Walter’s Perspective: Teachers’ Wage Hike Demand Not Justified

June 16, 2011

Since I began in this business 50 years ago, I have always been for the teachers. Always for the teachers, because in their hands are the lives of our children.

So, give the teachers what they need. It’s OK to gripe about what little they get. But on the 4 percent raise the union is demanding — on this one, this time -– count me out. It’s too much, too selfish, in hard economic times.

The beginning teacher salary in Chicago is about $50,000 a year; the average salary $70,000 a year, plus dental, medical and life insurance benefits. Plus three months’ paid vacation a year, plus automatic raises on top of the 4 percent they’re demanding.

Anybody else you know getting that kind of a raise? Nobody I know.

The demands the teachers are making are not for the children — they’re for the union, which will be just fine, thank you, without another victory to boast. 

I don’t say bust the union, just knock it down a peg.

  • Scottyj

    Walter how much do you make? I am going to say a lot more then 70K a year to nothing. So who is over paid now?

    • Jeff

      what is the point of this?

      and you crazy vacation cry-babies need to realize this…if you make $50,000 per year, and it is somehow SPREAD over all 12 months and you don’t have to WORK for three of those months (unless you choose to, or show-up to moonlight at MY work keeping people who are trying to survive rather than “pad their piles” like you all out of a job) THEN YOU HAVE 3 MONTHS OF PAID VACATION. you guys can’t figure that out? actually, you have 3 months and 2 WEEKS of what is technically “paid vacation”. stupid, no wonder 33% our kids in Chicago educated by you people can’t properly identify a hammer…

      • Kelly E

        Are you kidding me Jeff? Did you know our last day of work is June 21st? We start back exactly 2 months later! So where are you getting the 3 months and 2 weeks of paid vacation? Also, do you think we sit around and eat caviar all summer? Most of us work a 2nd job. Of my 12 years teaching, all but 1 summer, I spent in professional development that I PAID FOR WITH MY OWN MONEY. Do you have to pay to get recertified year after year in your profession? I doubt it! Do you have to pay for paper for your job? I doubt it. Do you have to pay for supplies for your job and for your students? I doubt it. Do you work in a classroom of 32 kids in 90 degree heat (NO AC). I doubt it. I work 7:30 AM-3:30 PM at school with a 20 minute break, what about you? Also, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t bring home papers to grade and lessons plan. So are you working over 10 hours a day? I bet if you are, you are a lawyer or some big shot downtown making $150,000. If it’s such an easy job, why aren’t you a teacher?

      • McDowell

        Jeff I am not wrong. The cps contract along with the wording of it is on the internet. Teachers are not paid over the summer. It is 9 month long agreement and the contract language used in it states this. This is a fact. If teachers work more than the allotted time of the contract (i.e. summer school) and its approved by the CPS board, teachers then will be compensated their hourly rate as overtime. Some people in the US are paid hourly, some are paid on commission, some annually, whatever the agreement that the person has in place with their employer, the employee is “entitled” to be compensated the agreed upon salary. Whatever it is you do to provide for your family, I know you expect and feel entitled to what was agreed upon before when you were hired. I’m not going to apologize to you because I feel what I do has value and I do want to be compensated. Arrogance is the wrong word.
        Now Jeff, if the belief is that the contract is unfair, too much entitlement, let us discuss this with facts and not misinformation. This is why Mr. Jacobson needs to be more responsible in his reporting because he has you walking around today with misinformation.
        Teachers are desperately needed and since you like the amount of money we receive, the perks, go to college, get certified and work at a school, be a teacher. It is a rewarding and noble profession.

      • johnt

        I agree completely. My wife and I know a few CPS teachers, but we try to avoid socializing with them much because all they do is complain about their jobs. They have been brainwashed by the Union into thinking they are not paid enough and that all their problems are someone else’s fault.. Anyone who went to college knows that it was the lazy, marginal students who chose education as a major because it was the easiet course and would lead to a union-protected job. What sane individual would choose a profession knowing full well that they will spend their entire career feeling underpaid?

