Sun-Times Reporter Witnesses Shooting While Covering Murder

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago Sun-Times reporter wrote of witnessing a second shooting Tuesday evening as he covered a memorial gathering for a 15-year-old boy who was shot dead in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Jovany Diaz was shot and killed Monday evening as he celebrated his 15th birthday near his home in the 4300 block of West Hirsch Street. A 19-year-old friend was shot and wounded in the attack.

Diaz was pronounced dead at 10:46 p.m. Monday at Mount Sinai Medical Center, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Meanwhile, Sun-Times reporter Kim Janssen wrote that while covering a gathering of mourners before a makeshift shrine Tuesday evening, he witnessed another shooting just five yards away. Someone fired a handgun into the sky, then aimed the gun down Kildare Avenue and fired two or three shots, Janssen wrote.

Janssen wrote that he fled with the others who had gathered, and saw a second teen jump over the railing of a balcony while wielding a semi-automatic handgun. After taking refuge in a nearby home, Janssen wrote, he returned to find one of the teens sitting in a plastic share, with a gunshot wound that left him “bleeding from the leg and turning a shade of grayish green.”

The victim wouldn’t comment, and witnesses would not talk to police at the scene about it, Janssen wrote.

The victim in the incident was shot in both legs and was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in stable condition, police said.

As for Diaz, he was a freshman at Amundsen High School, miles away at 5110 N. Damen Ave. He enjoyed playing basketball in Kedvale Park near his home, and he was not a gang member, according to residents and police.

“He’s no troublemaker,” said Mohammad Abu, manager of the Dania Food Mart on a corner of Kildare and Hirsch. “He goes to school, comes home and plays basketball.”

In Diaz’s murder, police said they only have a sketchy description of a gray or silver getaway car. They say the motive for the killing is unknown.

Shootings near memorials for murder victims aren’t unheard of in Chicago; in May, five people — including a 10-year-old boy — were shot near a memorial for a man slain on the Southeast Side.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Brent Arms

    Why, for the love of god, can’t we get lawmakers to make it illegal to sell handguns to the public for any reason? If we can cut off the source…. it makes it harder at least for these brainless thugs to attain them and go around shooting people. They would have to start paying much more than a few bucks on the black market to get them. The level of illicit handguns would certainly drop if the black market price gets to be out of reach for the average teen!
    Handguns should be owned and operated SOLELY by law enforcement/security/or military personnel. PERIOD!

    • IamJ

      You are kidding yourself, Brent. They will get them anyways – legal or illegal. Do you think many of them have them now with the serial numbers still on them? Duh.

    • Really??

      Wow. Another uninformed individual making comments like this. It is just astonishing that a person can believe that by no longer selling hand guns to the public will stop shootings. Actually they will INCREASE since your law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves.

      Do yourself a favor and conduct some research on crime rates in cities where law-abiding citizens can own AND carry handguns (still illegal for criminals to own) versus cities where handguns are illegal to own by everyone.

  • Jermain

    Witnesses would not talk to police. This is exactly why the police don’t waste time and resources when called to a black community. Nobody saw nothing and nobody knows nothing. Pathetic.

  • NeNe

    @ Jermain’s comment: Church, amen, halleujah, pass the plate. Call me snitch, who cares, when it comes to my safety, the safety of my family and those that come and visit me, I have civil duty to ensure their safety, so if u do the crime and I see it, I will tell on you and yours!!

    • Jermain

      That’s all fine, as long as black folks don’t complain about the lack of police response in their communities.

      • Lyndia

        Humbolt Park is a Hispanic community, Dummy

  • ME

    Ok, but these people are not black….so what do you think the problem is now?

    • Jermain

      OK then, Stupid Mexicans.HaHaHa

  • unknown

    thank you ME!

  • juan paco morales-smith

    should send all these banger fools over to Bagdad, they will fit right in

  • joe

    “They say the motive for the killing is unknown.”

    He “dissed’ someone…

    PS – re banning handguns – AMERICA ALREADY ban guns being sold to criminals, the problem is Chicago bans guns being sold to NON-CRIMINALS and doesn’t penalize criminals enough for using stolen / ILLEGALLY bought guns.

    Make it easier for law abiding citizens to own and carry, enable castle doctrine, AND

    use an illegal gun in a crime and you get 25 YEARS HARD LABOR.

    Testify against the guy who sold it to you, cut your sentence to 5 years, SELLER GETS 25 YEARS.

    Felony MURDER charges for selling illegal weapon used in a murder.

    Why won’t Chicago do this? COWARDS? IN BED WITH TH MOB?

    Ask that MORON rahmbette you just elected.

  • resident

    West Humboldt park does not exist. The Division and Kostner area is not Humboldt Park, thats always been known as the west side. The city calls that area
    West Humboldt now cause calling it the west side is not flashy.

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  • NWA

    Wow, “YOU PEOPLE.” Puerto Rico has been a U.S. possession since 1898. So, that would mean that all of the Puerto Rican families have been U.S. citizens longer than some of “YOU PEOPLE’S” families. As for the Humboldt Park community, Puerto Rican families have lived there since before World War II. So, that would mean that Puerto Rican families have been U.S. citizens longer if your family came to the U.S. after WWII. As for the person who called Humboldt Park a Black community. You are simply, and I mean very simply, a white racist.


    • John Boulas

      @NWA, Other than crying racist as you usually do, what is your point?

  • WOZ


  • James Goldman

    Guns are not the problem. Negros are the problem.

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