Valparaiso, Ind. Police Investigate Teen Sexting

VALPARAISO, Ind. (CBS) — Texting naked photos at age 13. The allegations have gotten two kids in Northwest Indiana into a whole lot of trouble this week.

It’s a crime that could leave a child with a criminal record, CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

“It’s disturbing. They’re in middle school,” Valparaiso resident Kema Stevens said.

Stevens had just learned how two students at the school across the street from her home face criminal charges now.

A boy and girl from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, both 13, are accused of sending sexy texts, or “sexting.”

School officials reportedly called police when they found out the kids were texting nude pictures of each other back and forth. Police say the photos were sent back in March and that both students had the photos stored on their cell phones.

In Indiana, sexting can carry felony charges.

But when the people involved are under 21, and their ages are within four years of each other, a new law just approved by Indiana legislators would not require the acts to be considered child pornography. 

In Illinois, a new law is also taking the crime out of sexting when kids do it. The measure means minors would not be arrested for sexting, but the courts could order treatment, including counseling.

Right now, about 12 states are considering measures that would decriminalize sexting for kids. Supporters say that way, a dumb mistake when someone is young doesn’t follow them all their lives.

  • Mary

    I agree that we should use common sense when kids experiment with sex. However, if we decriminalize this, grown people will use kids to transport pornography just as adults use kids to sell drugs for them.

    When crimes are less for kids, evil minded adults use kids even more to do their dirty deeds.

    It is a difficult decision…to lighten up or not to lighten up?

  • Mary

    Where are the parents? Who bought these electronics for the kids and why weren’t the kids taught how to use them properly? What about criminalizing parents just a little??

    • What!?!

      Exactly what I thought. Since when is the life of a 13 year old so complicated that they need a cell phone? I’m telling you, we are raising our kids to be good little consumers, always “needing” the latest and greatest electronic gadget, when we start buying them things like this at such an early age. 13 year olds do not need cell phones, at least the vast majority of them do not.

  • sgar

    its amazing how nowadays this is what a 13 year old is thinking about, look kids get ur head in the books instead. yes i agree maybe this would wake these kids up, send them to counseling. and maybe parents should b more vigilant. these kids feel like there world will end when their devices r taken away. they have their rest of their lives to ruin it w sex,.what happened to innocense?

    • jer

      i just want to know why did the school call the police first? are the police the parents or is the school there parent? since when do we just call the police when our kids do something wrong? shouldn’t the school of called the parents in for a meeting first and explain what was going on so the parents can do there job and parent and discipline there children?and how did the school really know the pictures were on the phone?well i am sure they asked the kids and if the kids said yes did someone from the school look at the pictures to see if the kids were lying?and if they did look at the pictures why are there not charges brought against the person who looked at the pictures.
      I can’t believe the school called the police first and not consult the parents and let the parents discipline and take there own action.if it keeps on then i can see them calling the police.
      stop being quick to pass judgment on the parents in till you hear there side of the story.maybe they didn’t know.maybe there working trying to provide for there family maybe they are bad parents and are out smoking crack rocks but in till you hear there side don’t pass are sneaky.remember all the sneaky things you did when you where a kid?think about the sneaky stuff you still do.
      I feel the school is wrong in more ways than one.
      1st of all i bet someone at the school looked at the pictures to confirm it before they called the police.
      2nd the school should of called the parents in and let the parents discipline there kids for what they did and if needed they can call the police if they feel it is warranted.
      Look at how the school systems in America ruined another 2 life’s.Between the poor teaching to the molestation by teacher’s to the school just calling the police instead of the parent’s.

  • Roberta Waker

    If this “crime” was committed on school property that’s probably why the school called the police. Most parents don’t have a clue as to what their children are doing and when they get caught, the parents go into denial. When we were kids we learned English and how to put together sentences, paragraphs and write in a literate manner; something totally lacking in jer’s comments. Maybe schools should go back to teaching English and composition.

  • sgar

    seriously were u guys doing this at thirteen? i didnt let my world revolve around sex at that age. im 30yrs old now..

  • Scott

    @sgar, Unlike you, all I was thinking about as a young teen, was sex. The young honeys nowadays look alot older than they did 20 years ago, and are also alot more sexually active. Maybe the laws should change with the times. In most of Europe, the age of consent is 16.

    • sgar

      sorry maybe u should move to europe.

    • Truth

      @ Scott…… Move to Europe you pervert!

      • Scott

        Why would you call me a pervert? I was only making a point. Europe is way ahead of the US when it comes to acceptance and open mindedness. Sex is not any where near the taboo that it is here.

    • Jack

      Excellent point, Scott.

  • hammer1574

    The school has to report the incident even if it doesn’t happen on school grounds because then that teacher or administrator will become liable for not reporting it if they find out about the incident and can result in a lawsuit and/or criminal charges against the teacher or administrator for not reporting it. This also applies if a child is being abused at home and someone at the school sees any sign of physical abuse.

  • Just Breathe

    Please ckeck out my blog. It’s all about my life and getting ready to move to Valparaiso, In with my daughter.

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