Schuster: Thibodeau Claims Bulls’ Confidence Is Unshaken

By David Schuster–

DEERFIELD (WSCR) For the most part, Wednesday was an off day for the Bulls, who now trail Miami 3-1 in the Eastern Conference finals. The team gathered at their practice facility in Deerfield and had a 45-minute film session and then did some light shooting on their own. Most of the players scattered quickly, opting not to talk to the media. Leaving that chore to coach Tom Thibodeau. Thibodeau said the team’s confidence is unshaken, and feels his team has been in every game and just needs to play a little bit better down the stretch.

As for Omer Asik, who is now out with a fractured fibula, Thibodeau said its unfortunate, but other players will just have to pick up the slack. A bit of controversy is brewing in regard to Asik’s injury, because it was determined that he had that broken fibula even before Game 4.

“It was something [the medical staff] thought he could play with,” Thibodeau said. “So he tried to go, he couldn’t and that’s the way it is.”

Members of the media asked to talk to the Bulls training staff and were rebuffed in their efforts.

Regarding Game 5 Thursday night, Thibodeau said minor changes might occur, but it really boils down to making some shots. And as for Derrick Rose’s last second shot in regulation in Game 4, Thibodeau said Rose settled for a jump shot instead of trying to draw a foul going to the basket.

“He’s made that shot all year for us,” Thibodeau said. “If it goes in we’re all praising him. And when it doesn’t go in, everyone wants to criticize him. One game he’s shooting too much, and the next game he’s not shooting enough. All that goes with the territory, and the thing I love about him is that he’s got the courage to take that shot.”

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  • stucky

    coach of the year yes really what you don’t believe me

  • Charles Johnson

    That’s what they tried with Luol Deng 2 years ago.

  • the hole in Adolfo Soriano's gold glove

    What do you expect Thibs to say, “we don’t have the guts to bounce back?”
    Coach T is going to get grilled for playing Omer with a broken leg bone. That’s insane! That decision is worse than his half-court offensive plays.

  • Del

    you dont win in the playoffs making “minor changes” one day, thibs will realize this.

  • Jonathan

    Coach – let Kurt Thomas play a few minutes tonight …… and don’t let Korver play any

  • Jim

    It is really unbelievable how quickly fans turn on coaches\ players when things don’t go well. I think Thibs knows what he is doing and he isn’t the reason they are down 3 to 1. If the Bulls score in their last possession and come home with it 2-2 I am guessing all the Bulls “fans” criticizing Thibs wouldn’t be saying a word. I can’t believe that some people think you win in the playoffs by making drastic changes. So you play a certain way for 90+ games and then throw all that out the window and try to do something different in the playoffs? Yeah, that’s going to work.

  • Jonathan

    Jim – while I agree that you don’t make drastic changes in the playoffs, you should hopefully have the ability to make minor changes that have drastic results. Scoring needs to come from somewhere. Kurt Thomas gave quality minutes all season, and with Asik out, I don’t think having Noah on the floor the whole game is the answer. Korver is good for 1 thing and 1 thing only, and if he isn’t doing that one thing, there is no reason to leave him out there that long. We have gotten into trouble when Korver has tried to do more than he is capable of. I would just ask Thibs to not be afraid to pull the plug on Korver quickly if there are no results. Give Joakim the green light to shoot that ugly jumper when he’s open. Give Kurt Thomas a few minutes. Pick and roll with him and Rose could give Rose some space or create an open look for Kurt. And lastly push the pace after a defensive rebound with CJ and Rose. Try to wear the Heat out. Some minor adjustments could yield a W, which is a drastic result

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