Murderer Patricia Columbo, 54, Denied Parole

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Once again, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board has denied parole to Patricia Columbo, who was convicted of the 1976 murders of her parents and 13-year-old brother.

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Columbo and her boyfriend Frank DeLuca were both convicted of the Elk Grove Village murders, committed allegedly so Columbo would get her family’s inheritance.

The parole board on Monday vote was 10-2 against parole for Columbo.

Ken Tupy, legal counsel for the board, says the two who voted for parole have supported parole for Columbo in the past.

“They talked about her institutional record,” Tupy said. “Her institutional record has been extremely good.  She teaches arts and crafts.  She’s doing social work.  She’s helped out other inmates, so she seems to have turned her life around.”

Patricia Columbo, 54, is serving 200 to 300 years in prison.

She’s up next for parole in three years.

  • The earth moves

    the earth moves with columbo…..O, sorry, i mean palumbo. orage crush

  • the truth

    I remember we lived a couple of blocks away and had a babysitter who yelledfor me to come in when she heard the news. We locked the doors and hid until we got the all clear. Wow, still in jail after all those years… Hope she rots in hell. F**k it dude, lets go bowling. Not her of course. Take back that bowling trophy, she don’t deserve it

    • laura

      Nobody rots in hell anymore. She seems to have a not so bad life. Teaching arts and crafts, helping others, free medical and dental—those are rewards enough for what she did. Creating a good institutional record shouldn’t null the debt. That’s great she’s been so good-she should count her blessings. Her brother’s life was ended at only 13.

  • Carlisle

    What make her do that. She semms to be a well coordinated woman. However, we do not know what relally went on in their place. It is too sad to see women like this one spend their in jail instead ob being a good citizens who uphold the law. I how to God she asks forgineness for what she did because the way we see it she is going to be there for good. Can we truat her in the streets againg? Would she murder again someone else?

    • Southside

      I forgot she killed a kid, I thought it was just her parents. The hell with her.

  • Vicky

    The Columbo family lived a few doors away from my uncle’s house in Elk Grove Village. i remember what a shocking crime this was at the time. She looks like an old hag now….tempus fugit…..

  • Crime Victims United of Illinois

    Patty Columbo is one of the worst offenders in Illinois history. She worked diligently and went to great lengths to kill her whole family. She did not act impulsively, she was not mentally ill. She knew what she was doing. She continues to be one of the coldest, most calculating mass murderers in Illinois history. A life sentence is entirely appropriate for her. It is better than what her family got. Few crimes cry out more for a life sentence than this one.

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