CHICAGO (CBS) Just because there can be no official team workouts during the lockout doesn’t mean that the players haven’t been getting together to prepare for the upcoming season. And when Bears players have, they’ve seen a fully recovered Jay Cutler.

“Jay looks fine, man,” running back Kahlil Bell told Vaughn McClure, of the Chicago Tribune. “The last couple of times I went, we did throwing stuff and I couldn’t even tell that he had an injury.

“A lot of people made a lot about what happened, but I think he’s going to be all right. I know he’s going to be all right. He looks fantastic.”

Cutler suffered a Grade II sprain of his medial collateral ligament in the NFC Championship game. Not only did Cutler’s offseason start with rehabbing the injury, but he also had to weather an onslaught of criticism from fans, other NFL players, and pretty much anyone near a microphone. But Cutler’s teammates never wavered in support of their quarterback.

“Jay looks healthy,” Receiver Rashied Davis said. “Both he and Caleb [Hanie] look great. And everybody’s healthy.”

The lockout is likely to effect the Bears offense more than the defense, which is why the organized workouts are so important.

“For us, as an offense, this is necessary,” Davis said of the organized workouts. “If we didn’t think it was necessary, we wouldn’t be doing it.

“Like with our defense, it’s not necessary. They’ve been in the same system for nine years. But it’s a simple system. For us, we have a bunch of shifts and motions and terminologies and routes. And there’s timing involved. Our quarterbacks have to be able to throw the ball blindfolded basically. And we have to be there. And if they throw it blindfolded, I better be where I’m supposed to be.”

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