Felony Franks May Finally Get A Sign

CHICAGO (CBS) — Victory declared in federal court today by the owner of Felony Franks – the West Side hot dog stand whose name doesn’t sit well with some aldermen.

Felony Franks – home of the misdemeanor wiener – may get to put up a sign after all.

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The lawyer who represents owner Jim Andrews says aldermen who had opposed the sign over the public way have now agreed not to oppose it.

And Andrews says that means there’s a 99 percent chance he’ll get to put up his sign after all.

“I think today was a big victory and I hope by the 8th of next month we have another victory and we’re able to put up our sign,” Andrews said.

The city council still has to take action and approve the sign – but Andrews and his attorney predict smooth sailing.

In fact, Andrews says he’s going to go ahead and order the sign now.

The main opponent of the name Felony Franks is Second Ward Ald. Bob Fioretti, where the hot dog stand is located. Newsradio 780 has asked Fioretti for comment.

  • Eric M. Harlston Sr.

    Aren’t there bigger issues to deal with besides a sign Mr. Alderman..

  • Mike Finnerty

    I agree with Mr Harlston. Is this the kind of legislation you are being paid to enact Mr Fioretti?

  • What!?!

    I wonder, how much money did the owner of Felony Franks have to pay in legal fees just to get to put up a sign for his business? I would imagine that the money that he spent on this legal battle could have been used to employ perhaps another employee? I agree with Mr. Harlston Sr…..doesn’t this aldercreature have any other bigger issues to deal with? It’s untelling how much money the city spent in legal fees over this stupid situation.

  • srdib

    come on, who really cares? whats the news value here? how many shootings and murders are going on and a stupid hot dog stand is in the news for a freaking sign?

  • jeffrey

    srdib, this is the most important news there is. All the things you just mentioned are going on and this is what the Alderman spends his time on?

  • The Signbroad

    I have been in the sign business in this town for over 25 years. Whereas I understand the need for regulation of signs, the city makes it damn near impossible to get a sign for your business. Good luck opening and keeping open a small business without a sign for months while the City takes its sweet time on the various approvals, Public Way nonsense and every other thing they will put you through. And let’s not forget the cost and the yearly renewal costs just to get the proper permit. Legitimate sign companies loose business every day to slipshod companies who don’t play by the rules and the small business owner ends up holding the bag. Ridiculous!!!

  • Norman H Riley

    I think they not only sell a good all beef product, but most of all: the owner has come into the hood and provided jobs for ex-offenders who have turned their backs on the Criminal Element and went to work for a living. We should support this man and others who help take a bite out of crime.

  • joe

    these are the peaple that we alect in to office,god forgive us all.
    how stupid can we be?

    • Dave

      smart enough to spell elect



    • southside

      She wants a Jewish guy? I know a Saul Weiner who might be able to help.

  • John

    Hey Mr. Alderman, You have hurt Mr Andrews buisness long enough by not letting him have his sign! Would it be better if you put him out of buisness and had another abandoned building in your ward???? I’m sure you don’t have people knocking down your door for that location! Here is a man tryin to do good and you just want to flex your muscles and prove your the man. This is actually making you look a FOOL!!!! Good luck Jim Andrews and I hope you get all that’s coming to you and more!!!

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