Schuster: Bulls Need To Play Near Perfect To Stay Alive

By David Schuster–

CHICAGO (WSCR) Backs up against the wall, do or die and even win or go home. All the cliches apply tonight as the Bulls try and stave off elimination in their series against Miami. Talk to any player and they say their confidence is still sky high but the reality is that the collective confidence of this team has taken a hit with three straight losses. They have been talking a good game the last couple of days, but doubt surely must be cropping in.

The Bulls had chances to win all three games they lost, but failed to produce when the game was on the line. Very simply, Miami’s star power came through while Derrick Rose and his teammates wilted down the stretch.

LeBron James has again proved that he is the best player on the planet, and talent prevails at this time of the year in the NBA. James has been magnificent on both ends of the court. Offensively, he can get a shot off anytime he wants, and defensively, he’s put the clamps on Rose in the game’s final minutes.

Go back to Game 4 and you’ll see James draped all over Rose, who settled for outside shots as opposed to driving to the basket. Yes, Rose hit those shots during the regular season, but now he’s being faced with trying to do them against a player who is seven inches taller then him. Rose would never admit this, but it sure looks like he is intimidated when James is guarding him.

In order for the Bulls to win tonight and extend this series, they will have to play a near perfect game on both ends of the court. Their defense must force turnovers leading to easy baskets and they have to get better performances from some guys who have given them little in this series.

A win tonight could give the Bulls a boost and help regain some lost confidence, but talk is cheap, they have to do it on the court.

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  • Will Thrill

    Call me crazy, out my mind, or stupid, but Im a Die hard Bulls fan.. So what Im about to say will happen and I hope the rest of Chicago puts this positive energy out with me.. There are only two teams throughout this whole playoffs I believed that could come back from a 3-1 defecit. One Miami and Two the Bulls. The Heat are done! They already getting ready for the finals.. The Bulls will win Three in a row Mark my word ladies and gentlemen!! The Bulls are going to the finals Trust me Miami will not be in the NBA finals!!!

    • Eddie

      I like your attitude Will–and I believe, as you can see, as you do.

  • Eddie

    David, the Bulls do not need to play “PERFECT” basketball. They played a GREAT game in game 4. Thibs didn’t make simple adjustments that could have made the difference, including picking LeBron for Rose, and setting up a shot for someone else. It’s not about intimidation–it’s about having to drive a player bigger and stronger than you and who can make it tough to shoot over with just one quick step–going around him, even without a pick, would have been the better choice, but it was obvious Derrick was TIRED–and so, Thibs needed to make the adjustment in the huddle with a play–period. The defense was near great–until overtime–but Thibs again needed to spot our bigs with Kurt Thomas and bring in Taj sooner to prevent the matador Boozer from giving them easy drives to the hoop and fouling on those drives. The silly flagrant call was just stupid–on Boozer’s part first, but the referees overreacted, and Bosh got the Oscar for the entire playoffs on that one. That being said–Derrick just has to hit more of his own OPEN outside shots, and play game 5 like we did game 4 with some adjustments–and we’ve got this team beat. We CAN win 3 in a row–but Thibs has to make a difference. Great coaches make the difference, and he’s got the horses to win this race, without being perfect–we just have to be better. In short, we beat 3 teams in Game 4: the Heat, the refs, and ourselves. We have to eliminate the third team in that equation. We beat ourselves, more than in any other loss of this series. The Heat were just flat LUCKY to have LeBron hitting those big shots–because we gave them everything else.

  • West Town Tom

    They just need to play A LITTLE better, as the last game coulda been decided in the Bulls favor if even just one of a large number of plays had turned out better. An extra free throw. One less turnover. One more made shot. One more star player. Oops, wait til next year.

    Speaking of the future, D Wade sure isn’t the player he used to be, so the Bulls may be able to stay with the Heat for this LeBron/Wade/Bosh run much more than I originally thought.

  • Frank

    They need to be aggressive on both ends of the floor. If D Rose drives to the basket at the end of regulation in game 4, the Bulls win. They also need to make open shots. Miami has a great d, but the Bulls are getting open looks. They’re just missing them.

  • AT3374

    I believe the Bulls will win tonight , but lets be realistic the Heat have three top 15-0 players starting for them , the Bulls have one in the top 5 .

    They have tried every possible lineup , offensive play etc , yet the results are 3-1 for a reason : Lebron .

    And the Heat are not looking pass the Bulls , or lacking class or any other excuse fans want to make to justify their hatred for the Heat .

    Hate him all you want , but he’s the best player on both teams hands down , hard to beat that .

    • AT3374


  • Jake from da Burbs

    Its pretty simple folks… If the Bulls rebound, hit their free throws and hit their 3 pointers, the Bulls will win. Its always been their MO the entire season in games where D.Rose has not played well.

    I’m not sure what to expect from Rose but again if they pound the glass, hit their free throws and especially hit their 3’s and play their usual stout defense, they will win.

  • D. Naro

    SHUSTER! I’m a little upset here. If D. Rose were intimidated, why does he have the ball in his hands at the end of the game? Why does he not pass off the responsibility to a teammate with the game on the line? Timid? Korver looks intimidated. D. Rose? Give me a break, he’s not scared. Joel Anthony is same size as lebron, and I didnt see fear when he smoked his ruins. I hope he pops wood during the game and points it right at ya! GO BULLS!

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