Boozer ‘A Big Issue’ For Bulls

CHICAGO (WSCR) Last summer, the NBA saw the best free agency class they’ve ever had, hit the open market. The Eastern Conference finals featured some of the big names from that class, and some of those players played up to their free agency hype.

The biggest player the Bulls brought in was forward Carlos Boozer. And down the stretch, when the game was on the line, Boozer was on the bench.

“The Boozer issue is an issue,” K.C. Johnson, of the Chicago Tribune, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I mean it’s actually, to me, a big issue, because he’s got four years left on this deal, he looks like he’s out of shape, he doesn’t defend, and, you know, you rally have to address that situation in the offseason, whether it’s conditioning for him, or exploring some trades from management’s perspective.”

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Boozer missed 23 games in the regular season with a broken hand, and over the 59 games he did play, he averaged 17.5 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. However, in the playoffs his scoring average dropped to 12.6 points per game.

As a defensive liability, and due to ineffectiveness, Boozer player only 31.7 minutes per game in the playoffs. So it’s no surprise that as the dust still settles on the 2011 season, there is some clamoring from fans to see Boozer traded.

“Again, what’s complicating things here is the work stoppage that’s coming,” Johnson said. “Because, you know, nobody knows what the new rules are. From my perspective, I’d be shocked if any major moves get done at the draft in late June…There are two times, historically, in the NBA that big moves get made: the trade deadline in February and the draft in June. But I just don’t see a team making a major move, you know, five or six days before the CBA expires and you’ve got an unknown, new CBA coming in and a work stoppage.

“I mean, last summer was their time to spend money. And they spent it and they had a great season, but the Boozer situation, I think you’re stuck with the guy. I think you need to get him in shape and committing to conditioning, because I think it’s been a big issue all season. The problem is, even conditioning is not going to help at the defensive end, and that, to me, is a problem that’s not going away.”

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  • Dave

    He sucks. Nice job Pax.

  • Ron

    They need to start putting in buyout clauses into these contracts. Sitting with this guy for 4 more years is really going to hinder the chances of the Bulls really doing anything. Who is KC Johnson kidding anyways? The Bulls won’t be able to trade him because he sucks, not because of the CBA. The Bulls need to offer Orlando any current players(other than Rose) and draft picks for several years for Howard. If the Bulls can get Rose and Howard together for the next 10 years I will take my chances regardless of who is on the rest of the roster.

    • gomerp77

      I love the idea of trying to trade for Howard…I think he will be more attainable for the Bulls than people think right now. Trade Boozer, Noah, and a couple of picks for him and you might have something there.

      Boozer doesn’t suck…he’s just not as good as we need him to be in order for the team to win a championship.

  • stucky

    great front office the bulls have they get lucky with a ping pong ball and now they are all geniuses

  • Max Zorn

    In the wake of the conference finals, there’s a tendency to over-react. Boozer is a classic “stats” guy – his stats look much better than he actually plays. Therefore he would have some trade value, particularly packaged with picks. I’d love to have Howard, but think the Bulls just need to add another scorer to the mix and Boozer will look better.

  • val

    M Z is correct …Having Howard would be awesome, and Boozer would be a lot better if we had a big man who could shoot 1/4 as well as Dirk Nowitzki, and some sort of scheme to free a three point shooter when the chips are down. We were just too predictable, and whats amazing is that we were still right there….

  • Mitch

    Other than Deng nobody played great defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when they did the refs took the air out of them. Not only did this Bulls team have to beat the Heat they had to beat the refs, they lost at the second part not the first. Boozer needs some time to really get to those help spots on defense. But the bulls fail to stay down on defense too many pump fakes fallen for.

  • Ronald Smith

    Boozer is only one part of the problem. The bulls also need to address that we have a shoot guard that can’t score. We need to go out and find someone who can create his own shoot and Rose can depend on. A single rose is pretty but it is not bouquet.

  • j watts

    the bulls need help in three positions sg,pf and center.first the bulls need a 6’5 ,6’6 sg like jamal trade the 2 draft picks and j.noah for dwight howard.I think if this happen they can live with boozer.and j.noah will be easier to trade than boozer.

  • The Truth

    If you’re going to have a guy who can’t or won’t play good D, might as well get the best scorer you can. So how about Carmelo? Trade Booz and Noah for him.

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    […] But there’s also concern over forward Carlos Boozer. And there’s a player down in Florida who could be on the move sometime soon, and despite it being a long-shot right now, would look very good in a Bulls uniform. […]

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