Lawmakers OK Private School Fund For Illegal Immigrants

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The children of immigrants, both legal and illegal, would be able to obtain private college scholarships and enroll in state savings programs under legislation approved Monday.

A 61-53 vote in the Illinois House sent the measure to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk because it already passed the state Senate. Quinn said in a statement that he looked forward to signing it.

Supporters praised the legislation as a much-needed way to offer financial help to undocumented immigrants who graduate from Illinois high schools and want to continue their studies in college but can’t afford it.

The Illinois Dream Act would create a panel to raise private money for college scholarships and let the children of immigrants join programs that help them invest money and save for college.

“These students deserve an opportunity. They work hard. We send them through grade school, we send them through high school, then we slam a door in their face and say `Oh well, all the hard work is for nothing. You can’t go to college,”‘ said state Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago.

To qualify for the college savings pool, students must have a Social Security number or taxpayer identification number. Scholarship recipients must have at least one immigrant parent and the student must have attended school in Illinois for at least three years.

Carla Navoa, a 22-year-old student at the University of Illinois at Chicago who is in the country illegally, lobbied for the bill because it will help others like her pay for college. She said she currently isn’t enrolled in college because of the financial stress on her family with a younger sister in college, too.

“Having access to this Dream Fund would really help us,” Navoa said.

Opponents have criticized the legislation as improper because it provides benefits that could help people who violate immigration laws. They also have complained it’s confusing because of proposed federal legislation by the same name that would give some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

The Illinois Dream Act has no impact on a person’s immigration status and it doesn’t offer a path to citizenship.

  • tom Sharp

    My daughter is a US citizen, graduated with honors from high school, had only a small scholarship to Michigan and Illinois Law, is without job and over $70,000 in debt from college loans and has no health coverage. What is someone doing for her?????

    • DEE

      My husband helped put his 2 daughters through college along with his x-wife, no one helped us make sacrifices. Glad to call ourselves HOOSIERS!

    • Me ToYou

      The story here says that the Dream Fund will consist of private donations, not public money. Your daughter could have applied for private scholarships, just like the students that will apply to the Dream Fund. However, if a student does not meet a scholarship’s criteria (grade point average, extra curricular activities, etc.), he/she won’t receive any money.

      • tom Sharp

        Hey back at you from me: First the idiots in Springfield should drop their free scholarships that let anyone with clout get a free ride. Then, the operative word in your scenario is “criteria.” My daughter always qualified. and met every criteria. But the full scholarships are limited because of the “affirmative action” morons that have to get their quotas regardless of ‘qualifications” based on watered-down “criteria.” We’ll see how rigorous the grade point averages and extras are set and enforced. See the Sunday Sun-Times to see how many low-life minorities and illegals have college degrees and can’t do anywhere near grade level math or English . GET REAL!!

    • Vicente

      Just vote out from their offices all coddlers of illegal aliens in the next election!

      • Me ToYou

        tom Sharp, I am REAL. I used to work for a university, so I know what the hell I am talking about. I also have experience in dealing with U.S. citizens that believed they should receive funding simply because they were citizens. These kids (anybody under thirty) didn’t bother to do their research to find out what the competition was doing to get money. I’m sorry your daughter is stuck in a rotten situation, since school loans can NOT be discharged in a bankruptcy. She needs to take a job, any job, just to pay her loans. And by the way, her situation was not caused by illegal immigrants, but rather by greedy bankers and university financial aid officers.

  • Paul

    So, let me get this straight. Illinois cannot figure out a way to pay its own debt caused by programs just like this, so it raises takes on the working class. By the way, the corporate tax is also a tax on the working class. It is called lower wages, less benefits, fewer jobs and higher prices and you morons in the media know it. So, with our new revenue stream off the backs of the taxpayers, we create another Liberal pandering program, only this time, for criminals. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS because they broke the law to get here and stay here. That makes them criminals. Just because your spineless president Obambi won’t enforce the laws on the books does not make it any less of a criminal act.

    • Me ToYou

      Paul, you are a moron. Read the story. The Dream Fund will consist of PRIVATE money, not taxpayers’ cash. Also, how come you aren’t bellyaching about the businesses that hire illegal immigrants? If there weren’t jobs, those people would not be here.

      • Bob

        You are the moron

      • Paul

        If you want to call me a moron to my face, I will be happy to meet you somewhere. I don’t take personal shots at any one individual, like most of the cowards in these posts. So if you would like to call me a moron to my face, let me know where we can meet. By the way, did you read the part about us putting them through grade school and high school? Is that private money?