      • McDowell

        The point Jeff is to start a discourse between people; to voice ideas and opinions and to make you think. Think about the world we live in, how we fit in the world, and how as a society we can move forward. Unfortunately, some feel that name calling is a substitute for intelligent discourse. If you disagree with another person’s view that is perfectly acceptable but no one is crying over this situation so no need to degrade.
        There is nothing to figure out, CPS teachers are paid on a 40 week schedule, not 12 months. Now I know it is hard to see accept something differently because your paycheck is based on a 12 month time frame and all you understand is ANNUAL. Ours is not annual. We get an hourly rate x 6.25hrs per day x 180 days. It is not a PAID vacation.
        So if by choice someone wants to make some more money in the summer time on the extra 180 days left go ahead and applaud that person because they are working hard for their money and it’s their choice. A lot of people work 2 jobs to support their families to acquire a lifestyle they want. I impress on my students to be go getters. We are all “trying to survive” go out and survive and keep educating yourself Jeff.

      • Jeff

        Dude, McDowell, you’re just wrong. I feel sad for you that you feel so entitled to benefits and off-time that NO OTHER AMERICAN WORKER gets. Absolutely pathetic.

        People in MY line of work would line-up around the block to work extra time during the week above 40 hours (as you do) and then have a huge, multi-month block of time off during the Summer, PLUS guaranteed time off during the holidays. You can paint the picture however you want to justify your entitlement, but that’s all that it is, entitlement. You’re a teacher, not Christ himself, and your job is no more necessary to the world than my job.

        Ya know maybe it’s just jealousy? Maybe I’m just jealous that I don’t have a greedy union with brain-washed, entitled members representing my profession and claiming that my people and I are for more entitled to benefits that NO OTHER WORKERS IN THE UNITED STATES HAVE. So yeah, stay on your high-horse and keep doing your bad math and justifying things the way you do. I’ll be sending my kid to a private school where hopefully they’ll run into a teacher whose commitment to education doesn’t come with a side-order of entitlement and arrogance.

  • Reyes Calvillo

    It is not for the Union..I do not get a PAID vacation..Money is taken out of my paid and banked so that I have something to live off of during the summer…..I spend much of my paycheck on my students. It makes me very sad to think how people are quick to blame teachers!! Please Mr. Jacobson spend a YEAR in my shoes and see if a 4% raise is worth it!

    • Steve

      You do get paid vacation. If not, gross up your salary by 25%. Then it can be called unpaid vacation. And if you don’t know what gross up means, you probably received a public education in Chicago.

      • Steve Yannias

        How do you figure gross up my pay by 25%? I don’t understand. I didn’t attend in school in Chicago.

      • Steve

        If you make $50K for 9 months of work, that’s the same as saying that you’re on an annualized salary of $67K, but you don’t get paid 3 months out of the year.

  • N Oliver

    Way to go, Walter. As a retired teacher from Scottsdale, AZ, I am shocked at the benefits, salaries, retirement and perks IL teachers receive. No wonder my real estate taxes are climbing every year. Do you even know of all the extra pay they get in this state for being in education? Thanks for standing up for our children.

  • J. Trebotich

    Teaachers receive TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION a year..NOT THREE MONTHS…one week paid vacation for winter break and one week paid vacation for spring break. CPS HOLDS BACK teacher pay during the year and releases it to the teachers during summer months..Teachers earn NO INTEREST on the salary that is held back. Shame on you Walter. You did not get your facts straight and need to make this correct. Teachers face enough challenges without your false reporting.

  • RosalieK

    Where did you get your facts from Walter?????? Teachers in chicago do not get a 3 month paid vacation. Teachers are on a deferred pay plan. The board keeps that money and the interest too, until the summer months. They pay for their benefits too. Why don’t you fact find why teachers are feeding children breakfast during instructional time ? The salary increase , well that was agreed upon by both parties in the terms of the contract. One final note, this is the 5th year of a five year contract.

  • frank mccarthy

    Wow ! Walter ,those years at Fox –you have been drinking that Bill O’Reilly Kool-aid –SHAME ON YOU
    Frank McCarthy 630-887-8581

  • Sue Freese

    I am a CPS teacher and I would like to inform Mr. Jacobsen that we are not “damanding” a 4% raise. It was part of our negotiated 5 year contract. Also, we do not receive paid 3 month vacations. We are required to have a portion of our salary deducted every pay period, called deferred pay deduction, that is then used to pay us in the summer. It is money we have already earned! Please check your information before you go on air and make us look greedy.

