Ricketts Needs Cooperation From City To Renovate Wrigley

CHICAGO (WSCR) Last week, the MLB Network’s Peter Gammons described Wrigley Field as a dump and said that the Ricketts Family needed to model what the Boston Red Sox did to renovate Fenway Park.

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts disagreed with Gammons’ description of the ballpark, but agreed that it needed to be upgraded in certain areas. Gammons wasn’t taking a shot at the Ricketts family, only saying that they had a long way to go to get the franchise where it needs to be.

“Everything I’m told is that they’re just phenomenal people and they understand it and they get it,” Gammons said on this week on the Mully and Hanley Show.

“I was told by people in the commissioner’s office: ‘Don’t underestimate how much they need the cooperation of the city. And it doesn’t mean, you know, that tax payers have to fund the Ricketts’ renovation, but they can certainly help out in terms of infrastructure and the work around the ballpark.”

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The previous efforts by the Ricketts family to secure some public funding for Wrigley Field renovations were met negativity from tax payers. But it’s clear the ballpark needs to be upgraded and areas around the ballpark could be better utilized.

“So, we’ll see,” Gammons said. “My guess is that over the next eight years we’ll see a major renovation in that area…Anyone who bought that team knew what was going to have to happen.”

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  • WrigleyMike

    Cooperation from the city to improve Wrigley? How about “permission” he needs from the neighbors? A few weeks ago he had to go house-to-house to discuss improvements. Gimme a break. He’ll never get anything done.

    He will need the neighborhood’s permission to move the team, too.

    Who let the neighborhood take over a business?

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    Negative, Negative, Negative!!! These type of projects, by design, usually drift ever so slowly into the tax payers pockets. No money for mediocrity, Try the bar owners for a hand out. Anyway, anyone that pays 800 million + dollars for this team can afford to fix up your house. The city should give you the permits to fix it up, but NO MONEY!

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      As soon as they move the team out to the burbs, you’ll be screaming and crying about the loss of revenue. The loss of revenue from the park, and the 30+ businesses that go under in the first 3 years will be easy to replace, I’m sure…


    Now, when you sell a house, there are all sorts of things you have to do, before a realtor will put it on the market. Make sure there is no lead paint, you have all your smoke detectors, new carpets (you’ll never see that money again). You have to patch up the holes, make sure the roof is sound, insulation, and that’s before you get to the list of cosmetic improvements.
    Apparently, the City of Chicago, let the Tribune Company sell Wrigley with concrete falling from the second tier.
    For all we know, it’s the birth place of all kinds of malarias and miasmas.
    Sure, Ricketts could send in an inspection team, but I really doubt that that building was sold up to any kind of code. Unless, there was a discount in the sales price (do you believe that, either?)

  • JeanSC

    I’d like to see someone’s picture/floor plan of what Wrigley should look like if it got needed upgrades. There are problems with it that I don’t know how can be fixed without a new ballpark. For example, it needs a service corridor so goods and food and trash can be transported to where needed without getting in the way of the fans – or have to wait for a clear path, or a scheduled time. And on and on. It’s a lot more than new paint on many floors, etc.

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