Stephanie’s Perspective: Street Violence Is Out Of Control

It’s not me in “Perspective,” but a mother on the South Side of Chicago who sent me an email about mob violence on the Near North Side. It’s bad there, she says, but worse where she lives — where the police, she says, don’t listen.

“We’re calling all the police over and over again, but the problem is when police don’t come every time we call, or if they come and they roll through and don’t get out of the car, and don’t address the problem,” Stephanie Whitaker explains.

“Our police focus can’t be just downtown right now,” she says. “Our new police chief is gonna have to take a walk into these communities and see what he’s dealing with.”

“I know he’s from out of town, but I suspect he’s gonna have to develop his learning curve very quickly,” Whitaker says.

Whitaker grew up in the Rockwell projects on the South Side. She’s made it in life — a college degree in political science. She says Mayor Emanuel may have to call in the National Guard.

“The police chief and the mayor can’t do it by themselves,” Whitaker says. “They don’t understand the magnitude of what they’re dealing with. These kids are not afraid of the police, one-on-one. They enjoy the fact that police are not going to really do anything.”

What would she have the National Guard do?

“We need to still things in the city so that the mayor can focus on the big picture and the police can restore order so the people feel safe,” Whitaker says.

Can’t blame her for wanting to feel safe and her children and neighbors to feel safe. Can’t blame her for speaking-out and wanting to be heard.

  • M. Vega

    Calling up the National Guard will NOT solve the issue of mob violence, or the greater issue of a “lost” generation of youth who do not respect their elders, let alone fear them. And as for your educated e-mailer, while her heart may be in the right place, I submit to her that she research the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits the use of ANY of our armed forces, acting in the stead of a duly constituted civilian law enforcement agency. We should continue the debate in a civilized manner, but remember that knee-jerk reactions to the issue will only serve to further complicate the situation until it is no longer tenable.

    • Keith Cason

      Sounds like you dont live In englewood, Southshore or Roseland communities…….

      • g-man

        Sounds like you justify crime based on where you live and lblame everyone and everything but the offender/criminal

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree with your comments. We Do Not want a police state. HOWEVER, we do DEMAND our 2nd Amendment Rights. We want Conceal Carry here in Chicago and in Illinois. I think it is time for the citizens to just go ahead and carry concealed so we can protect ourselves. Just don’t wear tight clothing. There are numerous ways to carry conceal. Just Do It! (no offense to Nike)

  • vernon

    yes i like what she said and correct. I think the parents shou;ld be heald liable for what their kids do that are minors. In the suburbs some parents have to do community service along with the kids or are fined or if seriopus enough parent may wind up in jail till some one learns how to control the kids now a day. It seems our kids are trying to run what the adults should be doing and they get away with it. How many kids do as the wish and dont listen to parents cause they know they get away with it.

  • Jim W

    I live in the lower west side, there are wonderful people in this area, BUT the gangs control the area, shootings the last 3 weekends, every year shootings.. Things are much worse on the south side, and west side. It took many years for this situation to happen, it will not be fixed over night, BUT we must sincerely try. The parents must be held accountable, court costs, community service with there child. Landlords that should be held accountable if they have a history of renting to bad tenants. Its time for us the adults to be the adults and take back our neighborhoods, our city.

  • hachipisali

    If I was being held accountable for every act that my brats did I’d pack my bags and move to the mohave desert.

    • Mr. Justice

      If they are under the age of 18, you are responsible. Have a nice trip.

  • Skorpius

    Concealed carry would have empowered individuals in their own protection a bit, but again, the IL legislative clowns deny us our protected RIGHTS.

  • Centurion

    LET’S TELL THE TRUTH! The police are AFRAID to get out of their cars.

  • Max

    Legalize Marijuana! It is safer than guns

    • Mr. Justice

      Dumb Azz answer. But you have the right to your opinion. No, guns in the hand of a law abiding citizen is much safer than any narcotic.

  • just care

    My heart goes out to the people that was attacked these pass few weeks by what is labeled (MOB ATTACKS), but what happen to those people have been happening on the southside, westside, and even in the suburbs of Chicago for months without one word from the news media.. Now since the attacks have moved to the downtown area of Chicago, it’s big news Our children are dying by the minute every day on the streets of Chicago and it seems no one seems to care.

    What is happening in our society that we pick and choose who gets more news coverage or police protection, Is it because of the economic differents in the neighborhoods, culture backgrounds or just the color of our skin.

    Are we headed back to the 60’s where certain people are entitled to justice. PLEASE, lets unite and cry out as a people ENOUGH is ENOUGH and restore this beautiful city back to a peaceful safe place that we all can be proud of.