    • Cliff

      You’re a teacher and you can’t spell “demanding” !!

    • Sue

      I do apologize for the typo. It was late at night after a long day. I assure that I can spell!

  • johnt

    I agree CPS teachers are overpaid…they are not teaching the students anything and the graduation rate is pathetic.

    • Jason

      Hi Johnt: If CPS teachers are overpaid and not teaching the kids, then I’d like to see you try it! What is your job? How are you making a difference in the world? In all seriousness, I would invite you into my 3rd grade classroom in the ghetto, with no parent support, no AC, you paying for all their supplies-32 of them, you going home with them at night so you can protect them from the gangs, you working over 10 hours a day, you paying for all your certifications, you paying to go to workshops, you getting a 20 minute break a day. If this sounds great to you, we are in need of teachers! We’d love to have you! As you say we are being paid really well! Please feel free!

      • johnt

        Jason, your sanctimonious martyrdom is nauseating. Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to be a teacher…let alone “in the ghetto.” If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • Joe

    What don’t you tell us your salary Walter for reading something off a prompt? Who taught you how to read or how to speak correct English?….guessing it was a teacher. I like to hear you judge your salary compared to a teachers. Are you required to do graduate work and also have to pay for it yourself? Do you spend hundreds of dollars out of your own pocket to buy materials for work?

    I think it’s funny how society wants to tear down teachers, people with a masters degree or even doctorate. Rumor has it they want to make the school day and school year longer but teachers receive the same pay…. do you think that’s fair Walter? The board agreed to this contract Walter…why are you jabbing at the teachers?

  • Andrea Idelman

    Hi Walter,

    I just listened to your “Perspective” about teachers and I have to write about something you said. I’m not going to speak to everything, just what you said about “three months paid vacation a year.” That is a common misconception. I teach in a suburban school district, but it is the same everywhere, with a slight adjustment for the number of days of school. In our district we get paid for 180 days of school (students attend 176 days of school). If any teacher were to be docked a day’s pay the amount would be 1/180th of that teacher’s salary. If you were to look at a school calendar and count the days that we get paid, you would see that not only are we NOT paid for summer vacation, we are not paid for Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and other paid holidays that people get in other professions. There is enough misinformation out in the public about teachers, please don’t add to it.

    Andrea Idelman

  • AC

    Dear Mr. Jacobson,
    Please get your facts straight. Teachers do not get “Paid Vacation” money. We get what is called Deferred payment, meaning, we earned the money while we work from the school day hours and on our payday there is a certain amount reserved off the top of that gross pay and put aside. We get that money back when we are off for those break times. It’s like a savings account we are forced to have. We have to earn every penny, (during school hours only) we don’t get extra when we’re off, we already earned it and it is given back to us. Not to mention that anything we do i.e.; grading papers at home, lesson plans at home, spending money on supplies, are all unpaid, off the clock time that we are doing voluntarily. It is not appreciated that you would put a lie out the saying that we get “Paid Vacation” as if we are getting money we didn’t work for. Nor is it fair to say that our salaries keep up with the cost of living. What about the teachers and their harsh economic times? Chicago is an expensive town with the highest gas prices in the country. If your going to tell about teachers salaries, talk to the teachers and get their side first. Did you forget to talk about the administration downtown or is this all targeted at teachers to help the boards agenda to go against our contract.

  • Bob Tellone

    I am all for teachers making a good wage. But when our children are entering high schools and can’t read at a 6th grade level, teachers are not doing their job and do not deserve any kind of raise.

    • teacher supporter

      With all due respect, parents are more to blame for this than teachers. If early education is not supplemented with instruction at home, the student will struggle and be left behind. What you learn in every grade is different. A fifth grade teacher should not have to inherit a child who can’t read, but they do because parents do not instill the value of education at home. Teachers are responsible for 30 plus kids, some motivated to learn, others who are just there because their parents dropped them off. They need and deserve parental support and not be looked upon as the sole educator of your children.

