Wife, Estranged Husband Charged In Arlington Heights Road Rage Incident

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (CBS) — Charges have now been filed in a bizarre case of road rage in Arlington Heights, involving a woman and her estranged husband.

Prosecutors say on Sunday night, a woman rammed her sport-utility vehicle into her estranged husband’s vehicle on Wilke Road, after she saw him with his alleged mistress.

The woman’s three daughters, ages 8, 5 and 2, were also in the car as she rammed it.

The woman is now charged with battery and child endangerment, while her estranged husband is charged with DUI. Their names have not been published.

The husband and his girlfriend were injured and taken to the hospital after the crash.

The daughters are in the care of an uncle.

The woman reportedly had been estranged from her husband for three years.

  • Tammy

    What the hell happend to attempted murder? She will not serve near enough prison time with those charges. They should make an example out of her for other jealous women.

  • KE

    @Tammy. You can not judge her so harshly. Marriage is complex

    And I am assuming since he is still married.. and has a mistress..and blatently meets wiht her in public..the man may have had it comming. And for her to do it with her kids in the car — she was more than likely beside herself.

    Fortunately the kids were not hurt.

    And what about the fact that he was the DRIVER of the vehicle and he recdeived a DUI. Apparently he does not care about anyone

    • Tammy

      They were apart for three years ! Just how long does a separated person have to remain alone? Nobody in this situation EVER has a vicious attack like this coming to them. More than likely beside herself? Is that another way to describe a violent jealous rage? Did you see the picture of the vehicle? This was not a fender bender. This woman tried with all her ability to kill the people in the other car, plain and simple. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated, as it seems it might be. Women need to get over it. There are plenty of single guys out there, so let it go, it’s not worth prison time. And shame on the police for arresting the injured victim in this horrible crime. I wish the best for him and his children, as she will certainly lose custody over this.

      • TOONCES

        Tammy, you are a sad excuse of a woman. Go get used by some jacka s s; you are the perfect dumb cow for that.

  • justme

    I was right. I told you so. They deleted my earlier post in the original story. I predicted the woman would be charged with almost nothing. Why???? Because ………….she’s a woman!!

    • dale

      They wanted to save us from another whiney male comment.

  • dale

    And I predicted some whiney boy would complain about her not being charged with att. murder.

  • Roberta Waker

    So daddy was drunk and mommy was beside herself with jealousy? There had to be a reason an uncle was given custody of the children. DCFS needs to investigate BOTH parents in this matter because there appears to be a lot more to this story than they are telling us. The children should be placed in a SAFE environment where they will be properly cared for and if that means neither parent will have custody; so be it. They need to do what’s best for the children.


    The smarter thing to do would be to sue the mistress for alienation of affection and clean out her bank account. Yes, this law is on the books and one jilted wife was awarded a $1,000,000 settlement!

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