        As for my comments, you know where this is going, Everybody reading this post knows where this is headed. Private funding is just the beginning. Do you think the Dream Act panel won’t cost the taxpayers anything? Illegal Immigrants are already in the social network of handouts. I have several associates in the medical field who will attest to this.

      • Me ToYou

        Paul, where would you like to meet?

      • Paul

        Also, I do think employers who hire ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be punished, but we should not stop there. Did you realize that the Obama Administration was opposed to the Arizona legislation that was designed to shut down businesses that hired ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Why is that? We all know why.

        I also support the entire Arizona Immigration legislation which is just being vilified by the media and by the current administration that is just trying to pander to another minority group. This is a terrific piece of legislation that is very similar to the Federal legislation. The problem is that the media had to manufacture fear and spin it to make people believe that local officials would profile Hispanics. Unfortunately, the media gets away with writing fictional stories.

        By the way, if you think that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are spilling over the borders just to find work, then you are sadly misinformed. The amount of drug and human trafficking occurring along the Mexican border is a far more serious problem that the media and the Obama Administration want you to believe.

      • Paul

        You name a spot. I am in Aurora. I would be happy to meet you tonight.

      • Me ToYou

        Paul, sorry couldn’t get back to you till now on the meeting, but you live really far from me. With gas over $4.00 a gallon, I guess I will just have to debate you online. Keep in touch.

    • Vicente

      Just vote out from their ofices all coddlers of illegal aliens in the next election!

      • Me ToYou

        Bob, such a pithy comment. Any evidence to back up your statement?

    • Jeff Nobleza

      Paul is angry dude saying things like “if you wanna call me a moron to my face (so I can fight you). The reason your daughter is in the position she’s in and you are so angry is because you suck at life. This is a great act that will benefit American society as a whole. You call our President spineless. I’m happy with his administration’s results.


      • Sophia

        Jeff: Even if an illegal alien earns a college degree, they can’t legally work in the USA. So how does that benefit American society?

  • Mike

    Hey, ICE….Carla Navoa is here illegally…. why hasn’t she been arrested and deported ???

    • Dee

      My thoughts exactly, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL and she also has a sister in college. I know many hard working Americans with more than 1 child in school. They are not out there crying in their beer, they have more than 1 job.

  • Tina Spencer Aurand

    So you want to mess with the state employees’ pensions?,take from them to give to illegal immigrants’s children??
    How ignorant can a state government be????

    • Me ToYou

      How ignorant are you? Read the article. The Dream Fund will consists of private donations, not state funded money.

      • Roberta Waker

        Right, the same “private” donations that pay to defend these ILLEGALS in court when they are arrested for criminal activity; the same “private” donations that keep them working over Americans; the same “private” donations that pay for organizations that support ILLEGAL aliens. Why aren’t these “private” donations being spent on Americans with degrees who can’t find jobs to pay back their student loans? These ILLEGALS are a burden to us taxpayers who are paying for their free education, free medical, free housing, free social services and they won’t even learn ENGLISH. Private donations my a$$.

  • Brenda

    This is just another reason why I CANNOT wait to move out of this state!! Sadly anywhere we go anymore it seems those here illegally get more and more. At the same time, the rest of us over taxed citizens continue to be left to flounder.

  • Linda

    Vote these idiots out and overturn the bill. I don’t understand why only Americans have to follow the laws of the land and WHY haven’t the Native Americans been freed from the Reservations and given their rightful place in America. Instead illegals come here and totally change our laws and that is alright, NOT.

  • Too Sad

    Guys, who is to blame? LOOK AT the house and the senate, Look who votes: REP. ACEVEDO for that. What is it called: helping their own, just like the jobs, you can’t get one unless you know an immigrant, be it a government job.

  • Mohammed

    Everyone in an elective office needs to be impeached Others in appointed thievery needs to be fired.

  • Sanene

    Invade our country and instead of being punished and sent back to where they came from, these criminals are REWARDED with every possible benefit and favor at taxpayer expense..

    \If a criminal broke into corporate offices, would the corporation give them stock in the company with full voting rights? Send their children to college? Of course not, it is ridiculous.

    \If a burglar or a home invader breaks into a private residence, would the victim support the criminal’s family and put the criminals name on the deed to his house? Of course not.

    Back in the 1800s, we had lots of room, we needed population, and we needed unskilled wokers, so a select group of healthy people were allowed to LEGALLY immigrate. This isn’t the 1800s, our country is bursting its seems, our own workers skilled and unskilled are without jobs, we certainly don’t need to importa any more “workers.”

