Could Tollway I-Pass Someday Be Deemed Obsolete?

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (CBS) — The Illinois Tollway system could be looking in the future about a day when you do not have to attach an I-Pass transponder to your front windshield to pay your tolls.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, of course, Toll Highway Authority officials are not looking at making the tollway system free.

Rather, the Daily Herald reports, Tollway executive director Kristi Lafleur says the future may be a system without transponders. Instead, cameras would pick up all the information they need from a driver’s license plate, and charge that driver accordingly.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

There is a projected $1 billion shortfall for the state Tollway’s current needs, but Lafleur tells the newspaper it is too early to say there is a need to increase tolls.

The system must first do all it can now to collect all the money it is owed from toll deadbeats, she said.

  • tom sharp

    I know, let’s higher Da ex-Mayor’s law firm to find someone to buy the Toll Road at half price!

  • iris

    Biggest scam in Illinois.

  • What!?!

    I thought that the tollways themselves were supposed to be obsolete after the bonds were paid off that helped to finance their construction, and the toll booths would be torn down? We don’t hear anything about that, just more “convenient” ways for us to pay the ever increasing tolls.

  • Springfield

    The bonds are to be paid off in 2034. I can hardly wait! ;-) I figured that the auto manufacturers would integrate a toll transponder scheme with the vehicle like the On Star technology. That way all the states could exact tolls as cash cows.

  • Texas Driver

    Before they move to the “bill the driver” they need to check out how well this is working in Texas. Drivers get charged the toll plus a $2.50 administrative charge. They also have a large majority of drivers who ignore the bills. In the long-run the toll authority is now taking in less money than before and shelling out money in lawsuits against drivers who don’t pay…. Yes this is a really good idea!!!

  • Cindy lou

    everyone should pay the tolls and we would be much better off

  • Jamie

    We have the worst and most expensive roads of any state in the midwest area. The tollway is a corrupt system that funnels money into the hands of corrupt individuals who perpetuate the system that feeds them. The tolls were supposed to pay for the new roads and then cease being toll roads, yet once they had that money coming in they never quit asking for more. Its double taxation on the people who have to drive into the city. We are already charged exhorbitant taxes on our gasonline some of the highest prices in the nation and that is supposed to go to fixing the roads. Then we have to pay a toll on top of that. And then the toll is doubled if we don’t have this nanny IPass so they can track our every move. You can make up all sorts of reasons to justify the toll authority, but you know it is still wrong.

    • JohnQPublic2010

      What you fail to realize is that no one forces you to use the tollway system. It is your choice, if you don’t like it don’t use it. There are other roads available to you. The tolls we pay are used to maintain and improve the tollway system. I use the tollway because it is much more convenient than the regular roads. During the winter for example, the tollways are generally well plowed and salted as needed almost immediately. You can’t say that for other state and local routes. Stop whining and enjoy the ride.

      • D.O

        Yes, let’s not whine about how inefficient the toll system is in bringing in revenue, or how inefficiently it is being used once collected. Let’s just bend over and enjoy it.

        Did you know up to 30% of the money collected via tolls evaporates into administrative costs? While, less than 1% of the gasoline tax going towards road repairs ends up in administrative costs. Tolls should be removed entirely, and the gasoline tax for road repairs/improvements bumped up to compensate. There’s be much less money loss through the taxing version. We’d all end up paying less in the long run.

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