CHICAGO (WSCR) As good as Carlos Zambrano has been for the Chicago Cubs over his 10-year career (3.52 ERA, 121-76 record and 1,497 strikeouts), his frequent outbursts may be pushing the Cubs to try and trade the big right-hander.

But with a full no-trade clause, Zambrano would have to open to leaving Chicago, something he’s said in the past he doesn’t want to do.

Also complicating a trade of Zambrano is the roughly $18 million he’s owed through 2012, and his player option in 2013. If the Cubs want to move him, they may have to pick up some of the money to get value back.

“The more money they include in the deal, the better the players they get,” Ken Rosenthal, of FOX Sports, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “That’s the way these things work, it’s like a sliding scale. Now, if the Yankees came to them and said ‘hey, we’ll take all the money but we’re not giving anything back,’ the Cubs would then use that money for players. It’s that kind of thing. So, would they get a lot? I doubt it, assuming you get some money involved.”

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At 23-35 the Cubs have the third worst record in baseball. And while some might not have liked Zambrano calling the team “embarrassing,” if organization decides to trade him, things could get worse.

“If there’s not a great return and there’s not a great reason,” Rosenthal said. “Why do it? But the reason would be financial flexibility, and the reason would be to start over and change direction.”

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