CHICAGO (CBS) On May 21, Chicago Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd was hit in the face with a pitch from Boston’s Alfredo Aceves. The scary incident saw Byrd suffer facial fractures and be placed on the disabled list.

Byrd is still about a month from returning to the lineup.

“They’re looking 4-6 weeks, and I think that timetable is about right,” Byrd told Paul Sullivan, of the Chicago Tribune. “You can’t rush the fractures. You have to make sure they heal, and that takes time.”

The Cubs have been fighting an uphill battle for most of the season. Not only have they been dealing with a rash of injuries, but when their players have been healthy, they’ve been inconsistent.

Currently, Byrd is joined by Alfonse Soriano (quadriceps), Jeff Baker (groin), Reed Johnson (back), Andrew Cashner (shoulder) and Matt Garza (elbow) on the DL.

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