Sources: Pit Bull Bit Man’s Neck After He Collapsed, Died

UPDATED 06/15/11 9:48 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Authorities are investigating the death of a 25-year-old Lakeview neighborhood, who was apparently bitten by his dog after he collapsed and died.

Matthew Lebold, 25, of the 3400 block of North Janssen Avenue, was found in his home and pronounced dead on the scene at 1:13 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Sources said Lebold apparently overdosed on drugs and his pitbull bit a portion of his neck after he collapsed.

Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said officers responded at 12:27 p.m. and found the man unresponsive.

A source said Lebold was a newly-minted lawyer.

An autopsy is scheduled for later Wednesday, the medical examiner’s office said.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • tony

    Just another loving pit bull story.

  • jlg

    Would they have mentioned the breed if it was a poodle? Someone unfortunately OD’d and who knows why the dog did what it did. Why is this news?

    • Joyce Drasich-Vasquez

      The only reason the dog did what it did is because Matt was there for 4 days before anyone found him. His poor girlfriend was just frantic and is not beside herself having to see the image of her boyfriend half eaten by his loving, starving pit bull. The only reason this even made it in the paper is not because Matt was a good attorney or because he had many friends and co-workers who love him, but because a pit bull was involved. RIP little buddy. I will miss you

  • MrDent

    where is his roommate?..sounds like a cover up..was the dog hungry..where was his food..what was this dogs physical state?..something is a bit fishy with this story..pitbulls are loyal animals..i could never see a dog just attacking his owner who is dead..get forensics involved..and lets see what the autopsy will tell us..until then..i will give the latter a chance to surface…

  • nik

    maybe he was trying to help just like the pick up ther babies when the need help getting fron her to ther

  • Chris

    Dog bites man, it’s not news. Dog eats man, it’s news.

    Also, why all caps in the headline?

  • Steve

    I think I,am going to cook up some chicken necks.

  • Kathryn

    Please take this sensationalist story down. Matt was a good kid, a successful local attorney, and a good friend. What happened to cause his death or after his death related to his dog is NOT NEWS.

    • Mike D.

      Seriously, the headline is amateurish and obviously written for pure shock value. This beyond deplorable. And I don’t even know the poor kid. Here’s how a legitimate news source (Trib) handled the story:

      “Authorities investigate if dog or drugs killed man”

      — Police were conducting a death investigation to determine how a man found with possible trauma to his neck from a dog may have died.


    • Maureen

      Thank you Kathryn, well-said. Matt was a great person and an even better friend to many.

      • Matt K

        Matt was a good man. This is so sad, and my prayers go out to his family and friends. I have known Matt, and the Lebold family since I was young, we played hockey and went to high school together. I will remember Matt as a great man, and his family should be proud of him. People make mistakes, and this is very unfortunate. Love and prayers to the Lebold family, and know that there are so many of his friends here for support, and although none of us can do or say a thing to make things any better, he will truly be missed. RIP Matt Lebold, you were a good man.

  • Charlie

    Sick and tired of covering up stupid dogs! Get a life MR!!

  • pvp

    why is this even news? all there going to do is kill the dog, and let a drug dealer go free. while a family looses there son.

    • MrDent

      how many times do we see people charged because a GROWN UP decided to use and abuse a substance..don’t blame the dealer..blame the user..after all we all have free will..

  • mike l

    As a 31 yr chicago paramedic I have had the opportunity to come acrss several deceased bodies that have been partially eaten by their pets.I have seen dogs as small as lapdogs and as large as rottweilers partake.They are animals,the body is decaying flesh,they taste, it is just part of nature.The breed of dog is irrelavent.The animal has been left alone and obviously becomes hungry,he was nolonger an owner,he became a possible meal.By the way other animals an insects also take part,just the way it is,get over it.

    • Roberta Waker

      Thanks for enlightening people. The poor dog was probably very hungry and it doesn’t matter what the breed. If they are informed at all, people should know that deceased bodies are eaten by insects and other animals, so a dog eating any part of its owner because it’s starving shouldn’t really be news. Plus, if you listen to the news about rescues of starving animals that are barely alive; they don’t eat their rescuers. People can be so dumb.

      • Joyce Drasich-Vasquez

        BTW, I hear the dog will not be put down and is being adopted by a friend of Matt’s.

  • NWA

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t do pets. If you don’t feed them, they will eat you.


    • Roberta Waker

      Humans will do the same if they get hungry enough. Too bad you will never know the unconditional love of a “pet”; but with your attitude, they are better off without an owner like you.

