Man Caught In Sting Soliciting 12-Year-Old Girl

MAYWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — A man from west suburban Elmwood Park is charged with trying to solicit sex with what he thought was a 12-year-old girl.

Cook County Sheriff’s police executed a sting against Louis Kostelaz, 54, of the 2100 block of 76th Avenue in Elmwood Park. He was charged with one count of felony indecent solicitation of a child.

An undercover sheriff’s investigator found Kostelaz in an AOL chat room in April, using the screen name “louadsl.” He struck up a conversation with the undercover officer, thinking he was communicating with a 12-year-old girl.

He kept talking to the fictional 12-year-old girl for two months, during which he repeatedly tried to set up a meeting where she would perform sex acts on him. He said he would teach her how to perform the acts since she had never done so before.

They also spoke by phone several times, sheriff’s police said.

This past Thursday, Kostelaz conducted the supposed girl again and asked if he could come over and engage in sex acts with her. The undercover officer posing as the girl agreed to meet Kostelaz at a predetermined location, and when he arrived, he was arrested on the spot.

Bond for Kostelaz was set at $50,000 at the Maybrook Courthouse in Maywood this past Saturday. He is due back for a preliminary hearing July 1.

  • Curious

    Sting= Creating a crime where one doesn’t exist, with the sole purpose of making an arrest. Isn’t that the same as entrapment? Just asking…

    • me29

      Everyone has a right to an opinion so Hate Chicago is wrong for their comment.This guy initiated contact, made the offer and set up the meeting. He even offered to coach “her” on what to do.That is not entrapment. That is solictation which is against the law weather she is 12 or 42. This guy was stupid and deserves what will be coming to him.

    • Hate Chicago

      Are you a idiot? He tried to have sex with a 12 year old. Are you this guys brother you pedophile?

      • Jimbo

        I agree with Mr. Curious. I doubt there are any 12 year old girls on line, trying to solicit 54 year old men for sex. This guy is just plain stupid for thinking he made the big score.

      • Curious

        That is not a nice thing to say. I was only making a valid point. I don’t condone sex with a 12 year old. I just don’t agree with stings, whether prostitution, drugs, or any other thing. If the police hadn’t been on line offering it, there would be no crime.

    • CG


      That’s exactly what a sting is. No doubt about that.

  • deb

    They had to catch the creep. Sting=get creep off of the streets.

  • me29

    It is only entrapment if they initiate it conversation.

    • CG

      I’m sure they did initiate the converstation and I’m sure they twisted that to make it seem he initiatied it.

  • dan

    Sting-entrapment who gives a sh!t-the guy was trying to get a 12 yr old to buff his dome-He is old enough to know what he was getting himself into and the risks involved and the punishment if caught. We are taught as a society that having sex with 12yr olds is wrong and there are laws in place that reinforce that.

    Having character is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Obviously he is of low character and needs to be put awat to protect the rest of us.

  • MJ Lyles

    Although what the man did was wrong, keep in mind cops are VERY sneaky. I’m sure they left out the part where THEY intiiated the conversation and made it seem like he did. I’m also sure they are the ones to push for them to meet.It’s obvious the police kept baiting this man. I know this because the article even states, “He kept talking to the fictional 12-year-old girl for two months.” Two months THEY KEPT communicating with him. They could’ve ended communication at any time, but chose to continue baiting him. I agree with the statement, “…..creating a crime where one doesn’t exist.” Two wrongs don’t make a right. DON’T put the temptation there in the first place!!!!

  • Toonces

    Where he is going there will be lots of sex. All he has to do is drop the soap.

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