Gold Coast Hit With Another Mob Attack

UPDATED 06/08/11 8:06 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Three people are now in custody in connection with another mob attack, in a trend that is becoming all too familiar in Chicago.

As CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman and Susanna Song report, the latest incident happened around 8 p.m. Tuesday at Chicago and Wabash avenues, a busy and packed area just a few blocks from where the other high-profile incidents occurred.

Police responded to a call of a battery in progress shortly after the incident.

At the time of the attack, nearby restaurants were packed with customers, and the nearby Magnificent Mile bustled with shoppers and people trying to get home. But something seemed to be amiss when a group of teens were spotted running toward the entrance to the Red Line subway.

“I just saw a whole bunch of kids run all over the place; I would say probably about 20,” said valet employee Steve Galarza.

Witnesses believe the attacks began on the lakefront around the Oak Street Beach, then continued west several blocks.

Police say it all started one of the two victims pulled out his wallet to buy a single cigarette from a teen in the mob, when another teen swiped the victim’s wallet and the mob began to run.

It was after the victims had caught up with the group that the mob knocked the pair to the ground and began to beat them.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Corey Bynum witnessed was working at Ghirardelli Chocolate, 830 N. Michigan Ave., when he saw the roving group of teens.

“I find it really miraculous that the two kids got up and chased them again, because according to the victims, it happened at the beach,” he said. “They really started fighting at the beach, then they started fighting in front of the Armani store, and again in front of Potbelly’s.”

Bynum quickly stepped in.

“I immediately dropped my things after I found out what was going on, and ran to go help,” Bynum told WBBM Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports

Bynum said he got the full story of what happened from an injured victim.

“The victim that they jumped on, I went to go help; we picked him up and talked to him to find out if everything was OK, and he told us everything that happened,” Bynum said.

The mob got away with a wallet and about $350, and most of the offenders escaped. But three teens – one of them a 16-year-old boy and two of them 18-year-old men – were arrested.

“I saw a couple guys who looked pretty hurt; pretty beat up, some blood on their face. One of the guys had a couple of teeth knocked out; freaking out, calling people, and then a bunch of squad cars; ambulances came, and they started trying to ID some of the guys,” said witness Austin Gorvett. “I saw a couple of guys get arrested.”

Gorvett called the incident upsetting, “but unfortunately, not surprising; so much of this has been happening lately.”

Bynum says there were dozens of people around during the incident, but no one stepped in to help.

“The fact that it happened in front of a store – Potbelly’s – and no one actually did anything, was just sad,” he said.

In addition to increased police patrols, the Guardian Angels say they will also be patrolling the Gold Coast in Streeterville to help police maintain control of the area.

No charges had been filed against the three teens as of the early morning hours.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Centurion

    CRIME IS DOWN IN CHICAGO! Sorry, had to cough and gag after saying that

  • Sal

    Been working in downtown area and definitly is not like used to be with all this groups of guys coming from the South..

  • James Omalley

    they come by me i will shoot them !!!

    • Centurion

      You talk too much. Lets see some action. Lets go downtown on Friday night. Mace and pepper spray in hand. Maybe a bat closeby. Show me some action and stop running your mouth.

  • James Omalley

    we need a c bronson

  • dan

    And why can’t I conceal carry?

    • ChicagoCitizen

      You can. Just cunduct yourself in a way that never causes a cop to search you. If you have to use it, the UCLA will come to your aid, HaHaHaHa.

  • grantflower

    I’m really surprised to know that 16-18 years old people are arrested! What the main reason is of arrested? I’m still waiting for your next event. Thanks a lot :)

    • Durrr

      I have read your comment several times, and I still have no idea what you said.

  • theres goes the neighborhood

    i have to laugh when someone does get caught and then you hear from parents or their attorny say….. this kid is a good person, goes to church every sunday, does good in school. a pillar of the community. blah-blah-blah,.

    • TOO SAD


      Your parents would say the same about you when they don’t know half of the evil you have done.

  • god help us

    The Tribune printed a picture of the victims. Why? These kids are minors. I hope their parents sue.

