Walter: Time To Be Upfront About Mob Violence

On Wednesday in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s top cop from New Jersey, Garry McCarthy, will officially become the new superintendent of police.

And he is smack in the middle of a crisis as deep as any in Chicago since the Days of Rage demonstrations by the Weather Underground more than four decades ago.

McCarthy has mob violence to stop – roving bands of young thugs and thieves – and he knows, or had better know, that he cannot stop them by himself. McCarthy and his Mister Mayor, and the big shots of big business downtown must level with us about it, spread the word about it, warn the politicians and the merchants, and the bankers, the neighbors and the parents, to face up to it.

Stop telling us you’ll fix it. Start telling us about teenagers in the ghettos without summer jobs, and the heat and the crowds on beaches.

The cops on the streets are telling us it’s worse than City Hall says, and we’ve been reporting that. So now it’s your turn Mr. Superintendent of Police and Mr. Mayor of Chicago.

The way to start to stop the violence is to be upfront about it – now, Mr. Superintendent and Mr. Mayor.

Right now.

  • Pothead

    Come on Walter! My son can’t find a summer job but, he’s ot out assaulting and robbing people.

    • James Huerkamp

      shoot to kill. Parents do you know where your kids are. Parents need to start taking the kids over their knees and whallop their butts. That also goes to the ones who put into law that a parent can not spank their kids. those lawmakers need a good solid spanking too.

      • swizzle

        you want to shoot kids because they steal things from stores? you need to move to china or north korea, your ideals do not fit in with out constitution or this great nation

    • Bernie Getz

      Hi ..My name is Bernie Getz, Just moved in from New York ..I love to ride the subways,…..or walk along the lake front…

  • nojobs

    time to move to Lake Forest !

  • Lesss

    Reassign police from 18th district details to assigned posts on Chicago Ave, close all but one entrance to Chicago-State subway after evening rush hour, better use of CTA special employment officers, and increased presence of foot patrolling canine officers. 1800 (District Commander)and 1899 (Watch Commander) on the street.

  • Mr Wizard

    Too bad the concealed carry didn’t happen. Freaking liberals can reap what you sow.

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree, though I hate to see innocent citizens injured by the illegal acts of Mayor Daley and the other politicians. Don’t forget, that the Aldermen ALL have the right to carry a hand gun, BUT the other citizens of Chicago and Illinois DO NOT have their 2nd Amendment Right.

      • Wanting to protect my family

        ya and they don’t make them take trainiNg courses or have a FOID CARD either.We as citizens need to speak up and vote the ppl out of office that don’t want to allow us law abiding citizens carry a concealed firearm

      • S. Quade

        Take that right away from all, or give to everyone.

  • Bud Ehrhardt

    Hey least you got it off your chest,maybe you won’t have a heart attack! Will have to wait to see if the new mayor or police superintendent have a heart attack or will they put in the 4 day and relax as usual!

  • Pothead

    I agree we should have concealed carry. I also doubt these thugs got together and said……”Hey , theres no concealed carry so we can run wild”. They just aren’t that smart. Time to do some critter hunting.

  • Hawkeye

    Joblessness is the problem? Thats’s right, Walter, blame society.

  • g-man

    Hey Wally—- This has been goimg on for months if not longer but only now the chicken news teams are reporting it, Would it be that since king Daley left office the news is finally being allowwed to report the news ?????? And my kid does not have a summer job AND is NOT out commiting crimes like you try to say is a good reason to rob people

  • Gloria

    Good luck Waltler, I’ve been saying the same thing about gang violence and recruitment in our community, killing our kids for the last 17 years. Come clean tell how it all works and why so many of our children are dead and pulled into the gangs. It’s far more organized that we are being told. Expose the number of police who are actually gang members.

    • TOO SAD

      Hey POTHEAD: you must have one of those good government jobs with no education at all, or did someone get you in easy. But again you must not have a job because you would not be getting into peoples business but again maybe your job does allow you on the internet all day and getting paid for nothing.

      Animals ARE around people’s business.

      • Pothead

        TOO SAD , I’ve been at the same job for 23 years. Something these ANIMALS would know nothing about. Oh yeah, keep making excuses for these loser animals.

      • TOO SAD

        Dear: POTHEAD,

        For a reason your name is pothead?
        I’ve been there (JOBS) longer than that 23 years of yours and more experience than you can be. And Be proud of it now because it won’t last long: Social Security won’t be there for you AND I am pretty sure the ANIMALS would not know anything about lossing anything cuz they never had anything.

