Man Attacked By Mob: ‘I Saw A Bunch Of People Coming At Me’

CHICAGO (CBS) – As police vowed to crack down on the recent mob assaults in Streeterville and other neighborhoods, one of the people swarmed by the young attackers described how he fought back against his assailants over the weekend.

Krzysztof “Kris” Wilkowski has the scars on his face to prove it, CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports.

Wilkowski said he had just parked his scooter on Chicago Avenue just before sundown Saturday night when he was hit in the face by a baseball.

“I thought what the heck? What kind of joke is this? Well, it hurts. It’s not a joke, maybe,” he says. “So I just looked up and I saw a bunch of people coming at me.”

Fifteen to 20 teenagers began beating Wilkowski right across the street from the downtown campus of Northwestern University. They began “dragging me to the middle of the street, all for a stupid phone,” he says.

But Wilkowski not only held on to his phone, he took on his attackers.

“As soon as I got touched, I just resisted, you know?” he says. “I was punching them back. I was trying to shove them away from me.”

Five teenagers were arrested, including three charged as adults: Derodte Wright, Tavolus Picketts and Dvonte Sikes. Police say the group also attacked others in Streeterville Saturday night.

“What struck me is they had plenty of time. Instead of doing something useful, they just run in groups, attacking people at random,” Wilkowski said.

In recent weeks, mobs of teenagers have created problems downtown, stealing from stores and sometimes attacking people on the street. Chicago’s incoming police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, says his department won’t be satisfied until all the offenders are in custody and charged.

But Kris Wilkowski says he won’t let the experience discourage him from enjoying Chicago, even though bystanders did not come to his aid Saturday night.

The three teenagers charged as adults had their bonds set today at $200,000 to $300,000.

  • ron

    I hope these little punks get flash mob rape in prison. Btw, way to stand up for yourself Kris, more people need to start doing the same.

    • Bernie Getz

      Hi, folks just moved here from new york, i have to ride the subway, …can anyone tell me how to get around….

  • Vicky

    The bystanders who did not help were as bad as the people who attacked this man.

    • Jared K

      This is what I don’t understand. These mobs derive their “power” through overwhelming numbers versus individuals caught off their guard. The reality though is that in most cases the mobs themselves should have been overwhelmingly outnumbered by law abiding citizens in the immediate area. What happened to protecting your fellow man? This has bothered me in particular since the woman was killed by being knocked down the stairs by a fleeing thief at the Fullerton el during rush hour a few months back. No one stopped him, or apparently intervened in any way, out of hundreds of witnesses. The perpetrator is still at large. Even without concealed handguns, a united citizenry should have more than enough strength to defend itself against cowardly gangs such as the ones who have been committing this recent series of attacks.

  • D

    I really wish that the parents of these kids would get prosecuted right along side of them. Why aren’t the parents brought out to take some blame for the horrible jobs they did bringing up these kids!!?? And no one did anything to help out? Nice people, just wait until you need help and no one stands up for you.

  • Leroy amos

    I just bought a gun, actually a derringer called a snake slayer. It loads two 410 shotgun shells or two 45 long coats. Easy to conceal. It is hard to miss. Sure it only has two shots. but if you line things up right, you could take out more than one target with each shot fired.

    • Mr. Justice

      I have seen those advertised. I think you should have a back up too. Perhaps a Glock 27, Taurus 709, or something similar.

  • John Q. Public

    Does anyone want to get together and go hunting for these apes?

    • Mr. Justice

      I like your idea, but not sure that would be possible just yet. The operative word is yet.

  • Lyndia

    Jiohn Q Public, apes are in the zoo. What we need is conceal carry in this city. When they hit him in the face, she should have KIILLED ALL OF THEM. Does that make sense to you?

    • John Q. Public

      Um, not sure I really want to kill anyone. Just break a few faces and bring them to justice.

      • Mr. Justice

        If you are getting into a fight with a group of thugs, you don’t just fight to “break a few faces”, you fight for your life. It is either your life or theirs.

  • Laura

    When I was their age it would have never crossed my mind to act such a way. My parents taught me right from wrong and to always respect others. Obviously these kids were not taught such things by their parents. I do understand that many kids fall into the trap of peer pressure but when it involves one’s morals and purposely harming another, the answer is quite simple – walk away and get some new friends. People like this make me sick and I agree, their parents should be ashamed of themselves because I know 100% my kids would never do this or even think of doing this to another human being.

  • Old Dude

    Are these hate crimes since the mobs seem to be black and most of the assualted are white?

  • robert

    We need more camera’s at bus stops. train stations and on the trains and buses themselves because that is how the flash mob gets to where they’re going. After the crime spree the police just need to go over the footage with the victims. Also stake out the trains stations and halt the trains when a bunch of thugs come running into the station. the station worker could advise the trains to stop until police arrive or a least create a delay should police want to check things out. Its not that hard to outwit these idiots!!

  • Emmanuel Viray

    I wish they could be publicly beaten Or exiled to Thailand, where you get caned for littering. If somebody had a concealed weapon, at least one of these criminals would have been put to death. They need to pay and pay hard!

  • Andrew

    Negros Ruin Everything

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