Cubs Organization Lacking An Identity And Philosophy

CHICAGO (WSCR) When the Tribune Company owned the Chicago Cubs, fans pretty much knew how the team was going to be run, the Tribune’s main focus was to make money. When the Ricketts family purchased the Cubs, they promised a change in philosophy.

“You want to change the culture in Cubville right now, you come in and start changing the culture in Cubville by bringing in the people that are absolutely going to lay down the law,” former Cub and current analyst Todd Hollandsworth said on the Danny Mac Show. “You say ‘this is how it’s going to be, this is how we’re going to play. And if you’re not going to do it this way, you’re not going to be part this, moving forward.’

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“I think there’s been way too many bandaids over the last bunch of years to say that this thing is moving in the right direction, because it’s not. Can somebody tell me the philosophy right now? Because I’m not sure what it is. How do you identify this team? Is it a young team? Is it an old team? What are we doing? I mean, there’s just a lot of things going on right now that, to me, truly are undescribable. So, you’ve got to pick a direction and stick with it, whether it’s, you know, trying to feed from the system, rebuild the system, rebuild from within. Everybody would get it.”

At times, the Cubs seem like they want to flex their muscles as one of the marquee franchises in the league. At other times is seems as if they want to step back and try play like a small market organization.

“If you’re going to act like the Yankees or act like the Red Sox,” Hollandsworth said. “Well then act like the Yankees and act like the Red Sox. It’s gotta be one way or the other.”

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  • cubboon


  • tom sharp

    The Cubs management, like the players they draft and trade for, are STUPID. That is the one constant for decades. every year I watch the same idiots stumbling around the bases, missing the cut-off, unable to bunt, steal, hit behind the runner–all the everyday baseball plays that other teams execute the majority of the time. They won’t go after smart, talented pitchers like Lee or Halliday, but take nitwits and losers like Silva and Garza. Same with Soriano, Fukudome, Bradley et al. “Stupid is as stupid does…”


    • Cameltoe Rancher

      The sharpest-no pun intended- comment RE: the Cubs that I have read on this site. Spot-on Tom!

      Sell the team Scurvy Rickets! You are a child in a man’s game!

  • Ethan Spalding

    It’s nothing but lack of talent. Who cares about identity? It doesn’t matter for success at all. Just find players who can play, and wins will come.

  • JeanSC

    I don’t give a rat’s patootie about identity, culture, direction, or strategy. I just want to see the Cubs win a lot more games and reach parity in the playoff picture, instead of floundering around “underwater” interminably. There’s something seriously wrong here when the management people who are supposed to be some kind of experts in baseball haven’t done it for the Cubs in years.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      But doesn’t any MLB team effort need a common direction that all facets need to push toward?

      I do agree about the “culture” comment by Holly. I think he was referring to overall expectations of fans and the team itself.

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    […] Cubs Organization Lacking An Identity And Philosophy When the Tribune Company owned the Cubs, fans pretty much knew how the team was going to be run, the Tribune’s main focus was to make money. When the Ricketts family purchased the Cubs, they promised a change in philosophy. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • Tim

    well we knew going into this season we were handcuffed by some back loaded contracts. Contracts that were signed in the Tribune era. Castro, Barney, Campana I see a very bright future for this team. Just need a little housekeeping to get there. We need a manager who will pull his pitcher at the first hint of trouble, not leaving them in until they get completely buried after a disastrous inning. We need someone who can say, Maybe we shouldn’t pitch to Pujols in the 12th inning

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Or to lead off the Tenth Tim!

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