Estranged Wife, With Kids In Car, Rams Into Husband’s SUV

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (CBS) – A woman motorist allegedly upset at her estranged husband allegedly rammed into his SUV while transporting their three children.

Monday, a day after the collision, the husband and his girlfriend were in the hospital, and charges were pending against the wife, CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

“I don’t know if she was just heartbroken or if she was mad and wanted to get even with him. I’m not really sure what her state of mind was,” Arlington Heights Police Sgt. Mike Hernandez said of the wife.

When the woman came upon her husband’s vehicle Sunday on South Wilke Road, she rammed into it multiple times while her children were riding with her, police said.

“The vehicle in the rear had T-boned the vehicle in front into the tree,” witness LeAnn Scacco said.

The estranged husband’s girlfriend, sitting in the passenger seat, was also injured.

“This person had to be in such distress that they really had no concept of what was going on and what she was doing,” Scacco said of the woman who initiated the collision. “I know the girls were very frightened when they got out of the car.”

She hopes the girls, aged 8, 5 and 2, who are OK physically, will recover emotionally from what they saw go on between their parents. They are in the care of an uncle.

The father is expected to leave the hospital in a couple of days. Officers were questioning him and the injured girlfriend.

Charges against the estranged wife could come soon. She reportedly has been estranged from her husband for three years.


    Estranged for three years with a two year old? That doesn’t add up.

    • Anna

      Actually it does, It means he left her before or right after the baby was born. As I am very sure she is not 2 years old to the day.

      • TOONCES

        Sounds like a great guy.

      • Jenny

        The way I perceived it was, she divorced him. Not “He left her”.

    • Jazerelle

      Sure it does, One last tango in bed before kicking him to the curb. Then again it may not be his either.

  • Bonnie

    She would have been much better off suing the girlfriend for alienation of affection, and laughing all the way to the bank. KA-CHINGGGGG!

    • Tracy

      After three years? Exacly how long is a divorced person supposed to remain alone?

      • mckfish

        A. They are not divorced and B. The “poor guy” had to get a gf and leave his wife when she was either pregnant or with a newborn. Odds are he was a jerk.

      • Tracy

        @mckfish, OK then, how long are separated people supposed to remain lonely? It sounds like this woman is very violent, grounds for a divorce. Maybe she was always the total whack job, like she was on this day.

  • Cindy

    I feel so sorry for her and her kids, I can only imagine what they have been going through for her to lose all sence and control. I have been through a similar situation with a father who couldn’t have cared less about me and a mother who tried with all her might to keep me as close as possible to him so I could have some shadow of a father. My heart goes out to them and I pray to God that He will help them like He has with us.

    • Thunder Kitty

      Where is your sorrow for the man who ended up in the hospital? Doesn’t he deserve it also?

      • Terry

        Nope :). You reap what you sow, and unfortunately so do your children. People should think about that when they go out of their way to make selfish choices. Our decisions do impact the lives of others for better or worse, whether we care to admit to it or not.

    • Terry

      I can’t believe what I’m reading. You feel sorry for her? A vixen in a jealous rage, plain and simple. I hope she gets the max for attempted murder and child endangerment.

      • Thunder Kitty

        Exactly! I don’t feel sorry for men who beat their wives in front of their children so why should anyone feel sorry for her? She tried to kill her husband by putting her own children in danger. Being that they have been seperated for at least three years and she still has so much hatred speaks volumes about her personality. The woman is clearly homicidal. She is not getting my sympathy simply because she is a woman and anyone excusing her because of her husbands actions is just as deluded as she is. Every woman isn’t a victim and portraying her as one is ridiculous. People get their hearts broken everyday, it’s life. It’s over, been over he has the right to move on. Just because she hasn’t doesn’t mean he deserves to die.

      • cindy

        Of course you do, you only see what she did and you judge on that, but there is always something else behind what you see. So all I have to say to you is “Thank goodness you are not God” cause you are not able to see behind or ahead of what’s in front of you

      • Terry

        Cheating on your spouse is not grounds for attempting murder. This woman is obviously extremely violent. Maybe that was the cause of the divorce to begin with.

