Mayor Pulls Credit Cards From Agencies

CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking away the credit cards.

CBS 2 has learned the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Housing Authority and other city agencies have been stripped of credit-card privileges after some employees were caught using them to buy gifts, expensive dinners and to even pay off red-light camera tickets.

“This is completely unacceptable to me, and I am troubled by the disrespect this shows for the hard-earned dollars taxpayers give the city of Chicago,” Emanuel said in a letter to the agencies.

  • tom sharp

    In a civilized city, these morons would be fired, fined and forced to payback every cent with interest. Why do get the feeling most or all of those things won’t happen here???

    • Jim

      Why they weren’t fired was the first thing that I thought of. If people have the audacity to steal and do not get fired for it they will just find another way to abuse the system. This just smells like a window show for taxpayers, but I’m sure unions are the main reason they aren’t fired (I’m hoping that Rahm wanted to fire them).

      • bizness

        This blatant theft has been going on for years.

        Nobody is going to get fired. Nobody is going to have to repay what they stole. Nobody is going to be prosecuted.

        Those are higher-ups who bought their high-paying city jobs and who contributed to mayoral campaigns, the “you scratch my back” type of people, the old guard.

        Those are Daley people with those credit cards. They’ll get their tax-payer funded credit cards back soon. Real soon.

        I doubt any of them had their credit cards taken away in the first place.

  • Bob Hamilton

    How about an audit of every card and every charge going back 12 months or so? How about posting the past and future charges on the internet? How about outsourcing 90% of Chicago’s work? We could reduce costs by 45% while improving service. How about publicizing every person’s name on any type of disability with the City of Chicago?



      • bob

        There was a story back several months ago that 20% of all Cook County employees were out on medical leave. Obviously something corrupt is going on there like the Sporanoes “No Show” jobs. Prekwinkle wasn’t happy about it but we never heard a follow up on it. Are there still 20% on medical leave?


      “How about publicizing every person’s name on any type of disability with the City of Chicago?”

      HIPAA laws.



    • nauseated

      What’s fair in the working world is they be FIRED for what they did and even prosecuted for stealing public funds. Why aren’t they all being FIRED by Rahm instead of the usual Democratic slap on the wrist they give themselves? Why didn’t CBS ask that in the story? If my boss gave me the company credit card to go buy supplies and I got caught buying things for myself, I’d be out of a job with NO unemployment at the very least.

      I guess this is the way Rahm is going to run things. Let them steal as much as they can and if they get caught, keep what they stole but don’t do it again (or get gaught again)

    • nauseated

      After being fired, they should also loose their lavish pensions like George Ryan for getting caught.

  • Bruce

    It;s business as usual as previously posted by other bloggers those people should be fired but instead the mayor decides to send them a warning .Don’t forget take away those credit cards . lol

  • Audit Specialist

    Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue should make them pay the stolen taxpayer money with interest and fines. They should be prosecuted for criminal activity, tax evasion, falsifying expense reports, bribery, etc. The list of unethical activity goes on. And they should be terminated without unemployment benefits. They should go to jail. That’s change for ya!

  • southlooper

    Other reports indicate Mayor is asking for an audit. That should identify the prosecutable offenses.

  • yahuser

    Perhaps the follow up will be prosecution of the offenders. It doesn’t surprise me that this mayor immediately began investigating deception. I tend to believe that the retribution will follow. He doesn’t seem like one to let it drop.
    Hey, even that university on the south side followed up on misuse of credit cards a few years ago.

  • Ninah

    He just discovered the problem, and took the cards away, Calm down and wait until he can isolate the charges on the credit cards and find the people responsible. Those that say that your bosses would fire you know that it would take a little time to isolate the wrongdoers before they get fired.

    Publicizing persons on disability? That’s stupid. Why not ask your boss to publicize everyone on disability at your job? There are other ways to handle that. Workers compensation should be enforced and stricter limits should be placed on how long they should be out.

    I think Mayor Emmanuel is trying to weed out all of the unnecessary stuff in each ward, misuse of public funds, and excess spending so that he can eliminate some of the aldermen and their staff. Way to go. Start with Emma Mitts!!!

  • JMc

    New flash for everyone one bashing the Union workers here,it’s more like that it’s Management or the Non-Union workers that are abusing these credit cards.I seriously doubt that the City,State or County hand out credit cards to most blue collar Union workers,in most cases it’s those in charge of these workers that get the credit cards for expenses and not your Union workers.I’m sure that we haven’t heard the last of the matter on this issue and that an investigation is taking place and if found guilty with out a doubt of these charges these people Non-Union or Union will be dismissed as they should be !

    • tom sharp

      Hey JMc: Where do you live, on the moon? No one cares if if it’s union workers or not. They are definitely patronage workers via the Ward Office, City Hall, or the County Building. Because of that there is a great deal of doubt wether even half of them will be prosecuted or canned. Clout, not justice, being the key variable.

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