    • Jermain

      No one cares if it is black on black crime. The black community has created the gangster homie problem, let them deal with it themselves.

  • Gooch50

    Yes, the first thing that needs to be done is that parents need to take control of their kids. It seems after the age of about 10, parents feel their job is done and the kids are on their own. The police are in a lose-lose situation. They carry guns but cannot really use them or a great hue and cry goes up about brutality. You want to see brutal – look at the mother and her baby that got knocked down the stairs by a few punks who wanted to rob her. Some liberals would have you believe that these attacks are justified because these young men want the fancy gadgets that others have. That’s bull and also a slap in the face to the many decent young people who work for the things they want. I taught in the inner city for many years and knew many wonderful young people whose parents raised them with a respect for others and themselves.

  • RandyP

    We had an ordinance in ’98 to let the police break up gangs of hoodlums hanging out on a street corner looking for trouble,. the ACLU got it taken of the books. We keep hamstringing our police and then blaming them for not keeping OUR children in line., These thugs did not fly in from Mars, they were born and raised IN the neighborhoods by parents in name only, or by one parent trying to do their best when the other ‘breeder’ left the scene. Plant a radish, get a radish. HIgh scool dropouts and 5th generations on welfare do NOT make for a peaceful, useful society. Either honor the 2nd Amendment like the rest of the USA or bring in the Guard. The animals are running the zoo here in the City.

    • Tyrone

      @Randy, I agree completely, the only good homie, is a dead homie. It’s time for Chicago to take out the trash !!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ RandyP…..GREAT COMMENTS! I prefer the 2nd Amendment as I do not want to live in a police state. Plus, that is unconstitutional. BUT then again, when does something being unconstitutional stop the puking liberals?

  • Smash Crasher

    It’s the same old racial litany. “The POlice don’t do anything; we’re scared to go out of our homes.” But the minute the Big Bad Police whomp up on some worthless, useless, pathetic, cowardly little cancerous black animal, the very same people, like this woman, who are whining, ranting and raving for the POlice to do something, will be the first hypocritical black racist to scream “White police brutality” and “racial profiling.” You people have created your own cesspool, now live in your own stink. Oh, and I forgot, keep voting Democratic so they can continue to forbid you to protect yourselves. IDIOTS!

    • Al

      Very well stated, you are a true scholar, keep up the good work.

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    This is what happens after years of creating the police force the democrat politicians and citizens wanted. You built a force that was told not to stop suspicious people for fear of racial profiling, You built a force that was told if you make a mistake you will be fired. You built a force that is unsure what direction to proceed because whatever direction is wrong. Chicago has created a criminal is always right mentality,until now when you see the city going down the tubes. This will take time to deal with because it has taken years to build. You can start with the hiring of at least 2000 police officer which will take at least 3 years to realize. You can tell the police the new mission is to take back the city and we will back you. You can tell the police to stop everything in site and get the guns away, especially on the south side where shooting kids is a sport. The old strategies, the Daley strategies have enabled the criminal to take over. Take back the city or continue your enabling ways Chicago. The ball is in your court!

  • Pothead

    They say these kids need jobs. I say give them jobs picking cotton.

    • Tyreese

      That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHa, GIGGITY, HaHaHaHa !!!

  • Stop The Hate

    Smash Crasher, Its IDIOTS like you with your racist name callinag and atitude that make the world the way it is. Let’s stop with the name calling and try to find a solution to this mess.

  • johnt

    If she is so smart, why is she living in the ghetto?



    • Tyreese

      @WILL, That is not a nice thing to say, if you have a better plan for a solution, I would like to hear it.

    • Pothad

      Tyreese speaks the truth. YOU CAN’T HANDEL THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RandyP

    EVERY gang banging waste of air who gets shot by police is defended as being a choir boy by the relatives and friends who KNEW they were gang banging wastes of air for years and did nothing to stop the bad behavior.

    Regardless of the gang banging waste of air’s genetic composition.

  • Masked Avenger

    Wow, the solutions are as stupid as the problems.

    How about parent licenses?
    How about ending the hardcore stupid drug war?
    How about identifying the differences between THIS country and every other industrialized country that has much less of this problem?

    Nah, that would run up against all of the usual American injunctions.

    #1 All babies a blessing from God.
    #2 Guns are good.
    #3 Weed and Cocaine are the same wrong message
    #4 Booze keeps food stores in business so it’s the right message
    #5 Prisons solve problems.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled stupidity.

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