City Truck Driver Hits Bicyclist

CHICAGO (STMW) — A city vehicle struck a bicyclist Wednesday afternoon in the North Center neighborhood.

The 20-year-old woman was riding a bicycle east on Cullom Avenue when she disobeyed a stop sign and was struck by a city truck traveling north on Lincoln Avenue, police News Affairs Officer Daniel O’Brien said.

The woman was taken in serious condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, police said.

The truck driver stayed on the scene, and no citations have been issued as of Wednesday night.

The police Major Accident Investigation Unit is investigating.

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  • Patrick Carroll

    As a truck driver who works around the city it’s amazing how fearless bicyclist are to car’s and truck’s around them .The rules dont seem to apply to them.So it dosen’t suprise me at all.Too bad one should have so much disregaurd for one safty or for others when there stupid actions my cause to avoid them.

  • Tripline

    Bicyclists should not even be riding on the streets. That is what the sidewalk is for.

    • Gerald Spencer

      Sidewalks are off limits to bicyclists between the ages of 12 and 70.

  • Barnsley Stankovich

    this is a 4 way stop. Did the truck make a stop?

  • Dr. K

    Sorry to hear she’s in serious condition, but bikers who run stop signs do so at their own peril. I see it everyday in the city. I ride myself, but I never assume I have the right of way against a vehicle. Guess who’s going to lose that argument every time! Let this be a lesson to all riders.

  • lisa

    I feel terrible for the DRIVER not the bicyclist. She wasn’t following the rules of the road like most of them usually do and now he has to endure the emotional, psychological trauma of running a person over! Not only that I bet he’s going to be under a microscope at work. Let’s just hope she was wearing a helmet, for her families sake! another burden for them to bear thanks to someone being irresponsible.

  • abe

    The city should sue the bicyclist for damage to the truck, lost time and inconvenience.

  • Kristin

    So many times have I had to slam on the brakes while driving so I don’t hit some idiot on a bike who decides the rules of the road don’t apply to them. If you’re going to disregard rules that are in place to keep you safe, then you have to accept that you will get injured.

  • Dave

    I ride my bike everywhere…..and have long since learned….cars trump bike everytime…SLOW down….give way…

  • Darn Hipsters

    I bet she was on a fixed gear bike.(the bikes that you cant stop pedaling and just coast and use the brakes to slow down. You have to pedal backwards kind of like a coaster brake but there is no brake) They should outlaw fixed gear bikes for use on city streets. Most of the people who ride them are the ones who do not stop at stop signs, and lights. Since most of them don’t have brakes and a fixed gear bike does not stop as quickly as a standard bike with a freewheel.

  • Judith Zurawski

    Seems everyone is blaming the Bicyclist. Do we know for sure she was in the wrong? I was rear ended by a police car in 2002 (he was not on a call). I suffered severe nerve damage due to the collision. After 9 years of fighting the City of Chicago and over $700,000.00, I lost my case this past March in the Supreme Court. Did the city do a great job of covering up the damages they did? Of course they did. Did the judges cover the city’s butt? You know it. Am I bitter? I can’t even put it into words. Maybe the poor girl didn’t run the stop sign, maybe, just maybe!

    • billyd

      Good. As a taxpayer, I’m tired of funding the endless lawsuit lottery in this city.

      • Judith Zurawski

        To people like you, I wish you one day, just one day the pain that I suffer from the RSD/CRPS that was caused by the accident! I didn’t play the lottery, I was injured!!

  • BHK north

    Bike riders and cars should NEVER share the road. Today a bike rider buzzed right past me at a red light, riding hands-free—no hands on the handlebars. I’ve seen bike riders talking on cell phones, lighting up cigarettes.

    Mayor Rahm has cameras all over this city, I’ll bet he can get a lot of eye-popping footage of these idiots on bikes, swerving all over the street, swooping in and around moving vehicles, riding directly in front of a car instead of off to the side. I’ll bet he’s seen a lot of bike riding shenanigans while going to City Hall each day.

    Bike riders at night, I’ve seen them in intersections doing lazy-8’s; wearing all black clothing, no safety colors, no blinkers, no helmets (as if a helmet really helps).

    This 20 year old chick blows the stop sign, as we all see bike riders to every single day. There are no laws. They never get pulled over. If you have ever seen a bike rider get pulled over, then I’ll tell you Bigfoot exists!

    Then she gets hit, driver and City will be sued up the ying yang because no matter what, if YOU hit somebody, get out your checkbook and suck it up.

    Mayor Rahm – Get some real laws going on these bike riders!

    The biggest offender bike riders will scream and holler the most because they are guilty as charged….sorry but you’re not above it all.

  • Marc Mueller

    I’m not surprised at all. I’ve seen so many near misses between vehicles and bicycles all around Chicago and the suburbs because a majority of those riding do not realize that Illinois State Law requires bicyclists to obey ALL traffic signs, signals and laws! Yes, cars and trucks are supposed to share the road with bicycles but they need to obey for their safety and the safety of all others on the road. I have seen a car almost get in a head on collision with another car trying to avoid hitting a cyclist that just darted out into traffic. I have been involved in a bicylist running into the side of my truck as well because they were swerving through downtown traffic. And unfortunately for the City, I’m sure she is going to turn around and try and sue for the accident. Bicycles are not above any traffic law. I don’t care what type of bicycle you are riding, whether commuting, recreating, excercising or working as a messenger, you must obey all signals and signs. Yes, I agree it’s a pain in the rear to stop every two blocks on most streets for a sign or signal, but it’s annoying to stop in a car or truck as well. Learn and obey the laws bicyclists!

  • JeanSC

    If the bicyclist so clearly disobeyed a stop sign that this information got in the story, she should be given a citation for it! And it should be a direction to all police officers to ticket all bicyclists for their moving violations, even where no harm comes to anyone because of it. Most such scofflaws have an arrogant attitude about it and will not change their habits until punished for it. They usually respond to complaints from “mere” civilians with lies and cusses.

  • gnome

    Its a stop sing for cars and your have to stop for at LEAST 3 seconds and look both ways! I’m pretty sure the driver didn’t do tht, and before you people start talking about how she deserved it maybe look at it as if it was a loved one they might just maybe been in the wrong but no one should be where she is today!

  • lisa

    @ gnome, I take it you are one of those fools that rides your bike like an absolute idiot as well. That’s why your so defensive! If the shoe fits wear it!!! She wouldn’t be where she’s at IF she knew how to obey RULES.

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