    • Cliff

      On the other hand, teachers can only do so much for the children. The parents have to make sure the kids even go to school, and the parents have to raise them in an environment and in such a way that the kids want to learn. It’s called “good parenting” and too many kids are not getting it. Step up parents and do YOUR job so that the teachers can do theirs!

      • Sue


    • Roberta Waker

      Amen. Not only can they not read, they don’t know how to do math. Take away their computers and cell phones and we will have a nation of idiots that can’t add, subtract, do research, spell (thanks to texting), or socialize with each other (thanks to cell phones and texting). This is NOT the time to push for a raise. PERIOD.

  • Kathleen

    I did not realize that salary was withheld from the CPS teacher paychecks to be paid to them in the summer. I am a retired elementary school principal who worked the the suburbs. It makes me livid when the three months vacation rationaization is mentioned. Any dedicated teacher is working day and night throughout the school year and is taking workshops and educational courses during the school year and the summer, so they definitely earn any time off they get. Teaching is one of the toughest professions there is because of the very little down time when you are in the classroom. Also, I know teachers now pay for a portion of the insurance premiums. Get your facts straight, Mr. Jaconbsen!

  • west side of chicago teacher

    Your inaccurate facts are a disappointment! A contract was made five years ago. The cost of living is not decreasing. Teachers are people that spend money all year long to make a better environment in their classrooms. There are parents that don’t send their children to school with supplies. It sounds like you have no teachers in your family or circle of friends. You are a disappointment!

    • Roberta Waker

      What about seniors that haven’t had a raise in years? Are we worth less than teachers? The contract was made when times were good – they are not good now. This is NOT the time for a raise for ANYONE, including teachers.

  • Steve

    I can’t believe how dumb teachers are. Listen, if you’re paid $50K per year and you work 9 months out of the year, you have 3 months paid vacation. I’m not saying the time off isn’t earned, but there’s no two ways about it. OK, let’s do some third grade math. $50,000 for 9 months of work = $5,555 per month of work. But you’re only paid $4,166 a month for 12 months instead, with the thought that you hopefully won’t run out of money. Alternatively, you could be paid a higher wage of $5,555 for 9 months and then it’s unpaid time off for 3 months. It’s the exact same annual salary. I know a lot of teachers and know their jobs are difficult, but annual salary is annual salary and being able to take time off to recharge is a major perk that many people wish they had.

    • johnt

      I agree…it is scary how stupid these teachers sound who don’t even understand that they are in fact getting paid vacation. They are receiving an annual salary, working for 9 months and not working for 3 months…but getting paid for all months. That IS paid vacation. No wonder CPS kids can’t even make change for a dollar.

      • Janet L.

        The salary is for the school year. Not the summer. It is not a twelve month salary. It is for the school year. It is a shame that your thinking is faulty and you are blaming others. When will you take responsibility for yourself???

      • Steve

        Janet, Janet, Janet, Your comment sounds more like Chrissy. Wow, that’s a dated reference. I understand that you’re paid for a 9-month work year. But it doesn’t matter. It’s an annual salary. If I were paid $50K for 9 months, the equivalent would be to say that you’re paid a pro-rated portion of a $66.6K annual salary and then having to take 3 months of unpaid time. Hey, that’s not too shabby of a salary for a starting salary. Nothing stops teachers from working an extra two months doing something else. Bottom line – if you make $50K a year and take three months off, it’s paid vacation, or you need to gross up your annual salary by 25%.

      • Roberta Waker

        Not only are they getting paid (technically) for their three month vacation; many of them work jobs during the summer to “supplement” their income. Most teachers do a great job; but NOW is not the time for a raise – contract or no contract. PERIOD.

    • McDowell

      Steve, you are good at working your calculator and I applaud you that you have been able to apply what you learned throughout your life experiences to express your point of an ANNUAL salary. The one flaw, however, in your argument is that teachers DO NOT get a 12 month salary. The reality is that teachers get a 40 week salary paid over a 12 month time period. Teachers get paid only for the time that they work. I hope this simple explanation will change your misinformation and you can correct yourself and others that you come across with the correct information. As a teacher, I cringe when people are misinformed.

      • Steve

        I cringe when teachers can’t do math, McDowell. Please see my point above. Wow. Paid $50K for 40 weeks. That’s basically a $67K annual salary with 3 months of unpaid salary.. But I don’t hear teachers grossing up their salary like that because it’s not the story they want to tell. I understand how it works and my points are 100% correct.

