire. it is time we thing the population of idiots and morons and those who do not show human emotion. Not a slap on the wrist or fine. If found guilty death by the means you deliverd your cruelty. the world has no place for creatures like this guy and I have no sympathy for those kind and I know some will say its just an animal but at that point that animal life is worth more then that guy. Kill him and lets trhin the populkation. death for animal abusers, rapists, molestors and domestic abusers.

  • edward

    all dogs should be kept on a leash when out in public. the owners always said he wont hurt do they really know that

  • CJ

    Somebody should pour gasoline on the man’s prick and set it afire.

  • C Novak

    I live in Riverside & am disgusted to read both the article & all of the comments. Violence begets violence. Daniel Maskill needs to be locked up. Simple as that. And on leash or off – look at the dog he did this too? Can anything look more harmless? I would worry about the safety of children in the area too… this is the action of an unstable & disturbed individual. Someone should research his past & find out if there’s a history of this sort of behavior.

  • Angie

    Because we can see how vicious this little puppy is….

  • Giffy


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