Bolland: Canucks Are ‘Like A Little Girl’

CHICAGO (CBS) Heated playoff series between the Blackhawks and Canucks over the last three seasons have given way to an increasingly intense rivalry, which makes it tough for the Blackhawks’ Dave Bolland to watch the Stanley Cup Finals.

“It does get pretty painful watching and seeing that team in it,” Bolland told Fred Mitchel, of the Chicago Tribune.

“It sucks seeing them there.”

The Canucks took the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals with a goal by Raffi Torres with 18.5 seconds remaining in regulation. Torres was the same player who delivered a hit to Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook’s head. It was a hit that kept Seabrook out of two games of the Blackhawks-Canucks first round series.

And the fact that Vancouver’s Alex Burrows appeared to bite the finger of Bruins center Patrice Bergeron in the first period didn’t take Bolland by surprise.

“Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl,” Bolland said. “But things happen during games. Stuff like that isn’t meant for hockey. So some of those things have to be taken care of.”


    What could have been if they could have gotten past the Canucks.

    Boston had no offense. They couldn’t get past the Blue Line in the third period.

  • Liv

    funny. A girl that just kicked your sorry ass. Girls rules.

  • jaynesbooks

    And imagine, Bolland, how it felt for the Canucks last season? Now you know.

  • Bringithome

    Bolland is a Canadian, so I was going to cut him a little slack. But he was born in Ontario. So no slack. You’re an idiot Bolland. Keep playing NHL 2011, and pretending you’re in the cup final. You and Kane can make an all Kane and Bolland team. Then watch the replay’s for hours.

  • Sam

    Awww so sad for you. Now get back to the golf game, the rest of your team ate waiting for you to tee off.

  • Keep gofin', Bolland!


  • Mr. Fat-lip

    I just won the Stanley Cup Championship in NHL 11 with the Chicago Blackhawks :)


      I would have picked that up, but I don’t get many chances to play, and I’m playing
      NHL ’08 (With a Hurricane on the cover). ’08 has pretty good action.

  • waterboy99troop

    How ironic, Mr. Bolland, that you’re now whining “like a little girl.”

  • Andy

    Butt-hurt… Bolland’s a great player, but show a little class when you lose. It doesn’t make the Canucks look bad when he whines.


      I’ll give you that one, Andy.

      Who reported that the “Green Men” were gone? They’re hilarious! And, I can’t imagine being behind the glass when a slap shot puts a crack in it. YIKES!

      I think the ‘hawks have more natural shooters than the Canucks, but the Canucks played better team hockey this time around.

  • Denver Deadite

    The Hawks have taken a lot of grief for things like supposedly yelling at injured players and all.

    Yet Burrows gets a pass for ‘fighting’ with a vagina between his legs.

    Go figure.

    • Sam

      Wow Denver IS a city of cavemen. I guess you all just run around sticking your body parts in other people..

      No wonder you have so much rape there.. everyone thinks its fine to stick bits of themselves in people, even if they resist.

    • sam

      Wow I guess sticking your fingers in other peoples mouths is an accepted practice in Denver.

      • Denver Deadite

        Yeah, that girl wearing the skirt deserved to be raped, too.

        Remember, kids: according to useless people like sam, biting is A-ok. Apparently hair pulling would be, too.

        So don’t let your hair get anywhere near sam or Burrows or they may not be able to control themselves and act like men!

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  • Larry

    I met Bolland the night they were parading the Cup around town. He’s not the brightest light in the stadium. Very weird, sort of anti-social individual. But a pretty decent hockey player.

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