Scrappers Suspected Of Stealing Teen’s Wheelchair

GURNEE (CBS) — Police believe scrappers, people who cruise areas when it is garbage day and pick up metal, may have been the ones who stole a teen’s wheelchair.

Marlon Tapang’s specialized motorized wheelchair was taken just before the bus arrived to take him to Warren Township High School last Friday, which was garbage day in his Hasting Lane neighborhood.

His mother, Jarka, said the chair cost $7,681.

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Jarka’s husband Paul was going about his usual routine that Friday morning. He placed the chair outside in the driveway and returned to the house to help his son use a walker to get to the driveway.

When Paul got back outside, the bus was already there and he assumed the bus driver had already taken the chair, which had a backpack with Marlon’s study notes for his final exams and his lunch bag, and put it on the bus.

“Then they got a telephone call from the school and they asked why they sent him to school without his wheelchair,” Gurnee Police Cmdr. Jay Patrick said Wednesday. “There have been no leads,” he said, adding he believes scrappers got it.

The motorized custom-made wheelchair affords Marlon, who has cerebral palsy, the most independence. His mother expects to be able to get another one through the insurance company, and she is asking people who want to donate money to her to instead donate money to the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association of Lake Forest, which helps disabled children play sports by providing special equipment.

“If the insurance comes through, people should help out this place, it’s the best place,” she said. GLASA donated a chair for Marlon to use temporarily.

She recently heard from a friend who had their lawnmower grabbed by scrappers. The friend’s husband tried to chase them, but they were too fast.

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  • Sean

    Joe, how the hell did you guys elect Harry the weasel Reid again?!?!

    I have no room to talk though, I I live in MD, and they elected Steny Hoyer yet again, but Reid is the worste of the worste imo.

    • Lou

      Sean/ dingy harry had the thugs from all the unions pushing for him. Who knows who controlled the count on election day.

  • Keep the Change

    HAHAHA Keep sippin’ that KoolAid, Georgey-Boy! Keep sippin’!

  • Tom

    Stay classy, Chicago!

  • Enrico Martinez Sanchito

    You can say that again. I’ve tried multiple times to post a simple comment and they wont allow it.

    • JustJP

      Thats what li biots do.

  • joe

    sorry my brother, obummer and the dimocrats have continued ALL of his policies. HAHAHAA. Don’t that just frost your cookies?

  • joe

    awww damn, my taco comment was not politically correct

  • Jim

    I guess it’s a good thing you’re too poor to have anything worth stealing. And too stupid to ever earn it.

    • rollo

      Typical of Lib -Progressives, you think you’re so wonderful that you can pass judgment on everyone else, and dismissively place your own values on their property!!

      You’re a piece of work!!! When do you start using the name Feurher?

    • Rick Daniels

      rollo, only jim’s boyfriend can call him feurher. (small case since he’s SO lacking)

    • Excelsior

      Based on the stupidity of your comment you demonstrate you are a bigoted fool. Apparently the near illiterates so called liberals apparently are deluded into thinking their impoverished and limited world view grants them a monopoly in deludes self esteem.

      Yes, Jim, you are a poster for the intolerant, ignorant, racist that a contemporary liberal is tin today’s declining America.

    • Japes Macfarland

      So, Jim, all you can do is insult this guy for challenging the corrupt aspects of his government? Are some kind of creep, or what?

  • jasperddbgghost

    Can we please get a more accurate description?

    Forget it. I assume correctly they are Amish and not Black or Mexican.

    • Enoch Hofstettler

      Seth Lapp and Orel Snodgrass were spotted at the pawn shop.

  • terry

    how did an article about a young man’s wheel chair being stolen leap to Rham, Harry, Barak and other politicans??? Let’s keep our comments on point.

    • lou

      terry; they are related. Some crook stole the kid’s wheelchair.
      The normal SUSPECTS are the corrupt self seving neo-com politicos, who nerver pass a chance t o make a dishonest buck!

    • Virgil Tibbs

      Ok, Barak voters stole the wheelchair.Is that succinct enough?

  • Uncle Tom

    An old black man I know once said, “these boys around here, will steal your very breff if you let them.”

  • VugVee

    Wow thats really messed up dude, seriously??

  • Steve Vinci


    • grwelz

      steve vinci, ever live in Stockton ,ca?

  • amplitude jones

    well, this is just further proof that if all democrats were executed, nobody would complain because WHO wants criminals anyway? Who wants traitors? Who wants hysterical sociopath murder freaks? Disarming victims causes murder sprees,and it always seems to be the innocent who die, never democrats!

  • walter12

    You leftists wanted all these illegal Mexicans in the country. Now how are you leftists going to deal with all of them on welfare and stealing anything that they can get their hands on?

  • El Stinko de mayo is over no stealing

    I a Mex, your a Mex, wouldn’t you like to steal a wheel chair too?.

  • Give Them Lead To The Head

    No borders, No enforcement, No wheel chair, No s hit.

  • lou

    Roberto>> the democrates have posted their message for many years: DON’T STEAL- WE DON”T WANT COMPETETION”.

  • Cher

    Then for god sake DO IT! All we ever hear is “if we don’t start going to the streets”, blah, blah, blah. Damnit, do it! Then we can finally start to take our country back. People knew what Reid was doing when he stole that election but the elction wenton without a word from consertatives. Just like the stupid consertatives here in CA KNEW that their vote for an unknown Tea partycandidate would put Brown in office. Stupid people who need some balls and get in the democrats and the media maggots faces or we don’t have a chance

  • CBS 2 watcher

    I watched CBS 2 Chicago last night and a good samaritan has replaced the wheel chair.

    • sailordude

      Did he replace the TRAUMA to the kid?

  • Julio

    Rahm has it under control….right Blago?

  • MexicansEverywhere

    Less foreign aid, more border control.

  • sailordude

    Oh yeah minimum wage low life bus driver! Has no clue, just put the kid in the bus without the wheelchair and wait for the school to call, I wonder if the driver’s in a state union? Low life’s, probably act stupid on purpose too, I’m not a snitch! I’m sure the kid will get another wheelchair but really, it seems like parts of America are totally third world, thieves and those who act stupid to protect them.

  • mrcatsuit

    atlas shrugged. and then he giggled.

    the looters are alive and well.

  • matt

    this is the greatest comment thread ever.

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