CHICAGO (WSCR) Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress spent nearly two years in prison before being released on Monday. While he may no longer be what he was before he was sent to jail, the Chicago Bears are still in need of a big receiver, so pursuing Burress would make sense.

“Burress would definitely be an asset in the red zone,” Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Tribune, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think there’s a couple things at play here. The Bears haven’t told me this, but I think the No. 1 thing, I talked to a personnel guy…in another city who I trust a lot, and I said ‘you’d take for one-year, $1 million, right?’ He said he wouldn’t take him for the minimum. He said he is thoroughly convinced that a hamstring injury is going to cost the guy at least half the season, because the guy simply hasn’t been doing anything football related for three years almost now.”

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The Devin Hester experiential seems to have peaked at him being a solid No. 2 receiver, and Johnny Knox looks to be about the same.

So once again, the Bears have a similar need for their receiving corps.

“When you evaluate the Bears, you say ‘what’s their true need here?,'” Biggs said. “Their biggest need at that position? They need a No. 1 wide receiver. Signing Burress does not solve that, OK. Burress right now, I think in a best-case scenario this coming season is a No. 3. The Bears are the king of having third and fourth wide receivers. What they need is Larry Fitzgerald or Greg Jennings or Calvin Johnson. That’s their problem, that they haven’t been able to scout and draft and develop a top wide receiver…Burress isn’t that anymore.”

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