Woman Attacked On Lakefront Bike Path

UPDATED 06/16/11 11:01 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Joggers are being warned after a man attacked a woman on the bike path alongside Lake Shore Drive in broad daylight last week.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the area near 35th Street where the attack happened this past Friday is quiet, family-friendly, and visible to Lake Shore Drive.

The 30-year-old woman was jogging through Burnham Park on the bike path around 2:10 p.m. Friday afternoon when her run turned nightmarish.

Police say the man grabbed the woman as she ran south on the path and tried to take her iPod. A police community alert says further that the man tried to abduct the woman and drag her to an unspecified area nearby.

The woman broke free after a brief struggle, during which a police report says the woman threw her iPod at the man and scratched him.

The man took off running north, away from the woman.

The incident has been disturbing for people who frequent the area, including Regina Bajko.

When asked if she was surprised by the incident, Bajko said, “A little bit, but it’s our society today.”

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Nancy Harty reports

Bajko and a friend walk the path every morning before work. She said that would not change, and that she and her friend they feel safe together.

But Bajko said she wouldn’t come through the area alone.

“No, we were just talking about that, no I wouldn’t,” Bajko said. “Just in general, I think, you just have to be cautious.

Andy Pruitt was bicycling in the area Thursday morning. He said he was not more concerned than before.

“My wife is out here running a couple of times a week. I don’t worry about it,” Pruitt said. “Once every 10 years – I’m not going to worry about that.”

Pruitt said the recent attack will not change his or his wife’s exercise routine along the lakefront.

“There’s always people here. There’s always police riding their bicycles up and down the lakefront; Park District employees,” he said. “This never seemed like a dangerous place.”

The attacker is described as a 19 to 21-year-old black man with a dark complexion between 5-feet-11 and 6-feet tall, the alert said. He weighs between 200 and 210 pounds and was wearing blue jeans and blue boxer shorts with no shirt.

Police are advising people to be aware of the situation and alert neighbors in the area. The alert is also asking people to not walk alone and stay in well lit areas.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Gino

    Isn’t the entire bike path a well lit area at 2:!0 in the afternoon?

  • Flava

    By stating he is a dark complexioned black man is basically saying he is flavor flav pitch black!

  • Misty

    I don’t believe in racial profiling so I’m going for a nice jog right now in Lawndale. What do you think? btw, I’m a democrat.

  • mohammed Bin

    Misty, we all know why you’re running Lawndale ‘chasing’, I hope they have some protectiion on!

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    At least the news story gave a accurate description of the offender. Unusual for the media. Mis-information or false information for the sake of not hurting feelings.

  • T

    She should have ran towards the water

  • it really is a black thing

    Another case of an underprivledged poor black guy not willing to work for something so he just decides to go take it. If only the white oppressors poured more tax dollars into education, contract set asides and welfare this poor guy might have had a chance.

    He is a victim, not a criminal. His mother will be on the news saying what a good boy he is. Unfortunately his father won’t because a) he is in prison or b) no one knows who he is

  • ACLU

    why is it ALWAYS a brother?

    • Tyrell

      Who else is going to commit this type of crime?

  • Primetime Editorials
    • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

      Cindy lou, I’m happy you take pity on these thugs. In the mean time they are hurting more people and taking down the city and people like you have no answer, and blame everyone else for their problems. Your type of thinking enables these individuals to keep committing crimes. Not impressed with their problems. They can solve them in jail. I hope you feeling are not hurt or one of these punks violates you or one of your family members. Then I’m sure things will be different.

      • Cindy lou

        I’m not takiing pitty , these young black men just need a chance that they have never been given. They are fighting to survive , no jobs, no health care , no guidence. Someone needs to reach out and help them is all I’m saying

  • Cindy lou

    There’s just as many white rapists as black , we should quit all this hatred to blacks, I’m sure this young man has had a troubled up bringing and needs some guidence

    • g-man

      How about we guide this dip to an employment agency ??? Or is that just a waste of time due to all the free government money out there to do NOTHING. Change is coming hahahahahahaha

    • Smash Crasher

      IDIOT. Non-Hispanic Whites make up approx 66% of the USA population, blacks approx. 13%. So if whites commit the same amount of rapes as the pathetic useless black race, percentage-wise they are responsible for 380% more rapes as whites. The total number might be equal to both races, but blacks are far, far, far more likely to commit rape than whites. Even a third-grader could do that math. Just keep watching CNN to get your unbiased news you brainwashed feeble-minded liberal lemming. .

      • Cindy lou

        Wow , such hatred to people that aren’t the same color as you, I bet your parents are proud of you, I bet they were the same way, so i take that back.
        People like you are what is wrong with this world. You are vulgar and disrespectful

  • dan

    Cindy, The news pages are loaded with blacks performing criminal acts and if an unbiased organization were to a study I’m sure the black criminals would outnumber the white criminals at least 10-1 (unless you count the rare serial killer or occasional pedophiles) so it has nothing to do with hatred of blacks it’s all about the numbers baby and good honest citizens like myself tired of seeing buckwheat mug shots on the news (much of the crime is black on black by the way)

    • Cindy lou

      I don’t agree at all , not sure where you get your numbers from, black white shouldn’t matter.

  • dan

    I happen to be on the sun times site yesterday and next to the article I was reading was a link to “mug shots in the news”, here is a project for you. Go through the slide show of 150 pictures, count the number of black mug shots, divide the total of 150 by your very own count. You then can get a very local snap shot of percentages of blacks comitting crimes and you will find they are the majority.

  • Tom

    I know the CPD does a lot of good work, about 98% that we don’t hear about. But c’mon guys. Your killing me. Can we not assume nothing is going to happen in the “good areas?” In the last three weeks, thats where everything is happening. Im going to have to attach a side car to my bicycle that I can put a Pit Bull in for protection when I ride the path at high noon between Randolph Ave. and the Navy Pier.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/06/16/woman-attacked-on-lakefront-jumped-into-action-fought-back/ Woman Attacked On Lakefront ‘Jumped Into Action,’ Fought Back « CBS Chicago

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  • brian

    This is only going to get worse, Wisconsin now has the right to carry concealed firearms, Illinois is the last state in the nation to recognize this right.

    If we were able to carry this would stop, the numbers prove it.
    It is time for Chicago to admit it is out of control the police cannot stop it.
    The advice of don’t walk alone is the best they can do.
    They have given up the gangs have taken over.

  • Fgfm Uptown

    Gee, another comments section turns into a sewer. Who would have thunk it?

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