      • McDowell

        I will not give up on you Steve because I am a teacher and I don’t give up students. The concept I want you to understand is we are not on an ANNUAL salary based on 12 months. You cannot basically say something that is not true and say it’s true because that is what you think. If your point is that teachers are overpaid then say that, but don’t say it is a PAID vacation, it’s NOT. CPS teachers get an hourly rate that is calculated on a 6.25 hours per day. You only get paid when you clock in and clock out. We work 180 days. Now use your calculator and be accurate. So if your belief is that 50,000 is too much for 180 days then say that. But we can’t extrapolate out to 12 months when we get an hourly rate. Don’t walk around ignorant all day.

      • Steve

        McDowell, I’m certainly not ignorant. I get it. If you’re going to say a $50K salary is for 9 months of work, then the annualized equivalent salary is $67K. Most teachers choose not to work over the summer, and I don’t blame them. As such, they’re paid an annualized salary of $67K, but unpaid for 3 months. You can’t have it both ways. Alternatively, one could say they’re paid a $50K annual salary but get three months of paid vacation. Most people in every other profession talk about salary in terms of what they make in a year. A horse is a horse is a horse. And as I wrote elsewhere, I never said teachers are overpaid. In fact, I wish teachers made more so that it would be a profession that might attract an overall higher quality of teacher. And, who cares about the contractual hours, etc. We all know teachers work more than those hours, so it’s a foolish way to make an argument. Now if one were to compute the hours you’re paid for as 180 x 6.25, that’s only 1,125 hours a year. Sweet gig (I know that’s not the reality of hours spent). If starting salary is $50K for 1,125 hours, that’s over $44 an hour. If you had that hourly rate for the 2,000 hours a year that most people work, that would be close to $90K a year. Hot damn – I should switch professions.

      • McDowell

        Exactly Steve, we don’t get paid for 2,000 hours we get paid 1,125 hours. If we were Wal-Mart workers that got 44 dollars an hour, Wal-Mart is only going to pay us for 1,125 hours correct and not some phantom 2,000 hours you did not work.

        The fallacy you can’t grasp is that it is not an annual salary it is an hourly rate that people like you who are uninformed translate into an annual salary and I admit CPS does this too because you are right that is how most professional adults see the world. You, I assume are on a salary based on 12 months and then your company divides it in an even disbursement throughout the year and in that scenario it doesn’t matter if is disbursed over 9 or 12 months. I understand your point of view but again, that is not how CPS calculates salary.

        I never compare my teaching job to your job or that job because I honestly believe that they are both worthwhile and need to be done by quality people like yourself and I. We do two different things, in the teaching profession, 9 months is the norm; that is the system in place. For you, it is 12 months. I chose teaching as a means to support my family just like you chose your profession to support yours.

        I just hate the fact that people make judgments with incorrect or flawed information. Have an opinion, support and defend your opinion, but be correct with the facts and then we can reach common ground. Maybe teachers should work more time with the same pay. That is a valid point and worthwhile conversation.

      • Steve

        If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, it’s probably a duck. Getting paid $50K a year or getting paid $44/hr. for 1,125 hours is the same thing. Either way, over a 12 month period, you get paid $50K for 9 months of work. And you can choose to supplement your income or take time off. If it were me, I’d certainly choose the latter. And for the last time, I don’t think teachers are underpaid and will never make that argument. I do think the payscales are horribly flawed in that effectiveness in teaching ability isn’t as much a factor in pay as seniority and obtaining degrees. Bad teachers can be paid as much or more than good teachers. Unfortunately, measuring teaching effectiveness is extremely difficult and I don’t think standardized test scores are a means for such evaluation.

      • McDowell

        True, 50,000k a year is the same regardless on how or when it is given out. My point to you and to others is that if teachers are paid hourly, the number of hours in the calculation matters because that is how you get to the annual salary and not vice versa. Most teachers know their hourly rate and not their annual salary because that is the determining factor of the outcome. THERE is a summer vacation and it is UNPAID, if you don’t believe me ask the board of education and they will tell you the same thing.
        And Steve, I understand how it feels to see and in your point of view know a teacher underperforms and no matter what, they will get their 6.25xhourly rate just for showing up. I have seen it but trust me I don’t like it. But when I tell you that for the most part, teachers are teaching and some better than others. Just like the real world, just like in your profession.
        I agree with you that the system needs to be changed and the pay rate and length of time of schools needs to be part of that discussion. In the end, we all want the same thing. A great education for our children.

