CHICAGO (WSCR) The NFL and the players held several “secret” meetings both in a Chicago suburb, and recently in New York. The most encouraging element of these meetings was an intentional lack of a specific group.

And if that continues, the end to the lockout could be in the not too distant future.

“If the lawyers stay out of the room,” Mike Florio, of, said on the Danny Mac Show. “If the parties remain quiet. If we don’t have any posturing or preening or complaining, that means they’re behind closed doors, they are working, they are solving their problems, and there are many problems to be solved.

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“I think Fourth of July is a realistic option and I don’t think that there’s a real concern that as they get closer to a deal, all of a sudden a decision is going to come out of St. Louis that screws everything up. I think the judges in St. Louis are keeping an eye, and keeping in touch with the mediator as to whether or not progress is being made. As long as progress is being made, we’re not going to see a ruling out of the 8th circuit [court]. The judges prefer that the parties work this out on their own.”

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