CHA Residents Protest Plan For Drug Testing

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some public housing residents are protesting the Chicago Housing Authority’s proposal for mandatory drug testing.

The day before a public hearing, about two dozen residents chanted and marched outside the Chicago Housing Authority’s headquarters, 60 E. Van Buren.

“They are using the drug thing … in order to get us out,” said one resident.

Residents say blanket drug testing violates their constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and is a form of profiling.

“This proposal is not only a violation of my Fourth Amendment rights but insulting to me as a senior and a resident of CHA,” another resident said.

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Also up before the authority is a plan to eliminate the so-called ‘innocent tenant defense.”

That proposal would allow the CHA to evict a tenant because of a relative’s or guest’s crimes – even if the resident didn’t know about it.

The CHA will hold a public hearing tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the Charles A. Hayes Family Investment Center, 4859 S. Wabash.

  • ERR

    YES Test them…..if you don’t use then you’re ok, druggies suck.

  • g-man

    Thems are the rules to get that free money….If you don’t like the rules then get a job and MOVE

  • john

    If I was a junkie democrat, I also would protest.

    • BOZO

      Above is proof that any idiot republican can type.

      • NWA

        @ Mr. Justice:

        Please describe to me what a law abiding, Illinois taxpaying citizen looks like?


      • g-man

        You are proof any moron can type you liberal bleeding heart dip wad

      • Mr. Justice

        @ NWA, defiantly not you. I have seen your racist comments on here for weeks now. You are a very angry black man and most of the people that leave comments on here are sick of your verbal vomit. So, please just go away NWA.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ BOZO, I believe you are the idiot! If you want to keep enabling people, go ahead, but WE, the law abiding citizens and tax payers of Illinois are sick of you puking liberals who want to keep giving away money and housing to people without any accountability. You are an idiot!!!!!

      • Bill

        The liberal democrats like to enable so they can keep their voting base!If you aren’t using.then what’s the problem?The taxpayers who have to submit to a drug screening before they get and to keep their jobs,have the right to keep the people on the dole honest!Quit discriminating against the working person!These rules would enable these folks a better chance in life by being drug free!I don’t want to go to work every day knowing that someone might be getting high,watching t.v. on my tax dollars.Do it on your own money and keep voting democratic !!!The Democratic party should be renamed the dependency party……….

  • Mike

    This is no more of a violation then a drug test to get a federal job -which also is mandatory. If you want to do drugs, then don’t take the job/ home. Our tax dollars should not be going towards spruced up crack houses.

  • Pothead

    What about the ones who walk out and get in new cars to go to work ?
    HUH ? What about them ? Yes , I smoke pot. I also work for a living. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. TEST THEM ALL TWICE !!!!!!

  • nancy

    If you don’t do drugs then what is the problem? There are a lot of companies out there who require urine tests to determine drugs for potential new employees. You are getting my tax dollar so that you can live where you do and if you want to continue to live there YOU WILL BE DRUG TESTED!!! End of discussion

    • Roberta Waker

      I agree. If you don’t do drugs, drug tests should not be a problem. We should drug test ANYONE getting state or federal aid regularly. The once-and-done drug test doesn’t work – they need to be tested weekly or monthly and if they are not clean, cut them off. PERIOD.

      • Mimi Kidd

        Tell it like it is!

  • bluto

    I know, I know. You just have to tolerate them and not say too much or you become the bad guy. Smile and give your money away. That’s life!

  • Big Taxpayer

    As a taxpayer in Cook County, I agree with the requirement to drug test CHA residents and hold them accountable for actions that take place either in their unit or by their guests on the property. There has to be accountability for actions. The age of the continued free handout is over. Like has been said before, if you don’t like the rules…Get a job and move. Too many generations of the same families use this system as they have perfected ways to beat the rules. Time to pay up or move. Just my thoughts and opinions as a Taxpayer in Cook County.

  • Me for President

    Are you people for real?? Think about it — would you rather have them wander the streets with no where to live…or keep them all in one designated area, give them minimum food to survive and let them continue doing what they do best — NOTHING. I would much rather opt for the second. Just don’t let them out of there neighborhoods, or make it alot harder. Thank you very much.

    • Mr. Justice

      No, they need to learn to stand on their own two feet. Stop enabling people!

      • John

        I’m pretty sure his point is that these people obviously cannot and will not stand on their own two feet, so you can either let them roam free on the streets or keep them in their neighborhood “prisons” .

    • DEE J

      That was already done with the insertion of the high rises, you pig. You people are to scared for the poor to get ahead so you can have someone to look down on. How pothetic are you. I live in housing have 2 jobs, raised 2 daughters in housing, 1 has a PHD, the other is in Law school. My rent is $1,000.Stop being so judgemental. BTW how much of yo taxes go to public Housing probaly $5.00. The other part is going to fight unjust Wars on people you are probally stealing from. I question your motives for wanting to know folks business, get a life PLEASE.

  • JS


    • DEE J

      Majority of welfare recipients are in the majority, thats why it was created right? mandatory birth control for racist….yall dont know the true meaning of patriotism if you did you would not be so quick to judge. Stop hogging all the jobs, contracts, good schools then just maybe those kids that you put down in CHA would have a real shot at success, to bad they have to work so hard to get by, when your skin color allows you to get a free pass, think about that morons. The only reason you are described as morons is you continue to disregard why CHA was created in the first place. matter of fact keep yo $10.00 tax if you want to use it to dictate others lives. GET A LIFE

    • Dr. K

      One of these days in the future, my friend. It will come. Or this country will cease to be.