    This is a blatent scam by the democratic party to import a demography loyal to them at the polls. They make it easy for criminals to invade our country, offer them lots of benefits at the expense of the taxpayers, and the final insult is to offer them citizenship (so they can vote, dontcha know) American citizenship, the most precious commidity we hqave, with full voting rights!

    It is time to put a stop to this outrage! Close the borders, no more immigration, legal or illegal, except in extreme cases, like possibly allowing a scientist to enter our country. We will save over an estimated $200 billion a year on benefits to these criminals, wewill illiminate a lot of law enforcement problems, we will be able to put American workers back to work and we will end this farce once and for all.

    To those who say it is impossible to keep our borders safe, maybe we should invite Valdimir come and show us how to do it. The USSR managed to keep their borders closed for some 70 years.

    • Dot

      you’re an idiot

      • Me ToYou

        Dot, I certainly agree with you.

      • SS

        Dot & Me To You, you’re parasites.

    • Me ToYou

      SS, how is it that I am a parasite? You know nothing about me, but I do know from your post that if you agree with Sanene, you have proven that education is not your strong point. Go back and read the title of this article. Oops, that’s right, private funds, not taxpayer dollars.

      • Me ToYou

        Are we there yet?, the state government is involved in this issue for several reasons. 1) It is a means of recruiting the Latino vote. 2) The state gets more investors to join its college savings programs. This is a way for the state to bring in more money without raising taxes.

      • Are we there yet?

        If it’s a private fund, why then does the gov’t have to get involved? I do what I want with the money I have let, after the gov’t takes theirs.

    • Jose Rodriguez Doritos

      @Sanene, I am in total agreement with you. These low life sh!t illegal Mexicans are a major toilet stain on this great nation. Anyone who aids them, by employing them or renting to them, should be fined severely. It’s time to take out the trash. The mass deportations should start immediatly !!!

  • Mark

    Really….we the people are just stupid to allow our voted reps to reach into our pockets and provide for the illegals ……’s time for the goverment to work for us not the other way around….proving again how law only hurts those that abide by it.



    • Me ToYou

      OLD VET, get a book on civics. ONLY U.S. citizens can vote – no one else.

  • ed danaoe

    yess!!! cabrones rde necks!!!!!!!!! si si si si si !!!! arriva pat quin!!!!

    • Vicente

      Just enjoy your short happiness illegal alien lover. Soon all of you will be gone when we vote out from their offices all coddlers of illegal aliens.

      • Me ToYou

        Vicente, you need to learn a thing or two. Who do you think brought illegals to this country in the first place and gave them any kind of benefits? White business men that wanted to pay next to nothing in wages and lobbied the politicians to pick up the tab for benefits for these workers. Get smart an go after the companies and individuals that provide jobs for these people.

    • Carlos Chavez

      Spit the sh!t out of your mouth, you moron.

  • Vicente

    Vote all coddlers of illegal aliens from office!

    • Vicente

      To those who will be reading my comment herein abovementioned comment I corrected it now. See below

  • Vicente

    Vote out all coddlers of illegal aliens from their offices!

  • Dee

    How many of you have a SS#, learned to speak English, pay your taxes, bank accounts in order to cash your paychecks (Oh I forgot, you get paid under the table). None of the above, but you and yours want to be treated like the rest of us hard working Americans. None of you were worried about your 401K going down the toliet.

    Just to let you know my father came from Spain, learned to speak English, served in the Military, raised 5 kids to become productive citizens.

  • Me ToYou

    Are you people morons??? Read the story. The Dream Fund will consist of PRIVATE money, not taxpayers’ cash. Also, how come you aren’t bellyaching about the businesses that hire illegal immigrants? If they weren’t given jobs, those people would not be here.

    • Paul

      This isn’t going to stop with private funding and you know it!!!!!!

      • Me ToYou

        Paul, why do you think that this won’t stop with private funding? Pressure is (and has been) on elected officials to cut spending at every level of government; they won’t take on any more debt. This law is just a way to pander to the Latino vote and helps the state get more dollars into their college savings programs.

