CHICAGO (CBS) Wrigley rooftops are rarely inspected by city health officials and some haven’t been inspected at all since 2008, according to a Chicago Tribune investigation.

The Tribune’s findings show that 10 of the 16 privately owned rooftop operations around Wrigley Field haven’t received a health inspection since 2008 and five others “have failed at least one inspection in recent years.”

What’s more, records show that most of the inspections weren’t even completed during the baseball season when the rooftops are actually operating.

The report exposes a gray area in that most of the rooftops were originally operating with catered food, meaning they were treated as bars and not restaurants by the city. That means a health inspection was only required when the original license was granted or if a complaint was filed.

But in recent years many rooftops have opened up their own kitchens and many of them are not being inspected by health officials, according to the report.

The investigation claims two rooftops have failed inspections this year including one that “was found to have black slime falling onto ice cubes in an ice machine.”

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