Walter’s Perspective: Explanation For Beach Closing Smells Fishy

CHICAGO (CBS) — Steve Baskerville says clear weather tomorrow, but I’m seeing a fog over Chicago, a cover up at City Hall about the police on Memorial Day closing down North Avenue Beach.

It was too hot out there, says the chief of police. People were getting sick from the heat. We had to close the beach, even though that’s never happened before — not that I can remember. A Chicago beach being closed due to heat.

It wasn’t even 90 degrees when the police moved in. So it seems to me the true reason for closing the beach was a fear that gangbangers or rowdies drinking beer might cause trouble, maybe some racial trouble.

It was a good idea to close the beach, a bad idea to cover up the reason. Honesty and transparency will help us know things we need to think about.

That’s what Rahm Emanuel says, isn’t it? That he is the new transparency mayor.

Bravo, Mr. Mayor, but what’s transparent about closing North Avenue Beach is that you’re not being transparent.

  • Blueplayer

    Right on the mark Walter, never heard of that either-too hot!! The new police Chief
    – an out of towner- can’t fool us life long Chicagoans-he’s off to a bad and false
    start. Wish he and the mayor well- but they can’t fool us. (think the mayor said he was out of towner too, come to think of it)

  • Nicole

    Get ’em, Walter!

  • srdib

    why was north ave beach the only one that was too hot? were the other beaches much cooler? LMAO. stupid new mayor and stupid new police chief, what a pair of dopes. what are they going to do when summer comes and the stuff really hits the fan? all the shootings, murders, etc.? why start out lying to the public. gonna be a long hot summer, like the saying goes.

  • steven

    Just play the tapes from 330 pm to 7pm from the 18 district police dispatch
    it was a full blown gang war they could not control oak street beach one they also ran out of squad cars 1# patrol wagon was sent there

  • rf

    Spare me. Walter doesn’t like the police cuz they keep busting him being drunk all the time

    • We remember Walter

      Sir of madam, You are absolutely correct.
      My question to Skippy is “do you still drive under the influence”?

  • JPOP

    Absolutely! I was wondering when and if people were going to sound off on what I noticed as a very horrifying scene. I have never in my 20 plus years in Chicago seen such a complete takeover of the Lakefront shore and bike path. The crowd was 90% African American by 8pm and looked and was acting in a way which suggested some sort of challenge to city hall. What? Isn’t there enough lakefront on the South side? I honestly thought it was either a people of color gang and/or thug “flash mob”. I rode for a few hours at dusk and up until 10 pm, nearest and through downtown to Diversey. I know this city and it’s streets and our lakefront very well. I have never in all my years, seen such an intimidating collection of color broadcasting themselves in a way, which seemed to be some sort of protest against white lakefront living city people. I heard racial language just riding my bike through the ignorant crowd and it was offensive. I was not even able to get through so much of the crowd, without slowing down, almost to a halt and weaving in a way I have NEVER had to do on the lakefront. They were disrespectful and walking without regard to passersby and most of them were walking 10 or more people astride and daring through ignorance, others to pass them by. It was a repulsive atmosphere. The pathway street lights were shut off in much of my ride. It appeared pro-gambling Emmanuel had ordered the lights off, I’m assuming. The most alarming thing about any of this was not just the attitudes of the walking thug hordes of color, or the fact that there were literally no police patroling, but that these people are trying to ruin the best thing Chicago has to offer and it’s not even a place many of these people choose to be. You could see they are trying to intimidate and take over the lakefront from the white majority. We now have a weak liberal mayor, who pulled all the cops off the lakefront on the hottest memorial day of the year. In fact, I am sure that this parade of color and the takeover of Chicago’s downtown lakefront and north side lakefront was orchestrated by a collection of people looking to test the new mayor and stir up trouble with the white caucasian status quo of the Chicago North side lakefront, nearest to downtown. There were practically NO POLICE visible. This mayor better get his liberal act together, or we are going to see a city fall down fast.

    • kirstin

      Your tone and vocabulary are offensively racist. Gangs come in all shapes, sizes, and races. The main problem that must be addressed is the dissolving of gangs. In order for that to happen, there needs to be an overhaul in education and job opportunities in the poverty stricken areas of the inner city. And the “white majority”, as you put it, would never want to contribute tax dollars to the “thug hordes of color” neighborhoods. if you were never given a proper education and grew up in a neighborhood that looks like a third world country, with no positivity or growth, no idea what your true value is, only knowing that money is power and acceptance is security, you just might be in the same shoes as one of those “thugs”.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ kirstin…..Those are some of the most idiotic comments I have ever read. Are you saying people have no responsibility for their actions? That when times are difficult people revert to criminal behavior? Come on, most of these people that are in gangs have had opportunities, they chose to get involved with gangs and crime……..What I would like to see if for someone to post some video of the problems that occurred at the beach front. If anyone knows where it can be found, please respond to this article by Walter and post the link. Thank you

      • g-man

        Yes gangs come in all colors but which color is it that always acts the fool at the lake and everywhere else?? And what do you mean whitey would never want to contribute tax dollars?? Where do you think the billions of tax dollars wasted every month on that garbage comes from ???? And no one can ‘give” you an education– you must want it. The first skiipper of the nuclear powered submarine USS Chicago was a black kid from Chicago ghetto—guess he wanted an education !!!

  • Biff

    It’s too hot people were getting sick, couldn’t they ummmmm go in the water, maybe

  • glad im gone

    these people destroyed their own neighborhoods now they looking to destroy more. I used to dream about living near the lake and being able to go. funny thing is i moved there over 13 years ago and never just hung out there but maybe once or twice, then i finally moved back out of chicago and im so glad. I want to take my child to lincoln park zoo but I wont risk her life or mine nor will we be visiting anything else out there either its just not worth it. These thugs think they all that i say lock them up ill give money to build new jail just to house them. as long as they are kept in there without comforts of normal day living like phone or tv or computers or work details. they want to intimidate to get rid of people fine put them in cells by themselves and have no contact with anyone but the guards.not even each other. or better yet let them attack each other and the last one standing can be the next mayor. (sarcastic intent intended)

  • Protect Yourself & Stay Home !

    The Gang Banger’s Took Control of North Ave. Beach and The Chicago Police were Out Numbered By Gang Members at The Beach !

    The Lakefront and All The Beach Area is Going To Be a Dangerous Place This Year Because The Gangs are Taking Over The Lakefront !

    There is Going to be a Body Count This Year !

    Be Smart Protect Your Children and Love ones,

    The Chicago Police are Not Taking Them Animals off Our Streets and Now were Over Run With Them in Chicago !

    • Mr.

      I agree with your comments. However, do we really want to stay home and not be able to enjoy the beautiful lake front area? I understand what you are saying. Perhaps if we had Conceal Carry here in Illinois, that might make a difference. If some gang banger (or a few) were show by a law abiding citizen who was protecting themselves or their loved ones, perhaps these punks would go back to their holes. However, when little children are involved, I agree with you, stay home or go somewhere else that is safe. CHICAGO IS BECOMING LIKE DETROIT.

  • Truth

    Good parenting stops these potentcially dangerous riots from happening,but it takes hard work starting from a young age,no investment made,a parent reaps
    what he or she sews !!!!

  • Summertime

    I bet the reason was too many people peeing in the water:

  • franklin808

    These are Flash Mobs. They twitter where to go and there are so many of them, no one can do anything. If any cops might show up, they twitter and then they scatter. This is the same way it worked in Egypt and Libya.

    The city does not want this information to get out. Think of the tourism dollar.

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