    • Roberta Waker

      Me ToYou needs to lighten up with the name calling. You’re not as smart as you think you are – this just opens the door for more freeloading illegals to keep bankrupting the states. Our tax dollars are already paying for ILLEGALS to attend private schools that we can’t afford for our own children because we are being taxed to death to support them.
      It isn’t hard to become a LEGAL citizen of the U.S. First, you come here LEGALLY, then you learn ENGLISH, get a job and pay taxes. Our immigration policies are the most generous in the WORLD. Our borders are wide open so terrorists that will eventually kill thousands more can walk across ILLEGALLY.
      Arizona has the right idea, but our government REFUSES to enforce immigration laws. Those crossing ILLEGALLY need to be deported; businesses hiring them need to be fined $25,000 for the first offense and their business license revoked if caught hiring illegals again. We need to cut off ALL aid of any kind to ILLGALS because THAT is why they come here. Let them protest and make demands for better lives in their own country instead of bankrupting ours. We need to stop paying for these people because we can’t afford them. We need to vote anyone out of office that supported this “Act” starting with Sen. Durbin from Illinois.
      We are letting them take over our country without a shot being fired. A country that was paid for with the blood of the many military men and women that died to keep us free. Did they give their lives in vain or do their deaths mean something?
      If our country won’t enforce immigration laws, how can we expect them to abide by the rules set up for the “Dream Act”?

      • Me ToYou

        Roberta Waker, I am pretty smart; at least I know what the article says and I know not to just jump on the hot button topic bandwagon without paying attention to what actually is being said. Also, I’m not advocating any physical violence unlike others on this post. Sound familiar??

  • MMM

    Why are we treating illegals with special privileges? They are illegal. Don’t our officials understand that?

  • Grace miller

    I’m sooo happy!!!!! My daughters best friend is illegal n it’s not her fault !!! She love this country why don’t give this opportunity to innocent kids? Don’t be mean guys !!!! Deport criminals not kids raised here!!!!! OMG thanks god!!!!

    • Vicente

      People like you why our country is broke now. You allow yourself be used by these bunch of criminals, law breaking foreign nationals.

      • Sophia

        Grace: I don’t mean to be rude but your spelling is horrible.

      • Me ToYou

        Vicente, this country is broke because we taxpayers pay too damn much for unnecessary wars and other military spending. Money that is NOT spent on our troops, but money that goes to defense contractors.

      • Grace miller

        Vicente are u Hispanic????? Please tell me u r American Indian !!!! for people like u my country is being racist I hope some day u can open ur eyes god bless you!!!!!! I’m so happy an my family too!!!!

      • Grace Miller

        Sorry Sophia I was using my daughter’s IPhone, I won’t do it anymore!!!

    • Ali Alexander

      Your daughter’s friend became responsible for her own status at age 18. Until age 18 1/2 she could have returned to her own country and applied for a visa to come here as a legal foreign student. By the way, where does this bill (or the federal bill, for that matter) PENALIZE the parents who brought their children here illegally? The federal bill would let the parents be protected from deportation and eventually get legal residency, sponsored by their legalized kids.

      • grace miller

        Ali: She is 16 but I hope in next 2 years Republicans and Democrats can pass an Inmigration Reform, at least for kids llike her, if not, you are right, she has to return to “her” country (china) and then, wait for 10 years (or more) because she was illegal for more than 180 days here……’s not easy……

  • Ellu

    It doesn’t matter if it’s private funds, THEY ARE ILLEGALS. I though illegals are to be deported, so know when they finish college, they still get to stay here, as illlegals.
    If the goverment knows who they are, why are they not being deported.

    • Me ToYou

      Good question; find out and get back to us.

  • Kathleen

    This Government Is Stealing OUR Country & All Rights away from the American People! Everyone is talking about how they’re trying to get rid of the middle class people…They’re doing more then that…They are making All of Us Pay to have Foreigners Move In & Take Over So Much in OUR COUNTRY!
    I have 2 Iraqi women living in my building & the older woman is getting Social Security Benefits, & the younger one REFUSES to get a job. They get all kinds of public assistance from the state & the county & they’ve been given a used car for free, licensed & all, etc.
    However my daughter who was born & raised American, has spinal stenosis & can’t even get Temporary medical assistance to have a surgery done on her spine which would allow her to be free from pain & possibly allow her to return to work. I’d like to know just how far this government of ours is willing to push the American people, before we get enough backbone to fight for what is ours!
    This isn’t about Race, this isn’t about culture or anything other then what it is…OUR RIGHTS & OUR HARD EARNED MONEY ARE BEING STOLEN FROM US TO GIVE FOREIGNERS! WHEN Will The American People See It & Stand Up For Themselves?

    • Me ToYou

      How do YOU know that these Iraqi women, as you say, are receiving any type of public aid? How do you know that they are not citizens?

