Lebron James 3-11, 8 point performance last night in the NBA Finals tells fans all they need to know about where Lebron is with his game right now. Last night’s game was a big deal


I have written many blogs on this web site over the past year and a half praising and defending Lebron James’ greatness and talent, whether it be physical or mental. Today I cannot do that, as I am at a loss for words.

Last night, in Game 4 of the NBA Finals “King” James scored 8 points, and he wasn’t injured. I repeat 8 points…in an NBA Finals game!

The guy I have defended so hard let me down, forcing me to say I was wrong to think that he will eventually take over Michael Jordan as the best player to ever play the game.

It is impossible for NBA greatness such as that to have a game like that on a stage like that. I have been comparing him to the likes of Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but last night proved he is not ready for those comparisons.

A number one rule in the club that Jordan and Bryant are in is “No 8 point NBA Finals performances.” Lebron broke that rule last night, and looked really bad doing it. His physical talent surpasses any basketball player’s I have ever seen, but he doesn’t use it. The most frustrating part about writing this is that the tools are there to potentially be the best NBA player ever, but Lebron refuses to use them on every play.

USE THEM! Lebron use your size, speed, quickness, height and strength on every single possession. That is what Jordan did. He never took a play off, and became even better than his physical ability allowed him to be. Lebron does not do that, and sometimes cannot turn it on exactly when he wants.

Last night, with 2:16 left in the game, Dirk Nowitzki sank two free throws, putting the Mavericks up 82-78. Lebron James took the inbounds pass and dribbled up the court with DeShawn Stevenson guarding him. Lebron then dribbled on the three point line, passed to Mario Chalmers, who passed it right back to Lebron at the top of the key, who proceeded to dribble around the three point line until there were five seconds left on the shot clock. Instead of taking a shot or driving he passed to Chris Bosh who was ignorantly fouled by Stevenson in the process of shooting.

This scenario right here shows the lack of a killer instinct needed by all players who wish to join the elite NBA club which consists of Jordan and Kobe. Lebron should have drove earlier in the possession, but he seemed lazy and defeated.

Lebron shot 3-11 last night, and must not have been confident in his shot. Frankly I don’t care how many points Dwayne Wade has, or how much Lebron says he is a great facilitator, he needs to become the absolute leader at the end of every game like he did here in Chicago just a few weeks ago.

Until then, the comparisons in my head will stop. Jordan is safe for a while.

Even if Lebron and the Heat win the NBA Championship this year, Lebron is not even in a conversation with Jordan. It is not just about natural ability; it is about what you do with it. Lebron doesn’t use his natural ability to its fullest.

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