  • SA

    That soumds like a great dog to have around. I think I will get one. I am sure that would bering lots of excitement into my life.

    • sc

      Eh, before you get the dog- OD first.

  • Sergei Shushunov

    sounds like the dog was hungry

  • Devan

    Disgusting article. I knew Matt throughout high school and he was a great guy, and had a great heart, just seems to have gone down a rough path.

    I know that he would hate that his dog was in any way being brought into this. Shame on you CBS for approving this article, and continuing to feed the publics fear of pitbulls.

  • Kathryn

    Devan, please don’t jump to conclusions about Matt’s path. He was an OSU law grad with a new job at a well regarded local firm. The details are not yet available and we will find out more then. I was lucky enough to work with Matt in Cleveland in 2009 and count him as a friend after we both moved to Chicago. I am so sad to lose him and so sad the story is being told in this manner, and not as the story of a promising life and career cut too short.

    • Devan

      Kathryn, I apologize for the poor choice of wording, you’re right I jumped to conclusions. My initial anger was at the article, after I had read the link “pitbull-eats-neck-of-man-found-dead-in-home/”; then the large picture attached, and not one of Matt’s infectious smile. It seemed that Matt loved that dog, so I was angry. I apologize for not considering that everything in this article, is not a verified truth.

      It makes me really truly happy to hear he was doing so well, he was one of the purest souls I have met in my lifetime, but sadly lost touch as we both started different lives at different colleges. He could always make me smile, and his presence was so warm. rest in peace Matt.

  • Jiboko

    I think pitbull tried to wake him or pull him up if he is much loved by owner who died. I think pitbull did not maul or bite him at all.

    Hope that dog will find loving home where owner provided his dog with much love.
    Sorry about your loss of Matt. Sleep peacefully.

  • Jiboko

    If he died long enough, pitbull may be hungry at the point. Pitbull did not do any wrong. I believe that dog was much loved by that owner. Pray that dog will find a new home immediatey

  • Joyce Drasich-Vasquez

    He wasn’t a druggie. Just misfortunate. He was a very hard working attorney

  • Mike C.

    This article is horrible in that it should not be focusing on the dog but what a great person Matt was. I went to high school with Matt and he was truly a good friend. People who did not know Matt should keep their rude and inconsiderate comments to themselves. My prayers are with Matt’s family. R.I.P buddy

  • Matt K

    My best memory of Matt was when we were playing hockey together, we were both around 10 years old, and we had a season where we lost every game but one. We won the one game of the year in a shootout and all our teammates went nuts, it was great. Matt was always smiling, and I was ever down at OSU or in Chicago he welcomed me every time. I will miss you man, as will so many others. My prayers and love to the Lebold family. You will always be with us brother.

  • a Person

    He wasn’t a druggie, I went to law school with him at OSU, it is a big deal, you clearly show absolutely no compassion.

  • B. Silverman, VMD

    “Sources said Lebold apparently overdosed on drugs and his pitbull bit a portion of his neck after he collapsed” Shame on you CBS. This is a VERY vague and incendiary statement to purposefully make, especially after you initially say “apparently bitten by his dog after he collapsed and died.” Let’s wait for the autopsy, but I really have to make a statement on behalf on Mr. Lebold, his dog Cassidy, and those who Matt left behind. Mr. Lebold recently brought Cassidy to our veterinary hospital for a check up. Matt was a very warm, caring and articulate person who loved his dog and wanted the best for her. Cassidy is an wonderful dog who quickly won the hearts of everyone at our clinic. This is a tragic situation, whatever the details surrounding Matt’s death. Everyone, including CBS, should be more sensitive with their comments.

  • S. Nikpay

    My husband and I are friends of Matt’s girlfriend and we met Matt for the first time several weeks ago when he graciously lent us his car for the weekend. I was taken aback by how generous he was – we barely knew him, yet he was so kind to us. After meeting him and spending an evening with him we were so happy to have him as our friend and were looking forward to spending more time with him. We are both so sad to hear what happened to him. This article is incredibly irresponsible – Matt was a wonderful person. He will be missed.

  • Kaite

    I appreciate this post. I consider Matt a dear friend who would do anything for anyone. I had the privilege of living near Matt in Chicago and getting to “dog sit” for Cassidy when Matt needed to leave town and could not take her. He treated Cassidy like she was his child and the comments and speculation flying around this tragedy are disheartening.

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