      • Andrew

        Totally agree, she.s a whack job. “Jealous rage” is putting it a bit lightly though. What kind of message is she sending to her kids– its OK to take the law into your own hands and do whatever you want.
        Child endangerment, reckless driving, attempt vehicle manslaughter, attempt murder (2 counts) Public stupidity, –take her kids away and put her SA in jail.
        If it was a guy that’s what they would have done

    • ThunderKitty

      This woman was out of control and dangerous. This situation could have easily been much worse especially when utilizing a 2 ton vehicle as a weapon. What may have happened between them in the past does not matter with this present situation. “THEIR 3 CHILDREN WERE IN THE CAR” If she can’t handle her emotions to the point she tries to kill, she shouldn’t be a parent. Now these kids have to grow up knowing that Mommy tried to kill Daddy in front of them and didn’t even care. You can mend a broken heart but you can’t undo dead. The sad part about defending her is that if the situation was reversed and the father rammed the mother you would be crying foul. You are only defending this lady because the guy had his girlfriend in the car. I can emphasize with her being upset at seeing them together but that does not give her free reign to attack. Your situation is no where near the same as this one. No where in the story does it even say he doesn’t love or see his children. Stop projecting yourself in this situation and use common sense.

      • Cindy

        Will do, no sence in talking back and forth I’m bored now

  • MadSam

    This is ridiculous…the children are the only ones suffering here, emotionally and that scars them permanently. To see their father with another woman is confusing enough, let alone to have to be strapped in a car seat as Mommy plays smash up derby with her “ex” and his new paramour. Just because these children are young doesn’t mean that they will not forget or they do not understand. Now what’s going to happen? Are the kids going to the father and his new lady or into the system, where the real horrors begin???

  • Roberta Waker

    Obviously at this time NEITHER parent is capable of taking these children. The mother lost it and next time the children could be dead; and the father was flaunting his new girlfriend in front of children that were already confused about their parents not being together. The State has put the children with relatives and that is where they should stay until the parents get help and can prove they are responsible. They need to think of what’s best for the CHILDREN, not themselves.

    • Linda

      Why would you say the father is uncapable? Every child from a divorce has to eventually adjust to new step parents in their lives. There is no reason to believe the father is no good.

      • Roberta Waker

        The article didn’t say much about the father, but flaunting his new girlfriend in front of his wife and children was poor judgment. If he was a good father and capable of raising them, I would think HE would have had custody, so reading between the lines, I don’t think EITHER parent is capable of caring for these children at this time. My concern is for the CHILDREN. The State needs to investigate BOTH parents to determine what is best for the CHILDREN.

  • Centurion

    Do you know why men pay their wives alimony and support after divorce…ITS WORTH IT!

    If you really want to get rid of a woman, find a second woman…then throw a dollar in the middle and let them fight to the death for it.

    • Roberta Waker

      Smart women will take the dollar, use it for an attorney and BOTH of them will clean the man’s clock.


      Taking care of a child is more than just a sperm donation, but a lot of boys don’t seem to get that.

      • Sally

        What does that have to do with awoman trying to commit double homicide? This peice of trash should do the max prison time for her crimes.

      • austinbikergirl

        Perhaps, and yet I doubt very many females get pregnant from a toilet seat. If he appears to be an immature sperm donor kind of guy, why would you want to have s ex with him in the first place?

  • frank

    And if a MAN had done this you’d be screaming for his balls.

    • Oscar Cullom

      Ain’t that the truth Frank!

    • Oscar Cullom

      Ain’t that the truth Frank! Also if a Man did,his name and mug shot would be in that story as well!

  • tedjr

    what did you dream about last night?

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  • CheepFly

    They were not yet Divorced yet!!!!! He and his GF are cheating on her and he was dragging the divorce over time and probably emancipating all of the three children so the he doesn’t have to pay child support.
    I know so many people that refused to pay child support at all costs. The not are Fathers but Mothers too! Look everyone Child support is the Law in every State.
    The only thing you can do is make sure that the custodial parent must submit a detailed amortization schedule every month! I do not understand why the Courts and Congress make a Custodial Parent submit the monthly report any way. Then their will be no argument of where these dollars were spent!!!!!

  • Mary

    Thank God the children are now ok and will be for the rest of their lifes.

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