    • teacher supporter

      Did you know they pay into social security and won’t qualify for it? Did you know they pay for the supplies parents didn’t buy because they spent their money on other things or just figured someone else would do it? Did you stop to think that they work at home and put their own families aside because they love their craft and your kid and want him or her to succeed? Recharge? A teacher is always prepping for what is next. Schools are going year round and lengthening the days. You would be the first one crying if you went from an 8 hour day to a 10 hour day and paid the same. Teachers already work 10 plus hours but are only paid for 6. Plus, if they have to fill the role of parent because you are out bumming around and neglecting your kid, then yes, PAY THEM FOR DOING YOUR WORK TOO!

      • Steve

        I’m not saying I don’t support teachers. I do. I think overall teachers are underpaid. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without having some really incredible teachers. Please don’t read anything into my comments beyond what I said. I just think it’s incorrect to say that working 9 months is not the equivalent of paid vacation. And I work in finance, regularly working 60-70 hour weeks and getting 3-4 weeks of paid vacation and I don’t cry about it. It’s a choice like any other and the job market dictates compensation.

      • Roberta Waker

        You may have just given the solution to the 9 month work/3 month vacation “problem”. Have schools in session 12 MONTHS with a two week paid vacation break for the teachers at Christmas and Spring Break. Sounds good to me.

  • McDowell

    Walter, very dramatic, the pauses, the subtle emphasis when you asked the rhetorical question “Anybody else you know getting that kind of raise?” Mathematics: 4% cash money NEGOTIATED which equates to on average an extra $2,800 per year (140 bucks per check) IN EXCHANGE FOR higher medical contribution on the part of the teachers which for me is an extra $75 per per check. Times are rough, I know, teachers live in the world too, but get your facts straight. It is “your perspective” but have the decency to be knowledgeable, responsible, and honorable before you provide your opinion without the correct facts. You are misinformed, uninformed, and honestly that was just plain lazy journalism on your part. Don’t call me “selfish” when you misinform Chicagoans that teachers get 3 months paid vacation. Really! 3 months? You’ve “always been for the teachers (dramatic pause) always for the teacher.” Post that article on so I can see it for myself.

  • markees III

    I gone to skule an take many testes. I thinks they deserves a raise for learnin me.

    • Janet L

      Here’s the point. No one “learns” you.. You need to put forth the effort to learn. Teachers do not pour knowledge into your brain. They serve as a guide. You have to be active in the learning process. Remember?? Respect and Responsibility?? It works.

  • johnt

    One thing is for sure…those teachers are not going hungry. When they all get together it looks like a cattle stampede. Evidently their union benefits do not include gym memberships.

    • teacher supporter

      You must lead a pathetic existence to make that comment. I pity you and am saddened that you feel you must write that to make yourself feel some sense of worth.

  • markees III

    When will Walter do his undecover homeless gig again?

    • jackmax

      Become an undercover teacher–that would be funny!!

  • jackmax

    Sure would like to experience that 3 months vacation you say I have. I am up NOW, 11:48 P.M. doing the extras all parents want for their child. Am I getting paid NO. My being a teacher does NOT stop when the bell rings at the end of the day. Even when I am not on the clock I am on the lookout for something I think my students would enjoy. I read a newspaper on my day off, find an interesting story, what do I do -cut it our and write notes on how this can be used in class. Leave me alone Walter, leave US alone. I challenge you to do what I do and I will do what you do, just read. You need to keep us happy. We are handling the most precious (I hope) part of your life–your children, and THIS is how you treat us? The PAID vacation most think we get is the money we have already earned. CPS requires that a portion of what I earn weekly be kept by them and then returned to me during this “paid vacation” period. By the way, CPS is keeping the interest made off of MY money they keep for my “paid vacation” . I thought someone in your family was a teacher? I guess it doesn’t matter when they have your salary to offset the teacher’s salary. Must be nice.

