Salaries Of Every City Of Chicago Employee

CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that it is publicly displaying the salaries for every employee of the City of Chicago.


“During the campaign I promised to have the most open, accountable and transparent government that the City of Chicago has ever seen,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Today’s effort is another step toward this goal, as we create an administration that is accountable to the citizens of Chicago.”

While city employee salary information is public, historically the information has been requested by organizations that seek to publish it. This is the first time that the city has proactively put the salary information online.

  • MyAimIsTrue

    Is that the same Edward Acevedo that is a State Representative? If so, is he collecting a salary from both the CPD and the State? $74,628.00 for a police officer salary is fine, if you are in fact performing the duties of a police officer.

  • Chivi

    Next is a list of those city employees who have been conficted of crimes and are receiving their pensions and/or pay while in jail.

  • Charlie

    Some pretty high-paid secretaries on that list. No wonder the city is broke. They have to get rid of all those people sucking the life out of the city.

  • jlg

    Seriously, there were a few positions in the $150k+ ballpark that surprised me, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are alot of 6 figure administrative positions in the private sector, although there were police officers making less than what I expected.

    IF the city were to get rid of people with unexpected high wages (for their positions) many would be on unemployment and not sure which would be better (considering backfiill and unemployment). If nothing else, knowing the wages of whom is servicing you is something nice to know when expecting quality service.

  • yes sir

    Nice headline!!! Who cares. I have to give him credit though.What a great way to get the bands of roving thugs off the front page…What flash gangs.Hey did you see what that secretary made last year. lets talk about that. Chicago at its finest.

  • Larry

    Funny seeing most cops making more than most attorneys with the City. There are some pretty surprisingly high salaries at S&S as well. Not surprising. So much for the public sector not being lucrative as far as employment. Looks like a lot of positions not requiring any education making 70K and up. Wow.

  • iamonewithhim

    I don’t think the police officers can ever be paid enough for what they do and the stuff they take – but how can you put their names out there and make them public – you’ve just given the gangs in Chicago more ammo – now they have the names – so it’ll be easy to get their addresses and phone numberes so you ‘ve put them and their families at rish – that was just plain stupid – Also why don’t the newspapers and police stop telling that they don’t have enough manpower or they’re outgunned by the gangs – why do you think the gangs are doing what they’re doing – they don’t think the Chicago Cops can beat -em – because there’s gangs and according to the police and media the gangs have more gun power – some things the media needs to quit printing and some things the cops need to keep to themselves to protect themselves and the City

  • justmy2cents

    The salaries for cops and fireman have always been public, just look up the contracts. Talk about trying to make something out of nothing! If you’ve ever been a victim of a crime or lived in a not so great neighborhood, had a medical emergency, or have been in a fire, you know that these people are committed to helping you no matter what! When I go to my office job, i’m not risking my life so why should i make that kinda money? I think they deserve MORE, and this includes our troops as well (as a side note)These people know what the sacrifice is and they SHOW UP! I personally the desk jobs should be competive as much as private sector, as all jobs should. How else is anyone going to get ahead ? Also, this is one of the most expensive city’s to live in and to have a requirement that you must live in the city of chicago, to work for the city– you have to be able to AFFORD it!!

  • chinadoll

    If this is a complete list of all city emplyees then the list is in error…aren’t the 7 City Colleges employees of the City of Chicago? What happen to all those new hires and current employees of the City Colleges…the list would be about 4000+ names short I think?

  • John

    What about the park district, board of education employees and any other person paid by the City of Chicago. How about listing the contracts that the City has with vendors.
    Why do the people have to ask these questions and not the people who supposedly work for the newspaper and news stations? Do they not have these same questions or cannot think for themselves or just report what they are asked to report.

  • Sandy Beaches

    As far as I’m concerned the police aren’t making enough money – what price do you put on a life? They risk their lives everyday for people they don’t know – how many of us would do that at any price? Everyday these men and women go to work not knowing if they’ll be coming home at the end of their shift. Talk about a stressful job. God bless every single one of them.

  • Mary Gallagher Parks

    Really??? What’s the point of stripping employees of any financial privacy?
    There has to be transparency, but simply list the position, the average salary, and how many positions are held in each category.
    By giving a list of names, salaries and the town they live in, each one has been put one step closer to every identity thief on the web.
    I’m frightened to think that undercover police have been listed putting them and their families at risk.
    I think only elected officials names should be posted – they’re are the only ones the city residents can hold accountable. We have no direct reason to know every garbage mans name in the city. Come on, this is ridiculous.
    To me this is a standard political move – all power play – no common sense.

  • Owen E.

    City employees are not people who put themselves out there for public ridicule. They are not elected officials. I am not a city employee and I can care less to know what they make. I think the salaries that should be posted and scrutinized are those of the elected officials only. They are the only ones that get to set their own pay rate.

  • GetMeOnThePayRoll

    Wow, a truck driver in the City of Chicago makes $70k plus a year? A cement mixer making $73k a year? Good Lord! Too bad this list doesnt show the kick backs many of these other people are recieving aswell.

  • its me, tired of ssdd

    I don’t agree with this. Sure, go ahead and give the trifling baby-mommas more ammo as to how much money they can get. All of these officials don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing. I wish they could get a clue! The top paid jokas should display their salaries and show how much they get and how miniscual the other workers get in comparison to their salaries.

  • Bravos

    These salaries are outrageous. Many people who have gone to school for many years don’t make nearly that much.

  • dj

    It is nobody’s business what anyone makes. Put peoples personnel business on-line is terrible. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea should have their head examined. The public doesn’t need to know this. All anyone needs to know is that they work for the City, nothing else.

    • joke

      I agree

  • Don

    Except for firefighters, police and EMT s, almost everyone is making about double of the equivalent job in the privet sector. That’s not counting the lush insurance benefits & pensions, that the privet sector could only dream of. That’s also assuming they actually do a full day’s work (ha). No wonder the city is broke.

  • joke

    Ok im not a cop or work for the city.I wok for a union my base is 93k how can i make more than people who can DIE everyday when they leave home..Just asking

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