    • roneida

      A_DOUBLE MEN… Free birth control pills, free condoms, anything to stop this horrible over population.

    • autumn robinson


    • Truth B Told

      That would not fly, but I like your thinking.

  • mertz004

    Protesting drug screening….what a joke this is! They are living there for free or next to nothing, yet these people are going to complain about something that will make their “community” safer. Don’t do drugs and you have nothing to worry about. Better yet, go to work, start paying taxes, be responsible like the rest of society. Excuse me for using that four letter word….”work”.

  • tunafish charlie

    This isn’t just happening in CHICAGO but all over AMERICA and i agree.This is a small part of a plan from the FEDERAL GOVERMENT to save MONEY which will benefit us tax payers who are paying for public housing…food stamps etc..some of you guy’s live better then i do and i work 10-14 hours a day while you sleep all day and only get up to check your mail for my tax dollars that the goverment sends you.I only WISHED i could stay home and sleep all day and SMOKE CRACK and DRINK all darn day…but in the REAL WORLD you get up and you work to support your self and your family so that you can have a future…don’t get mad at UNCLE SAM he’s been carrying you for decades and its about time you help your self and stop depending on my TAX DOLLARS…and don’t talk to me about YOUR RIGHTS because YOU DON’T HAVE ANY STUPID until you get up off your A** and become tax paying citizens then we’ll talk about RIGHTS….i’ll give the SENIORS some slack but the age groups between 18-50 KISS OFF for a better use of a word…as SANFORD n SON use too say…YOU BIG DUMMY !! now JIVE U ALL SELF’S DOWN TO THE PUBLIC AID OFFICE AND GET MO’ STAMPS WHILE U ALL CAN….SUCKER !


    If you are getting TAXPAYER MONEY for sitting and doing nothing productive than YOU WILL drug test or go HUNGRY.

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  • newstome

    N.W.A @ Mr. Justice:
    Please describe to me what a law abiding, Illinois taxpaying citizen looks like?

    Get up off the couch,step outside and walk a mile or more in any direction.North, south,east or west and youll see it firsthand.It will be all of the people that look tired from a hard days work.

    • Mr. Justice

      Love your comments newstome. Very good. I left one up above for NWA. He is just an angry black man who says all sorts of racist comments.

  • Common Sense

    Here is my email I sent to the CHA, as noted on their page, on Drafted Policies Out for Public Comment. MAKE YOUR FEELINGS KNOWN!! Send an e-mail!! +++Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion by e-mail on the FY2011 Plan.

    I strongly support the addition of Section IX, Drug Testing Policy. I feel that the addition (and enforcement) of this section will help to create a responsible environment for tenants, a safer place for families to reside, and a new opportunity for those with drug problems to work toward recovery and productivity. I feel that if residents are receiving assistance derived from taxes, then mandatory drug testing should be in place, just as it is for the majority of government workers whose salaries are paid for with taxes. I am happy to see this common-sense proposal up for discussion, and hopefully, implementation.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Jsmith7777

    I would accept this bourgeoisie nonsense, but only if City Hall institutes it’s own mandatory, regular drug (including alcohol) testing with the results made public. Then, I am cool with it. Otherwise, take this racist, elitist and facist plan and shove it where there is less hypocrasy.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Testing for drugs??? What’s next? Asking them to find a job???

    • beulah wiley

      Leroy thank you find a Job!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok

  • Get a job Tyreke

    What a bunch of ungrateful ingrates! They still act as if they are the victim even after the taxpayers basically pays their living expenses.

  • Justice...


  • Frustrated

    Hell I reported fraud to the general attorney, Elgin housing authorities pictures, information as of today nothing has been done, This person who lives in this housing has had several vacations, boyfriends income not on lease, boyfriend abusing her children, why did this happen someone wasn’t doing their job. This is not right it is time to start doing more home visits. By the way these both lived in public housing and were employees of United Airlines go figure :(


    What the hell do you do when you put a fraud complaint to the public housing authorities, Attorney General in Washington I have pictures, proof that these two individuals committed FRAUD and am willing to testify in court and nothing was done to these two who have committed fraud, anyone who can direct me in the right direction please respond I AM VERY DETERMINED I am a taxpayer and think it is a shame that nothing has been done, I wonder how many others are doing the same and getting away with FRAUD.

  • Stan

    I am a landlord. I dont require prospective tenants to pass a drug test. So if the people in CHA dont want to have to take drug tests, then they can go get an apartment in the private sector. Oh, wait, they cant, because they have neither a job nor good credit, both of which I DO require. Oh, well, too bad for them.

  • Kazador

    I’d say this is a good idea. CHA and all public housing is getting out of control with the criminal element involved. Mary Mitchell wrote a column about targeting seniors which is completely off the mark and disingenuous to what this action is to achieve. Kick out the 18-38 yr. old riff-raff and make for less criminal activity, drug activity, and more resident accountability for those who can stay.

    I feel this may not work as well unless the testing is at random times, but looks like these evicted addicts may be coming to a theatre near you…


    boo hoo don’t worry this will pass, fraud,drug testing is all a big joke, the employees of CHA don’t do their jobs so don’t loose no sleep. They are only concern to get their paychecks, If it wasn’t for people who need housing they be out of a job think about it.

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