  • Otis

    Hey Walter, they still need to keep the drunk drivers off the road as well. You have no credibility since your double park job, your arrogance. Go climb back under the rock you come from! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  • yea right

    Wait a minute,good hours and good pay. Not hard labor Get to be around like minded people. Hmmm, I thought this was a summer internship (job)!! Am I wrong? I haven’t heard that from anyone!

  • BigDaddy69

    I have two teenage children one in high school and one in college and they both found summer jobs and they’re not out beating people on for fun. I guess my wife and I should pat ourselves on the back for raising our children properly.

    • let's get real

      Jobs? WHY should they get jobs? Their parents don’t work and don’t watch them either! They should think twice about robbing the working folks who support their lazy a$$es with their hard earned dollars that go to all of the thugs’ entitlements – free food, education – including field trips – breakfast and lunch programs, doctor care. And all the other folks who pay the ridiculous parking fees, airport fees, and sales tax to further supplement the thugs’ entitlements. But silly me, entitlement money can’t buy iPads and iPods and phones!

  • Mason

    As an African-American male, this absolutely SICKENS me!! I live in the Gold Coast and see these thugs, ALWAYS either black or hispanic, walking around with their baggy clothes and pants hanging off their a55es and I KNOW that they don’t live here..every resident knows! They come here from the Southside and Near West for one thing Only: to rob and steal! I completely support Profiling by Chicago Police! Stop these a55holes and interrogate them! Threaten to arrest them, or worse, if they’re ever caught back in these productive neighborhoods attempting to cause trouble!

    I have NO sympathy for these fatherless, direction-less thugs who prey on others because they’re just lazy and don’t want to work for their money, preferring to steal for it instead! NO MORE using a lack of education, poverty and whatever else they think of as a crutch for their behavior. And of course, whenever one gets shot and killed, all you hear from the Family is how “good” and “not in any gang” they were…yeah, right. If were able to remove ALL black and hispanic males between the ages of 15 – 25 from the city, crime would drop by so much, Chicago would vault into the Top 5 safest metro cities in the U.S. virtually overnight!

    EVERYONE: Let’s kick these thugs out of our neighborhoods before it’s too late! When you see them, PLEASE call the police and Report “suspicious activity”!

    • Very Sad

      Mr. Mason.

      You must be white and you must think I am black or hispanic. I feel for you cuz you would not know how to deal with or servive a crisis of any kind.

      Let me give you some life information: these kids or (thugs) like you say, most are homeless (with parents dead or with out jobs). They live the streets (that is their home). So while on the streets they are getting picked uped by cops and crooked cops (adding false crimes to thier records: this comes down to–you can’t find a JOB. Now if I have a degree in college and many years of experience and you can see I can write and I still can’t find a JOB: then you know what’s up. That is your votes for these politicians: that are f-cking all us up, and don’t get me wrong, it is coming your way. Hell is here now. Thank you WALTER.

      • fobby

        This is to “Very Sad”,
        Get down from tree and be realistic.These “kids” don’t live on streets.Listen to the “Mob” news carefully.A dozen or more kids all dressed in
        white T-Shirts…Does that fit your “homeless” definition?? Don’t blame “lack of job”
        for these lawless “Zombie Animals”.They know the ACLU driven laws way too well. My kid graduated from college & have not yet found a job…So I should tell him
        “Go Out and Rob someone or commit crime because I won’t support you anymore”.
        No only I wasn’t raised that way & for sure I didn’t raise my kid that way…This is
        truly “very sad” no pun intended….

      • TOO SAD

        This is to Fobby,
        Did you not understand what I said: HOMELESS is a person always on the streets, making their money anyway they can: even to buy those WHITE shirts. Lack of job, plays a big big role in this especially if they don’t have any family like a mama or relative to keep them in a cozy home. You provide so you don’t have that problem, good for you. Now help others that don’t and maybe you can make a difference.

        You are not raise that way: you become that way.

    • TOO SAD


      Again kick your self out: All you think about is removing instead of making changes, Sop talking and help first.

  • Avg Joe

    I agree, deep six a few of these “honor students” and “dream act illegals”….and maybe they will think twice…why can’t they hireLt. Bourge back, at least he drew the line in the sand,stay out of chicago, and support the NRA.

