2 Killed In Maywood Crash, Baby Seriously Injured

Updated 05/29/11 – 2:24 p.m.

MAYWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Police in Maywood say a three-car crash last night that killed two people has injured three people – including a five-week-old girl who was hurt more seriously than originally thought.

Two men – identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as 50-year-old Elias Cruz and 35-year-old Jose Mauras — were killed after their Toyota flipped and hit two cars in Maywood about 7 p.m. Saturday at 9th Avenue and St. Charles Road in Maywood.

Both Cruz, of 6147 Gage Ave. in Rosemont, and Mauras, of 301 9th Ave. in Melrose Park, were pronounced dead at 7:41 p.m. at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry says it was some kind of confrontation that apparently began in Melrose Park – a mile away from where the crash happened, in Maywood.

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It involved three cars.

Two men in one car died. And Chief Curry says information seems to point to the people in that car as the instigators.

In another car, a Lombard couple and their 5-week old baby girl, Danielle, were all hurt.

Curry says the three people in the car were 5-week-old Danielle Hurst, and Danielle’s father and mother, 23-year-old Josh Hurt and 22-year-old Sarah Kiris.

Initially, it was thought baby Danielle was going to be “fine” but she “may have some serious issues,’’ because of the crash, according to Curry.

“She took a turn for the worse,’’ said Curry. Danielle remained hospitalized at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood on Sunday.

Chief Curry says the people in a third car walked away.

  • Vicky

    Prayers for the poor innocent child.

  • Joan L Mcgrath

    When will people learn to control their tempers? i hope the baby is okay and her parents

  • Sandy

    Innocent people are always the ones to pay for other people’s stupid mistakes! My prayers for the Hurst Family.

  • Orlando

    Nice racist comment, how do you know these people were Mexican. Nice grammar, by the way.

  • Bernie

    I agree with Orlando nice racist comment, can’t help but notice your last is Hispanic shows how ignorant you are!!!! My prayers go out to both families.

  • Aj Cruz

    Well if you dim witted people knew even half the truth you would know the two people were running for their life. And they weren’t mexican they were peurto Rican. And for you say they desererve to die is bs. No one deserved what happened. I truly am sorry that an infant child was involved. But these two men definitely didn’t deserve to die


    I am disgusted at how people can be so cruel in life. Things happen for a reason and we do not live forever. God takes people everyday in ways we will never understand. No one knows the facts of this horrific accident which has claimed the lives of two men, and has damaged another. As far as playing the racism card SHAME ON YOU! Especially that your Hispanic… I mean with a last name like that I am a thousand percent sure you are. You throw that comment out there but yet I bet you enjoy a taco or burrito every now and then. Everyone is in mourning… No one deserved what happened, SHAME ON YOU for saying they deserved to die, Ask God to forgive you and your mentality. My heart does go out to both families I am deeply sadden about the child, I have children of my own, and yes I would be crushed in a situation like this, I can only imagine how the parents feel, but no one deserved to die. The men were running for their lives and unfortunately lost their lives and injured others in trying flee from an altercation. I can understand the pain the family is going thru with the infant fighting for her life, my heart and prayers are with them. I pray that God sheds light over this whole situation and that he provide comfort to these families. I pray that the child fully recovers and if the case is that the child will never be able to function, that God embraces the family and ends the suffering. I pray that God helps them to find it in their hearts to forgive them for the damage they have caused, because if God forgives us… then we can forgive as well. Altho the wounds will never heal God will provide comfort in a time of need. I pray for the family of the two men. I pray that God provides comfort in this time of greif. I pray that God embraces them and provides them strength to accept the loss of these two men. I pray that God heals hearts in due time and that questions be answered. God is a wonderful God, and we must never question why he does the things he does, or allows the things we don’t understand or that cause us pain to happen. GOD BLESS ALL.

  • Jenna

    The YOUNG parents of the baby were severely injured as well. Especially the father, which to my understanding, there is a chance he may not walk again. For those of you playing the race card….. the father is part Mexican. What the hell difference does the race make for anyone involved?

  • Dolores

    Wow I so don’t understand how stupid people can really be for you to say them two men deserved to die did you know they left kids wives and family behind so you need to think before you talk my heart goes out to both family because what happened is going to put a void in all of peoples lives and by the way you stupid ass hole one of the men that died that day was my nephews dad so I hope your faced with what you said about them because god don’t like ugly

  • Hector

    The two men deserved what they got!!! When people pass away thier family always trys to make them appear so innocent, but when in reality they were gangmembers, running from other gangmembers. What’s unfortunant is that the little girl had to experience the violence on the street before she even had a chance to grow up

  • Mikey G

    “That poor innocent child is confirmed not likely to make it. I am a very close family friend of the Hurst family and was very saddened too hear this news yesterday. We all need to quit pointing fingers for blame. What’s done is done and its a act of anger which has caused this pain for both families. Let us unite as mourners in prayer.

    • Ann

      No they were not gangmembers, neither were they Mexicans. I knew the driver of the car personally, and he was a hard-working man single father of two who looked after an ailing mother while raising his children. I feel for both families, and will continue to pray for all, which each of us should do.

    • john

      Yea i know a friend of the family as well. The father i heard is in very bad shape that they don’t even mention. And sadly the baby passed away yesterday. So lets all say a prayer for the whole family .

  • camie

    Susan,let us know what we can do while baby is hospitaliized.
    How is u John doing,my dad saw him on TV the noght of the accident.

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