CHICAGO (WSCR) Before October of last year, Jenn Sterger wasn’t much of a household name. But fast forward nine months, and despite having had several TV shows, Sterger’s name is most closely connected with the Brett Farve “sexting” scandal.

But that’s not necessary the way that Sterger was looking to advance her career.

“I don’t think anyone wants to be remembered for something like this,” Sterger said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “So I feel that it’s been more of a hindrance than anything else. I was already on TV… I already had a show. I was already doing my job, and so to have something like this kind of come up and then pull the emergency break when you’re in the middle of doing everything, and everything is going great, it really, it was really a trying experience, you know. The past couple months have been getting progressively better.”

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Sterger’s career could finally be getting back on track. She recently accepted a new job as the ringside reporter for Fuel TV’s upcoming Hometown Throwdown.

But getting back to this point wasn’t easy for Sterger, she had to rebuild her image after and try to distance herself Favre.

“I feel like I really didn’t have a voice until I was able to speak on [Good Morning America],” Sterger said. “So finally now, between Fuel and this article that I wrote for Bleacher Report, and just sitting down, doing radio, doing interviews with people, that have absolutely nothing to do with what happened last fall, I feel like that’s the best way for people to get to know the real me.”

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