      • Vicente

        Either you are an illegal alien lover or not.

      • Roberta Waker

        Maybe Kathleen should make a call to Social Security and ICE to determine if they are legal or not. THAT would certainly resolve this issue, wouldn’t it? They may not give you a direct answer, but if a complaint is received they DO have to investigate and take appropriate action.

    • Me ToYou

      Roberta Waker, oh you think you’re being so slick here, advocating a racist witch hunt. Yes, if Kathleen is so upset about her seemingly “non-American citizen” neighbors, she could call the authorities. However, she has already claimed that she KNOWS that the older woman is receiving Social Security and that the younger woman REFUSES to get a job. I merely asked her to prove her statements. So far, she hasn’t replied.

  • the Undertaker

    Off with their rotten heads

  • Joe Blow

    How long do you think this Dream Fund will go from private to public fund. The liberals will change it when they think nobody is paying attention. Like in the middle of the night. That’s how they do crooked things. Just pay attention and you’ll see. The taxpayers will be on the hook again. Try going to Mexico and ask for the same thing. If the drug gangs don’t get you the corrupt pols will.

    • Me ToYou

      Joe Blow, how about never? Our politicians care more about themselves than anyone else, so they won’t do anything to jeopardize their jobs by picking up the cost for an unpopular program. And remember, it wasn’t the liberals that brought the illegals here as a low cost work force. You can thank your Republican buddies for that one.

      • Roberta Waker

        Excuse me, but you are WRONG. Social Security used to be a sacred cow and THEY took money from it for other programs and NEVER paid it back, which means the money was stolen. If they can do that to Social Security, what makes you think they can’t do it to ANY program? Maybe you should wake up as to what is going on in this country.
        PLUS, they don’t care about losing their jobs because they collect full pensions for LIFE when they serve even one term in public office. This includes raises and benefits. Does your job guarantee that?

  • paulmocaby

    thirty calibre machine gun fire at our borders is the only thing that will change the immigration problem! Historically, this method has never failed to work. The only difference is, the liberal traitors we call representatives must be placed in the forefront of the first wave of illegals who attempt to cross the border.

    • Paul

      I share your discontent with many liberals who are simply pandering to another minority, but I do not agree with killing anyone who is coming across the border, unless they pose a threat. This type of rhetoric does not serve our argument well. As unpopular as it may be, the states and/or the Federal government need to recognize that this is a huge problem and enforce the laws or enact laws that will significantly reduce the number of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in this country, but it needs to be peaceful.

      • Roberta Waker

        Problem is that we don’t know if they are a threat or not because we don’t know WHO they are; WHERE they are going or WHAT they are doing. Peaceful isn’t working. You don’t hear about ILLEGAL immigration in Russia or China. Why? Because if you cross the border illegally they shoot you. THAT is the only thing that will stop illegal immigration. By the way, I believe you are also shot if you cross the border into Mexico illegally.

  • tom Sharp

    Me to you: You seem to be the minority here! Illegal=illegal. That’s it. For a legislative body to enact such a law is stupid and probably unConstitutional. Along with working in education at all levels public and private (including college) for 40 years. I also have studied law. You are wrong and out of your depth. These bunch of idiots and crooks that run things from Springfield are in for a very rude awakening next election. There will be very few of them left! The public has had it! TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen, Tom. Couldn’t agree with you more. Not only ONE term limits, but NO pensions or othr benefits for life. Check out the 28th Amendment and send it with your petition to your “representatives”. They should have the same benefits they pass for Americans, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Bonnie

    “These students deserve an opportunity. They work hard. We send them through grade school, we send them through high school, then we slam a door in their face and say `Oh well, all the hard work is for nothing. You can’t go to college,”‘ said state Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago.”

    Latinos are destroying our once great Country. Anything goes and look at Mexico.

    • Roberta Waker

      Yep, WE send them through school. WE, the taxpayers, that can’t afford to educate our own children. If they didn’t come here ILLEGALLY in the first place, we wouldn’t have to deal with them now. They KNOW what they are doing when they come here and have “anchor” babies that bankrupt hospitals; they KNOW they are ILLEGAL; but they come here because we support them. Stop supporting them and they will go home.

    • Ali Alexander

      No, they’re able to go to college IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES. Mexico, for example, offers fine and FREE college educations to its citizens. For that matter, they can go to college here IF they return to their home countries before age 18 1/2 (when the bar kicks in) and apply for legal foreign student visas. 691,000 legal foreign students manage to follow our laws, but these “kids” shouldn’t have to?!

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