    I know. I know. Let’s sue everybody. I know.

    I don’t know how Rahm and Garry think this is over so fast.

    • ChicagoCitizen

      @god help, These minors you speak of are hardened criminal gangsters. All of their pictures should be shown. Their parents don’t deserve a dime from anyone. If anything, they should be charged along with their little gangster offspring.

      • Right


  • copy and paster alert

    Mason. How many times are you going to “copy and paste” your message on every message board?

  • tap on the wrist

    It’s the paid off judges who put these idiots back out on the street.

    Terrorists belong in South American prisons. Ship ’em out.

    • Gregg

      You watch too much TV, there are no paid off judges.

      • Steve

        A Chicago judge committed suicide a few years back when he was caught fixing a murder trial.


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  • Joann Butkus

    boy am I with you Mason! BUT, what happens every time a cop puts their hands on one of the “poor, underpriveleged minority, good kids (with records a mile long, and who’s MAMA will be on TV in a second to say THOSE BAD COPS PICKIN’ ON MY CHILD). THE ACLU, THE FBI< THE SUPREME COURT TAKE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE< THROW THE COPS IN JAIL FOR VIOLATING THESE CRIMINALS CIVIL RIGHTS, and who loses? the cop, the community and society! until that insanity changes, it seems the best defense for citizens is to not go out on the street or to illegally carry firearms. at least they won't get charged for more than carrying a gun!

    • TOO SAD

      Joann But-Hole
      It is people like you that make poor minority living a hell.
      LIke to talk about someone’s mama: when you don’t know a hell of life.

      If anybody is poor: is you at heart.

  • Joann Butkus


  • Jesus

    According to my source, CPD had a highly trained unit (Mobile Strike Force). This unit was able to relocate to anyplace in Chicago within minutes and deal with situations like this. Well, no more! Rahm decided to cheat the tax paying citizens and instead of hiring more Police Officers, he disbanded that unit and filled some of the vacancies in the south and west districts which have the least of tax payers. So now we have all these highly trained Officers sitting in the districts and no one to deal with situations like this. Don’t forget that we the tax payers payed for these officer’s training and it all went to waste. But don’t worry CPD has it under control by moving Officers from low crime districts (tax payers). to deal with these animals.

    • justmy2cents

      what a shame about the disbanded unit! I agree with everything on your post.
      we need to be tougher on crime and SMARTER! Rahm needs to pull a Guliani on Chicago – do WHATEVER it takes to clean up these streets!!

  • jesseJ

    Rahmbo must get tough on thugs, if you lose the gold coast, there goes the tax base, lose the tax base and there goes the police pensions, lose the police pensions and we become another Detroit. let’s nip this in the bud

  • rahmbacker

    how would the first Richie Daley have handled this?

    • Right

      He would’ve kicked the moolie’s a**es and rightfully so.

  • Steve


    It’s sickening that this guy isn’t talking to young black kids in schools? C’mon!

  • JohnRalph

    These misguided American Christian youths are driven to this type of behavior by G.W. Bush’s policies. Until Obama “Wins the Future” we are hopelessly lost but, most importantly the black and white liberals on the lakeshore and North side must be protected, even if it means sending law-abiding people out as bait to draw this evil away from Americas chosen godlike saviors’.

  • yahuser

    I agree with Steve. It is not Mason’s responsibility to take over the rearing of these delinquents. Sad, you’re making the same excuses as anyone else regarding “someone else’s fault”. Get over it and realize that everyone is responsible for his or her own life. Stop blaming everyone but yourself.

  • Jim

    Don’t blame Rahm, this is Daleys fault. Send in the TA’s(Traffic Aids) to deal with the mobs. Daley replaced police office for TA’s. All TA’d sponsered by the Revernds. There’s a million stories in the Daley City and they are all going to come out.