  • lets get ral

    Jobs? WHY should they get jobs? Their parents don’t work and don’t watch them either! They should think twice about robbing the working folks who support their lazy a$$es with their hard earned dollars that go to all of the thugs’ entitlements – free food, education – including field trips – breakfast and lunch programs, doctor care. And all the other folks who pay the ridiculous parking fees, airport fees, and sales tax to further supplement the thugs’ entitlements. But silly me, entitlement money can’t buy iPads and iPods and phones!

    • Too Sad


      Did you not get it right? Their parents can’t get a job either or are working at the left over lousy jobs like Mcdonalds (serving you) and so on, and is not enough for babysitting or like you call it for a Nanny. Well, tell your government why you are supporting these people, eventually you will fall under this category sooner or later! Don’t get me wrong.

      • medah

        Of course their our other sociatal factors. But stop saying McDonalds and others are lousy jobs if you did not graduate from High School or apply yourself in school, you can not expect to be the President of Md Donalds etc. Get a job and work hard and if necessary get a second job. Quit having a house full of babies before you can even take care of yourself. Some of you people should realize there are a lot of white youths in jail and who are thugs also.

  • yeaok

    Skippy you are right on the money! This kind of thing has been going on for years,and unreported by the local news. Who’s job was it anyway to keep the public informed.Whose job is it to hold those we put in charge “accountable”, for the safety of its citizens and children. Lets go after those scoundrels and phonies that have been keeping alot of this stuff under wraps for so long.Just so they can be politically correct. Oh wait, It’s “YOU”,your friends and the heads of news departments. Well,maybe even you have had enough!!! If so welcome to the fight. Now if you could only convince some of your friends! The good hard working folks could sure use a little help out here.

  • Chicago Daily Observer » Blog Archive » Another flash mob attack in Chicago last night

    […] should have been pursued," he said.More. Aging liberal at grayhair MSM network says it's all about lack of summer jobs (next up, Midnight Basketball) and compares it to Weathermen Days of Rage at the '68 convention. […]

  • citizzzenn

    Death Wish 3 is my favorite movie. “They killed the giggler”

    • TOO SAD


      That is why it is your favorite movie: you are one of them but in the shadows.

    • swizzle

      “The Giggler man, they killed the Giggler”
      “They had not right to do that”..

  • person of Chicago

    This type of behavior has been occurring randomly on the southside but because the violence has entered an affluent white neighborhood the situation is gaining local media attention. The southside of Chicago residents do contact the police but to no avail. Whatever happens in poor neighborhoods will eventually flow to affluent white neighborhoods. It is interesting to believe that people black or white believe that crime in Chicago is only committed by Blacks and Hispanics. Where do you think unemployed, uneducated, or poor people receive their guns and drugs from? Whites. Irish, Italians, etc. who use them to gain their money. All crimes committed are bad but if preventive measure were used by the Chicago Police Department situations would not get out of control. Poor neighborhoods have less police protection and poor residents do not trust the police. Why? When poor neighborhoods are better patrolled and city services are equal to that of affluent neighborhoods then crime will go down. Crime must be contained but because it is overlooked in poor and middle class neighborhoods it flows swiftly to affluent neighborhoods because is was never contained in the beginning.

    • Valerie

      Thank You! Because some people think that if you live in a rough neighborhood that you support a violent, crime-filled lifestyle. Not True!

      I am a college-educated black woman who decided to move back into my old community because I want to see change. Now different areas of Chicago are beginning to see what many people have lived with for years. I bet you the police will come when someone in the Gold Coast or Streeterville calls the police. Not where I live though.

      People forget that Chicago is STILL the most segregated city in America. No one cares about crime until it’s in their own backyard. Poverty, lack of education, societal stereotypes and hopelessness is what is causing this problem. We’ll see who can fix it.

      • s.side taxpayer

        I’m a south sider, too. Call the police? They will not show up. Call again, they will not show up. Call again, they label you a “mental” and any further calls from you are to be ignored.

        OR if the police eventually show up, they are surly because you have disrupted their evening. Then they start treating you like the thug.

    • TOO SAD

      Thank you person of CHICAGO: you are 100% right than most negatives around.

  • sandra

    Bring back the army draft.. Teach these guys to be men.

  • A Southsider

    I agree that City Hall and the Police Department need to be more transparent when it involves information regarding safety. When it comes down to the issues of jobs, first and foremost the condition of BEING EMPLOYABLE comes first. That entails parents being responsible, setting a good example, using “tough love” parenting, making sure your children are actually attending school, praising when they do well, and intervening when they are not, making sure they become contributing members of society. Getting a job is not the answer..KEEPING a job is. They need to learn to be prompt, courteous, and responsible for their actions. If the parents fail to do their part in laying down the groundwork, no matter what jobs are created, their offspring will continue to fail. Being a responsible parent costs nothing. What it takes effort, love, guidance, and encouragement. Aren’t your children worth this? If not, then they become a detriment to our society. Waisted potential, lives, jail time, and what is perceived as prejudice is the result.