  • Lori

    Walter, how dare you call teachers selfish. When was the last time you went to work an hour early (unpaid) to help a student with their math or stayed an hour after school (unpaid) to help a student who struggles with reading? Teachers’ days do not end at 2:45 pm even thought their pay day does. I don’t know one teacher who doesn’t spend at least 4-6 hours (unpaid) on weekends preparing lesson plans for the upcoming week. Many times throughout the year teachers prepare events to engage parents and students alike. They don’t get paid for their time and efforts. Until you walk in a teacher’s shoes would you ever uunderstand what it is truly like to be a teacher. By the way, Walter, how much do you get paid to read what someone else has prepared for you, and then, turn around and tell us what you “think?”

  • Tim

    Dear CBS2Chicago: Please get rid of this drunk.

  • working man

    Walter you are so right, I know teachers in small towns and Catholic schools, who wish they made the money Chicago Teachers make.

    • Allan

      Yes Catholic schools pay less, but then they don’t need metal detectors there do they. Why? Because those schools, and charter schools, can dump any student that causes trouble. CPS teachers get combat pay.

      • Brian

        Nobody drafted CPS teachers and forced them to serve in “combat zones.” If your pay isn’t sufficient, get a different job.

    • M.R.

      They do not have to wish for that. Just prepare their resume, apply at CPS schools, go on interviews and chose a school that fits there needs as an educator. Suggest to your friends that they can be proactive and they will get the same pay as CPS teachers.

      • Allan

        Point is Brian that CPS teachers get more than Catholic school teachers because the job merits it. Try to keep up.

  • nauseated

    School teachers need to see the writing on the wall. Chicago is already doing the on-line tutors using teachers in India for 1/10 the cost. On-line universities are thriving. It’s just a matter of time when teachers get outsourced just like the computer industry. Just wait til Inidan companies gear up and take over the teaching industry and offer complete packages to large cities that can eliminate the need for 2/3 of the teachers out there.

    • Roberta Waker

      Looks like you have done your research. From what I understand, online teachers from India are doing an excellent job with the children they are teaching. School teachers in the U.S. need to pay attention to that fact because they CAN and WILL be outsourced eventually when Indian companies have geared up enough to take over. It’s just a matter of time – what will our teachers do then?

      • Lori

        Threats to outsource teaching. If that happens that lets you know exactly how important the quality of education is to our society. From what I can see from these comments, many of you feel teaching really isn’t all that important. How sad.

  • Roberta Waker

    Why do we need to pay teachers $69,000/year when some Chicago students are currently being educated online from India for a lot less? This is NOT the time to fight for a raise. When India gears up enough to teach ALL Chicago students online, our teachers will have to work elsewhere and then they will know how the “average” parent is struggling to make ends meet for a lot less. I do respect teachers; but their jobs are not very secure right now and they need to realize that this raise could be the straw that will break the camel’s back.

    • Not a teacher but love what they do!

      What is your suggestion to pay teachers? What amount in your mind would be a fair wage for teaching? Doctors make 100k and they are worth every penny they earn. They are trained. I am the “average” parent too, with 2 kids. My kids revere their teachers and love going to school not only to learn new things but to be around their classmates and take part of the school culture. You can’t get that online. I believe that teachers aspire the next generation of Americans that people on computers in India can not do. I highly doubt you believe that is the best option for our children because it is cheaper. I am amazed at how much my kids learn and I smile when they start off a conversation with “Did you know…” They go to a CPS school and love their school. Pay teachers, treat them as professionals, they deserve $69k

      • Kelly E

        Thank you for sticking up for teachers. I am so glad your children love their teachers. 95% of teachers love what they do and want the best for their students. I know there are issues with our union. Bad teachers should be fired. Good teachers should be rewarded. The majority of us are for this plan! We have to pay for so many supplies for our students, rewards for our students, clothes for our students, books for our students; we do so because we know it’s the right thing to do. We need the support of Chicago. Nothing will get better without the support. If we were overpaid, why would we have such a high turnover rate? Teachers quit after 1-3 years and move to the burbs where they make less, but where they feel appreciated.

        Thank you again for being honest!

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