  • Mr. Justice

    I like your comments. However, I would really hate to see the National Guard come in and do the job that the police should be doing. Though I really want to bust these thugs heads, I would not want to see Illinois become anymore of a “police state” or a “military occupied zone”. I actually think it is time for those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment to stand up and do what needs to be done. Until the good citizens of Chicago and Illinois tell these puking liberal politicians that we have had enough and we are not going to allow these thugs (on the streets and in public offices) to ruin our society, we will continue to see crime increase.

  • Mr. Justice

    Right On! Hopefully a good citizen will do just that.

  • Mr. Justrice

    I like your comments. However, please don’t post statements such as that, because you don’t want the police to track you down for “planning a crime”. Be careful. However, if you are on the streets and run into one of these flash mobs, then I would have no problem with a citizen pulling a hand gun and wasting a few of these thugs.

    • Roberta Waker

      Maybe we need an old fashioned posse of volunteers armed with guns or tasers to patrol this area and kick ass when they find the teen mobsters beating up on people. Then we need judges who aren’t afraid to put these criminals in jail for a year or two to cool their heels and realize what they are doing isn’t funny. If you can’t legally carry a gun, maybe a taser will do; at least this is some protection. Conceal and carry is long overdue in Chicago; the innocent victims of crimes need and should demand it.

    • TOO SAD


      So I see you have that anger in you for saying this without proven guilty: and so then what is the homie’s anger excuse?

      The only bad homie is the one created by people like you: who always turn their back till you get stab in the back when it comes your way.

      • Tyreese

        @TOO SAD, You have shown us all a perfect example of where gangsters like these come from. Proven guilty? Are you suggesting that you hope they get off? What the hell is the black homies’ excuse for anger? I don’t believe they are angry at all. They just feel extreme pleasure when causing misery for as many families as possible. I don’t create these criminal gangsters, they are created in their homes growing up. And learn to be more vicious by their criminal peers in the hood. Until people in the BLACK COMMUNITY, stand up and take responsibility for their own, the problem will only get worse.

      • TOO SAD

        That is my point: you put words in my mouth, not suggesting they get off of any crimes, cuz I strongly believe in THOU SHALT NOT STEAL or KILL. Why don’t you go out there and ask them Homies what excuse they have since you are curious. And here we go again with the BLACK COMMUNITY, and the problem is worse.

  • City Hall Insider

    A few things: First, the areas of these attacks seem to be consistent, so why are their not more cops put in these areas?? We’re not talking forensic police work here….we know the crime area and they seem to be daily attacks at this point.

    I agree with one of the posts, it IS Daley’s fault….Daley is the biggest crook of all time with corruption (city hiring (friend and family on the payroll for made up jobs), city contracts to friends and family, back room deals, Hired Truck Scandals etc etc) taking millions and million from the city’s coffer. The Corruption was all business as usual with a good economy, but when things slowed down and city revenue dropped, it exposed the good money after bad to all the insiders in city hall that were part of Daley’s clan. So what did Daley do? He sold the Skyway for Billions, then sold the City Parking, all in an effort to PLUG A HUGE HOLE in the city’s budget so it didn’t seem the city was in as bad financial shape as it was. However, then he decided to brilliantly CUT POLICE FORCE to save money. In the end, all the corruption that landed half his cabinet in prison (his Patronage Chief, Robert Sorich (city hiring), Steets and San Boss Al Saches, City Clerk James Laski, Water Dept Head, and on and on….too many to name. Unfortunately, people in our City must be either terribly ignorant and just could care less as long as some nice flowers were planted in the street and there was Millenium Park. This recent mob action is only getting news because it’s in the Gold Coast….again and unfortunately, the city deserves that it gets after letting Mayor Daley pass of the city bucks and assets to all the insiders…and the residents get massive debt causing Daley to reduce Police, as well as higher crime, failing schools, old infrastructure (the L etc), and the highest tax rate in the whole United States!.

    People need to wake up….but they didn’t previously so this is what we get.

    ps: The flowers do look nice though!

    • TOO SAD

      City HAll Insider: Good Comment!

      What was Mayor Daley getting paid to do? and then he will get 200,000 a year in pension and other sh-t. He was the main crook and LOOK! HE GOT AWAY!
      And Where was OBAMA as senate at?

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