CHICAGO (WSCR) Playing at the University of Washington, Brent Lillibridge showed that he could hit for power. Once he started his professional career, the scouts wanted to see if he could maintain that power, while consistently hitting for average as well.

“I did it in the minor leagues, and that’s why I got up to the big leagues so quickly,” Lillibridge said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And now the problem is I haven’t been able to hit the ball consistently, you know, with the smaller amount of playing time that I’ve had.”

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In his first three seasons in the major leagues, Lillibridge never reached 100 at-bats, and it’s unlikely that he’ll get much more than that in 2011. Despite playing off the bench again this year, Lillibridge is putting up career numbers.

“I just changed my attitude this year to not making excuses for not paying for a week or three days or, you know, whatever, or, you know, facing a tough matchup, you know, after not playing for a week,” Lillibridge said. “I just gave up that excuse. There’s no excuses for it, I just have to go out there and compete and play hard and just have quality at-bats and that’s all I can do. I think I’ve caught myself in the past just saying ‘woe is me’ at times, ‘I haven’t played for a while, what do they expect.’ But I just just haven’t felt that this year and I’ve had success because of it.”

In 2011, Lillibridge is batting .308 and has hit six of his nine career home runs.

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