  • Jim

    The way I see it Mayor Emanuel, you have three courses of action in regards to the Flash Thugs terrorizing Chicago’s lakefront and downtown: 1) Follow the typical democratic model where you praise the young thugs as young men, out of work and wanting a better life, while all horor students in the Public school system. 2) Follow the Mayor Daley model and be quiet about it and hope it goes away and while you are doing that, pay off the Revernds and hope they will deal with the problem. The first two model deal with very little police action because it might offend a certain group in Chicago if the police take charge.
    3). The old Chicago model and the reason WHY we elected you. This model also comes with a backbone which the old Mayor never had. Flood the lakefront and downtown with police and arrest wagons, drive up and down the streets and arrest everyone that’s up to no good. They are easy to spot. Forget the citizen complaints to the police because the one’s complaining are the criminals themselves. This model also endears yourself to the good citizens of Chicago and makes the bad one afraid. Take back the streets-the Chicagho way!

  • Steve Bayne

    There is no evidence that these mobsters want jobs. This is social theory idealized and polished by academics and “social justice” demagogues who are out of touch and out of ideas; so they reach for the impractical and the reality of violence becomes something to which we must adapt since, as the theory goes, hurt feelings are worse than broken limbs. Walter, give it up. You’re lost in the fog of ancient ideas on the subject.

    • TOO SAD

      Put your shoes on these so called thugs and where they come from. If you got fired from a job and or never given a chance for a job and have a family (which most of us do) to support. What will force you to act like these so called thugs?

      Or like reports been issued: some kill their whole family and than their selves?

      You don’t need evidence until it happens to you, than turn your face to the government.

  • civilized

    It’s pathetic how some of you idiots are making excuses for these thugs. Walter never had a backbone so his reaction here doesn’t surprise me. However, you idiots are placing the blame on everyone else except the thugs and their communities. First of all, just because you’re out of a job doesn’t give you the right to rob others. Second, most of thse kids would be out of a job even if the economy was in great shape because most choose to be lazy, uneducated and uncivilized. They seem to think they’re entitled to everything that others work hard for. I could go on forever here but I have better things to do. I will say this though: I can’t wait to go to the beach this weekend. Let these animals come and try robbing me and see what happens. Instead of complaining about the high bail cost, their ghetto parents will be complaining about the high funeral cost.

    • DMM

      civilized—being out of a job isn’t the problem. I agree with you, it’s their mentality, and that is how they will be when they are 30, 40, 50.

      I live on the south side and I’ve seen flash mobs YEARS AGO—huge, huge crowds of kids, and have seen at least 10 active flash mobs since April, 2011.

      I pray that this does not escalate. I’m afraid to leave my home. I’m afraid to walk to my car in front of my house. I’m afraid to get the mail. I’m afraid to ride the bus to work because the bus drivers allow flash mobs to get on the bus. Case in point:

      “15 black boys and young men boarded the bus without paying”.

      This flash mob stuff is terrorism. Offenders should be sent to out-of-state federal prisons for life. All of them, every one of them, in every state. Otherwise, this will be the norm for years to come.

      Read the comments section of any news story regarding this. The entire country is laughing at us.

  • yeaok

    Person of chicago, If you really believe what you posted then you are a big part of the problem. Poor neighborhoods have less police protection!!!! Are you kidding??? Do your research, the poor neighborhoods get more city services than anywhere else. Why because thats where their needed. Poor residents dont trust the police. Why is that? As usual,its somebodies elses fault. It’s never the criminals fault. Blame everyone else, white people,the police,affluent people. That script has been played out too many times. Nobody wants to hear the whining. Alot of people are hurting in this country right now. Times are tough. That doesn’t give anyone the right to do what these thugs are doing. And as you can see by alot of the posts folks have had it and just dont buy into your line of B.S. anymore.

    • Really?

      DO you live in a poor neighborhood in Chicago? The police ride through & head to white castle. They are more scared than the people who live there. GTFOH!

      There’s no exuse for bad behavior but don’t judge an entire community based on the actions of misguided young adults. Just like the teens in your community that sniff coke & cook meth, these lost teens also need guidance & having food stamps doesn’t provide that.

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