Gill: ‘Chicago Is The Right Place’ If Howard Wants To Win Championships

CHICAGO (WSCR) After the Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday night, the consensus seems to be that if they had one more perimeter scorer, that they could have had enough firepower to knock off the Heat.

But there’s also concern over forward Carlos Boozer. And there’s a player down in Florida who could be on the move sometime soon, and despite it being a long-shot right now, would look very good in a Bulls uniform.

“If I’m Dwight Howard, there’s two places for me to go: the Los Angeles Lakers or the Chicago Bulls,” former Bull and current analyst Kendall Gill said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Now, do I want to go play with a 33, 34-year old Kobe Bryant who has a couple years left? Or do I want to go to Chicago and play with a young stud like Derrick Rose who has 10, 12 years left, and I’m just 25 years old myself?”

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Howard is still under contract through the 2013 season, but could opt out of his current deal in the summer of 2012 and become a free agent. Because it seems unlikely that Howard will sign an extension with Orlando, the Bulls could reach out to the Magic and try to work out a trade.

“I think that Chicago is the right place in order for [Howard] to come if he wants to win championships,” Gill said. “Because I’ll tell you, I love Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard together, I think that’s an unstoppable combination. I don’t care whether you have the Big Three and Destiny’s Child down in Miami or not, you know, it doesn’t matter. You put those two together and you’re going to win championships, and I think that’s something that Dwight Howard has to look at.”

The Bulls would have to clear significant cap space, most likely Boozer, for this dream scenario to come anywhere close to a reality.

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  • AT3374

    Gills been punched in the head too many times . Howard won’t be here nor is he the killer that the Bulls will need to get past the Heat or the Knicks next year . Pipe dream

    • Darryl Clayton

      I agree with Gill. Orlando got ousted this year because of their team. Howard was Superman this year and every year in Orlando.

    • Ramaker

      AT3374 doesn’t have a clue what hes talking about and i’l bet hes a Heat fan and the one thing the Heat fans dont want to see is Howard going to the Bulls

    • AT3374

      Not a Heat fan only , enjoy watching the Bulls tearing it up this year but facts are facts , Miami has three players that can find their own shot , Bulls only have one .

      I think Howard staying in Orlando is cool , but they certainly are not better than the Bulls or Heat this year or anytime afterwards so enjoy the frustration of being maybe the third best team , cause the Bulls and Heat will be th front runners for the next few years .

      But again he needs to sign the extention …..

  • D.O

    Bulls are better than the Knicks, and will be next year. But the Bulls either need a consistant 2 guard, or someone all-around better than Boozer to beat the Heat in a 7 game series.

    • AT3374

      Knicks are a coach ( Jackson ) and a PG ( Paul or Deron Williams ) away from being a top contender in the east . Hopefully the new CBA will allow the Bulls to get better but Miami is also a possiblity for guys wanting that ring and willing to take a pay cut or playing time . But the future is bright for the Bulls none the less .

  • Bullsfan

    Heat will most likely win the title this year but all the dynasty talk is premature. I have a feeling once they win the title and their hunger goes away, they will implode with “who’s team is this” bickerings between their stars and lack of motivation during the coming season, just as it happened in 2007 following their title year. Plus other teams will re-tool and catch up to the Heat. They will always be a contender for the next 5 years, but I dont see them winning all 5. Maybe 2 of 5, in non-consecutive years

    • Steve from Rockford

      Who knows what they will do, but we learned this year that we cannot rely on “personality mismatches” to happen to the Heat for us to win. The Bulls need to improve, and it going to take trading a fan favorite or two to do that.

      As for the “hunger”, well I am sure the Bulls wanted it just as bad as the Heat. The Bulls didn’t lose because they all lacked the assisine concept that is Stacey King’s “Joakim Noah Energy”. The lost because the Heat have three of the best players in the World on there team. That means they are really good.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    Thirsty a.s.s Bulls fans already looking to steal another team’s player. Fu.c.k all of you, Dwight is staying in Orlando.

  • dominic

    be a fool on da 54 if 25 keepin da era

    • sam

      what does that even mean?

  • fred

    dominic is right keep 25 in mind

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